Greek vs Celtic

Can you have a mix of Greek and Celtic Deities that you work with? I feel a strong calling with Hecate. But when I work with my pendulum I have communicated with Pan and Morrigan. Or at least that’s who the say they are. :joy:


Have you asked them through the pendulum if they can work together? I mean, I don’t see why not if they get along already.


You can have a mix of Norse, Greek, & Celtic if you are called to work with them.

I have never been drawn to or anything of that nature to anyone outside of Irish Celtic deities. Both Brighid & The Morrigan. My practice is heavily Irish Celtic based.

We have members that work with multiple pantheons. I believe @Mistress_Of_Herbs works with Hecate History, Theology, Mythology, the Morrigan, & Thor.

I believe @Amaris_Bane works with different pantheons also, but I could be wrong…

Some members work with deities based on their needs or correspondences for what they are doing that day or the spell or ritual.

Whatever or whoever feels right for you to work is perfectly fine. Remember to be respectful & if you choose to work with them, learn their history & stories… what they may like for offerings & meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: to meet with them & see how the relationship will be or what’s the best way to connect with them. :hugs:


Yes! I work with Hades from the Greek pantheon and Hel(a) from the Norse pantheon.


I have not, but I will. Thank you!


I have read lots on Hekate and am presently listening to an audiobook on The Morrigan and reading a book on Pan. Thank you for your input!


You’re welcome! I have read all kinds of books too on the deities I’m working with & sometimes reread them too! Morgan Daimler & Courtney Weber are good ones for the Morrigan or if Pagan Portal has anything on any of them. Stephanie Woodfield is another good one for the Morrigan too. I’m trying to remember any other books or sites I have found good information on Her for you, but my brain isn’t quite doing the recall thing just yet :laughing:

@SilverBear has a couple of meditations to meet the Morrigan:

She may have done others that I haven’t come across :thinking: but I don’t believe so as of yet. She does have a video for Hecate I believe though:

And one for anointing oils for Hecate & the Morrigan


@Cattleya i don’t see why not. Just as @Susurrus said, my Matron is Hekate, my Patron is Thor. And before Hekate claimed me The Morrigan was my Matron. Even tho she is no longer my matron i still call upon her for aid. She always comes to my call. Just as the others do. Athena and Danu have also made their presence known at times.

U also dont have to have any dieties. With dieties ALWAYS show the utmost respect.


This is a great question, @Cattleya :blush: and you’ve already got some great answers!

I just wanted to pop in and show my agreeance – it’s totally fine to work with deities from different pantheons. The only time it wouldn’t be okay is if the deities themselves say no.


This is an interesting thread to me.
I grew up in a traditional witch home. My mother was very Celtic/Appalachian and my father was very earth based in beliefs. I tended to follow in my mother’s footsteps growing up. In 1982 I moved to south to Miami Florida. A whole new spiritual world opened up to me. I started following the Latin American/Yoruba pantheon. Ochun, Oya, Oggun Eshu, etc. I am not Latin American. In 1987 I went to Cuba, via Mexico, and got “Crowned” which is initiated in Santeria. I have went through higher levels of initiations in this religion. I am considered what is equivalent to High Priestess. I am not saying that to sound braggish, I hate titles. I am disclosing that because it is a part of me. I have spent 39 years intrenched in the “Religion”. Santeria is a very closed religion.

When most people hear that you practice Santeria they get freaked out. It can be an ugly and scary religion but it is also beautiful and spiritual. Everything has its polarities. There is always a light and dark side to everything.

With all that disclosure (that is a lot of disclosure there) I get torn. I do not combine the Santeria with being a witch. For me they are very different, with different energies. I am still trying to find a balance I walk in both worlds.


I can see how it would be interesting to you! Santeria is very much a religious path, which of course you already know. So it would make sense that you may not include your witchcraft with your religion. Some witches, myself included, also don’t include our deities or religious beliefs in our witchcraft. I mean… I do sometimes, but only when I’m asking for help, guidance, or the assistance of my Gods during a spell. I think that’s a bit different :sweat_smile:

Anyway… before I ramble on anymore, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your perspective! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t think you were sounding braggish - it’s important to note when you’ve been initiated into a religion such as Santeria, especially since that path is closed to outsiders!


@meganb Thank you for your understanding and acceptance Megan. it truly does mean a lot to me. I was debating whether or not to post what I had wrote, but it is me… a big part of me.

Sending much love and light to you.


You are so very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If there’s one thing you can count on here at Spells8 it’s that we are a very open and open-minded community. Everyone is free to share their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs with others (as long as the guidelines are followed, of course) – there is no judgment here! :clap: I’m truly happy that you shared your experience because I know I learned something new, and I’m sure other people did too!


Morrigan said she’s ok with it! Now I just need to clear it with Pan and Hekate.


Agree! Morrigan received an offering of wine, cinnamon, a red rose, and crystals today on my alter.


Thank you! I am reading Courtney Webber now, correction listening, audiobook. I did the one meditation this am. I appreciate your recommendations! :blush:


That’s great! You’re making headway and that’s good!


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