For everyone who practices on the go/temporary small living quarters

Ok a little background here my “mother” (I put this in quotations because she’s never actually been a mother to us and she’s a covert narcissist alcoholic and has literally drove anyone who actually cares about her out of her sister moved her and her family across the country to get away from her) has completely lost her mind and while my husband was in jail I came back to live with her because I was a homemaker with no car to gain employment and couldn’t pay the rent and she agreed to help me get a job and transportation until I could get on my feet. She’s done neither. She mentally and verbally attacks me for not working but yet has made me miss 4 interviews because she was hungover and wouldn’t take me to them. I can’t even go to the store when I do make a little money from my artwork to buy anything I need :woman_facepalming:t2: now my husband is out of jail and living at his mom’s an hour away from me and we can’t live together because both of our mothers (carbon copies of each other except different addictions) despise us. He’s gotten his job back but hasn’t gotten paid and it’s going to take us a bit to come up with enough money to get our own place. In the meantime I’ve had to move the contents of my entire 2 bedroom home into one small bedroom in a single wide trailer and have absolutely no space to even move because she has gone through and either stolen or thrown away a lot of mine and my daughter’s things. I’m also in the process of installing a deadbolt to protect my things. She’s also decided to take every bit of food and dishes out of the kitchen to keep me from being able to eat (we live way out in the country and it’s an hour and a half walk to the nearest gas station with a lot of very steep hills). I’ve decided that I want no contact at all with her and my husband and I are saving every dime to get a place to live but I need suggestions on anything I can do asap to protect myself and what’s left of my home from the toxic fog this woman is bringing around with her. She drains me of positive energy the moment she enters my space and is quickly kicking me down to the point where I’m starting to become exhausted and I’m feeling hopeless and defeated and ready to just throw in the towel and give up trying. I haven’t eaten in 3 days and ive cried myself to sleep for the last week. So aside from ANY/EVERYTHING I can do to be protect myself and put distance between the toxic memory of her and myself… Those of you who live in temporary homes (with parents/inlaws, motels, roommates or rv/campers) or travel for extended periods of time what items do you carry in your travel altars and what are some tips you have and do you mind sharing pictures?I need all the help I can get in case I end up having to leave abruptly. My current altar consists of shelving and cabinets that take up a whole wall and another corner of this tiny space I’m already in due to the fact that my husband and I share an altar and I’m trying to put together a smallish travel altar for us in a metal toolbox which used to be a portable fairy garden but I can’t seem to make firm choices on what to put in it. I have a backpack for all of my grimoires and my book of shadows/journals and notebooks and of course I’ll be installing locks on the toolbox but I know the travel altar needs all the necessities but all of my items are necessary as I never know what all I may need for spell work. :exploding_head: What if I put something in storage and then don’t have it if I need it. I’m exhausted, have no idea how to do any of this, I’m pregnant and having to do all of this with no help at all and it’s all starting to get overwhelming. I’ve tried meditation/cleansing baths but even those methods are only helping for minutes at best. So I’m turning to you guys to see what kind of help/advice y’all may have. I’ve tried all things non magical and I’m at the end of that rope.

Also I guess I will need this dilemma added to the Energy Exchange Circle - 2021 Wiki and Distance healing box :gift: please @praecog29 @christina4 ? I know I’m asking a lot but I’m at a loss and truly worried about what the future holds for my little family


I added you to the latest circle. When I create a new circle tomorrow, I will update the wiki. I pray this situation will begin to resolve and both of you can get to a safe place.


@phoenix_dawn I will remember you in my prayers. I was in a toxic situation for 20 years and having only been out of it for 9months now I feel for you.


I am sorry that you have such a toxic relationship with a person that you should be able to depend on, @phoenix_dawn. I will keep you in my prayers this week.

As for you questions about protections/altars for travel/small spaces…I live full time in a 5th wheel RV and then travel in a motorhome a few weekends a month. Both have required me to have ingenuity for storage space. The key is to think multi-purpose.

For your “permanent altar” in your current space that you may end up having to leave behind, try to only keep the bare minimum of what you need. You can get a lot done with rosemary, basil, parsley, garlic, salt, and a few others depending on what you tend to do most. Same with crystals/gemstones. Clear quartz, black obsidian, amethyst…maybe a couple others. White candles can be used for any color so you can buy cheap white tea lights.

For your travel altar, pick something that represents each element to you. I have feathers for air, cinnamon sticks for fire (can’t always burn candles), sea shells for water, and small jar of sea salt for earth. I added some white chime candles for if I can burn candles for meditations and spell work. I have 4 flameless tea lights I picked up at Walmart to mark my quarters since a lot of times in the motorhome I don’t want to have open flames. I also will throw a few sticks of whatever incense is calling to me that day when we head out but if you are packing ahead, sandalwood, frankincense, or myrrh are good all-around incense. Lastly, draw a pentagram on a piece of paper and add it to your box. Now you have the bare minimum. You can add if you need more but this will give you a very basic altar.

I have also added an altar cloth I found that I like and some crystals (rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian). I have also drawn the algiz rune on the bottom of the box and lid for protection against any one/thing that intends me harm.

Also, can you split things? Like if you have basil, can you put a small amount in a jar in your travel altar and keep the rest inside? This way you have what you need in the toolbox but then also inside.

Have you put up wardings in your space? While I am still learning, there may be some kind of warding out there that can help dampen the energy sap that you mother causes.


@jessica55 thank you so much for the ideas! I have a return to sender mirror on my bedroom door facing outward, witch bells on the knob as well as a piece of aloe vera hanging over the door (I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be a protection amulet when hung above the doorway. I also wear a protection jar amulet in which I used hematite, clear quartz, sea salt Angelica root, cumin and cayenne pepper with a prayer scroll and a protective sigil inside and painted on the jar and sealed it with wax from a candle I dressed with uncrossing oil and black salt. I’ve also sprinkled hotfoot powder across the threshold of my door. :woman_shrugging:t2:


@praecog29 thank you I’m sorry to overload you with requests :woman_facepalming:t2::exploding_head:


Wow! That’s some nasty energy then!! I’m going to tag my mom @GypsyRed to see if she knows anything that may help. She’s an empath so she may have a trick up her sleeve to ward off energy vampires. I’m still learning and have not found anything that works great for me yet.


@jessica55 that would be great thank you so much for the super helpful information and help. It’s definitely a good place to start. Blessed be :pray:


Oh course! I have a few people in my life that are energy sucks but can avoid spending lots of time with them. Hopefully your situation improves soon. I’ll continue to include your in my nightly ritual prayers.


I’ll put you the healing box right now!!! I’ll pray and light a candle :candle:. Please try to relax as much as possible for the baby’s sake.go for a little walk to clear your mind. Journal a bit. As for travel altars,

I wish you all the best!!! Lots of love and light and hugs :two_hearts::hugs:


@christina4 thanks so much for the prayer as well as the link. That was super helpful. I actually just got back from a 4 1/2 miles walk to the store. But I found a couple of cool ingredients for my travel altar herbs that I didn’t have and didn’t know I had growing around me and a couple of other small oddities. Got a very pretty piece of cedar that I am thinking about making my husband’s first wand out of and a round a butterfly (sadly it was already dead and laying on the road) and some sort of animal tooth :woman_shrugging:t2: I have no idea if either of those things can be used in spell work but I figured at the very least they’d make neat little oddities to display on our permanent altar space when we get it set back up again. Until then I can store them in jars and put them in storage with the rest of our things while we work on getting into our own home.

As an update: right after I made the original post I got notified that night that my advance child tax payment or whatever it is called had been deposited in my account that morning so we’re about 1/4 of the way towards the money we need to get on our feet :pray::woman_in_lotus_position:t3: but things are getting increasingly worse where I’m at in the meantime. I’m trying to stick it out for just a few more weeks but I don’t know how long me and 2 fur babies can live in this small room with a door barricade to be honest. :woman_facepalming:t3: I’m trying my best to be optimistic and survive but living way out in the sticks there’s no access to get food delivered (from restaurants or stores) and the only store close enough to walk to is 2.2 miles away and 2.2 miles back. 2 hours of walking time :sweat::sun_with_face: this Alabama heat is no joke. I tried so hard to manifest a light rain on my journey today but no luck :roll_eyes: my energy is way off these days and I am pretty sure that the baby’s little energy might be interfering with mine as well because none of my work has been working and if it does it’s short lived. :woman_facepalming:t3:


I’m terribly sorry for you having to deal with all of this! The heat, no deliveries, and your living situation. I’m in the same predicament with the living space. Some days I feel hopeless about moving but I know what’s right for me takes time to manifest. When it’s ready to happen, it will happen with everything you wanted plus so much more. Be patient my love!! May you find hope and peace where you’re at!!!


In a VERY desperate attempt to secure a little space for me and the fur babies and some sense of normally for my craft since I can not get used to working out of my toolbox travel altar I stacked a couple tables and unpacked the toolbox but left everything pretty much in tact so it can quickly and easily be packed away of needed. This is what I have managed to come up with. Excuse the mess around/behind it. I’m still trying to figure out this whole tiny space drive thru witchcraft thing.

Hoping Selene may have some guidance and assistance for me in a couple of days. My OCD and claustrophobia are not faring so well lately and as of late I’m spending almost half my day in meditation