Finding out witch gods or goddess are calling you?

How did you find out witch of the gods and goddesses was calling to you. Ofcorse we work with others but do you have any main ones


When I couldn’t stop learning more & more about their stories, Celtic :triquetra: paganism, working with them, synchronicities that would represent them in some way. Brighid :fire: was more subtle. The Morrigan :raven: was like, hey listen to me, I have something to tell you now :triskele:

I myself, it’s more of just a feeling that I NEED to learn about them. They resonate with some part of me in a stronger way than I may realize & I just deep dive into the mythology, working with them, their history, researching them, I just can’t get enough of the deity or topic. Once I am comfortable, they just have this way of letting me know when I have a message waiting for me. So I have a representation of each & they each have their own offerings & correspondences on my altar.

In my case, I have a balance of light & dark goddesses, that are currently working well together during my time of imbalance, I can go to them for the balance that I need. :yin_yang: :balance_scale:


Sometimes if you are passionate about something in your life (for example, cats :black_cat: ) you get the feeling that there’s a deeper meaning to it. It could happen that you start researching into cat goddesses and you find Bast.

Try to connect by meditating on her image or name before you go to bed. You will feel her calling. But even if you don’t, don’t be discouraged. I used the cat example but your interests could be anything from poetry to wine, or from wilderness to death.

Here are some links you should definitely check out, Nikita:



well im curious because ive been obsessed with greek mytholagy mainly hekate. since i was a child and i keep feeling this like pull i guess lately. towards my greek books and even the few hekate theamed artwork i have in the house. im trying to understand if the universe is trying to tell me something.


I work with Hekate and Danu, because they called me. This happened during some deep meditation (which everyone else here is probably sick of hearing about, lol). With Hekate, it is important to realize that through different periods She was regarded differently, and how you work with Her will be influenced by your understanding of Her. Some fear Her, but I have found that regardless of others’ experience of Hekate (or any deity, really) my/your relationship to Her is unique to you and Her. I do not fear Her because I respect Her and know going in that She will not sugarcoat anything. She in turn respects that courage.

With Hekate, I began seeing references to her everywhere so I did a meditation and asked if she was calling me. The message I got in reply was “Come.” I work with adolescent females in a juvenile justice setting and I love dogs. This, combined with being a male interested in magick, makes this connection pretty obvious.

With Danu, She recognized that I needed healing and stepped in during a meditation. I had been researching Irish goddesses because I am predominantly Irish. I also live on a mountain next to a river and enjoy gardening and landscaping. I wasn’t really focused on Danu because there is so little known about Her, but nonetheless, She made Her presence known in a big way. Again, it wasn’t much of a stretch to see the compatibility.

Lately Brigid has been “around.” We have just gotten past Imbolc, so no surprise there, but it is possible that I may work with her more. Greek and Irish deities seem popular, but there are others here who work with others. I have seen posts about Lilith, and Francisco mentioned Bast. If you’re interested in Greek mythology, Persephone and Demeter might also interest you. Feel free to continue to ask around.


Thanks for the insite and i know that working with dark deities will be hard as they dont sugar coat things but as i hate sugar coated things being told to me i dont think thats a real issue for me also i have been drawn to lilith myself mainly because she is a strong willed women. I feel conected more to the dark goddess then the others i know they all have a dark side but after everything in my life mainly being an abused child. I need some firm guidelines and need to stop being afraid of my past


Like @anon87969570 I work with a Dark Goddess & a “Light” Goddess from the Tuatha de Danaan tribe of the Celts.

Dark Goddesses aren’t difficult as long as you have that understanding that they are not going to sugar coat anything & they expect you to do the work, not them. They will be there to guide you & to assist you but they really want you to do the work.

Brighid came to me more as a healing entity, she was first & I was with Her for about a year before the Morrigan made an appearance around October 2021. However, I have found that together they are working well for me. They each step in at appropriate times & both let me know they are never truly away from me, more coming forward as I need their support.

You will know. Whether it’s a dream, meditation, a feeling, an urge to learn more & everything else, it will happen. I am personally drawn to the Celtic Pantheon & I have a polytheistic practice. So I work with more than just one deity. To connect them I also read a lot about Celtic Mythology, Celtic Druidry, Celtic Ogham, Trees, Wheel of the Year & how the deities were known in their own time & try to modernize their meanings & how to work with them a thousand years later.


Hekate reminded me that she is not just a dark goddess. She is the Torchbearer, the Light in the Darkness, the one who lead Persephone out of the Underworld (or to Hermes, depending upon the version of myth). She is liminal. Okay, enough marketing!

Working with a “dark” goddess will help you to focus on parts of your past that you need to confront, though it may take a “light” goddess to help you grieve and heal. But there’s never any rush. If you are going to work with a dark goddess and address things from your past, it might be worthwhile to do some shadow work journalling in preparation. You can find prompts and worksheets on Spells8.


I have been asking for my guides to reveal themselves to me and one did! In a dream. :zzz: I didn’t remember the dream really except that there was a wall of honeysuckle vines and a woman with me.
I looked to see if any of the deities were associated with honeysuckle and sure enough Gaia was! About a month ago my husband and I picked out a Gaia statue but I haven’t really done anything with her yet.
I am very excited about it and hope she visits me again soon. I think she was telling me its time to get the gardens ready to plant :four_leaf_clover: :sunflower: :sun:
:earth_americas: BB


I agree about being prepared as @anon87969570 suggests. They push you in the right direction, are more direct about it & you doing the work to get there. They will guide & assist but they embrace shadow work being done in some way. Basically, echoing him! I agree! :smiling_face:

@Sarafeena_Sage I’m very happy for you! I feel like there is a crystal that I recently posted in the Oracle posts related to honeysuckle. Maybe yesterday or the day before? I don’t know if you work with crystal energy also.

Gaia is a great deity to work with, @Amethyst also works with Her on a regular basis, so she may have some pointers for you too! :sparkle:


Thank you @Susurrus for the info. I love crystals!

I checked out your draw and it was for Azurite. I have one and I will set it on my nightstand tonight. :new_moon:
:rose: BB


I work with Gaia when I can, it’s surprisingly difficult to find books on her. You’d think there would be more.


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