Has March Changed 🍀 Collective Reading Touchbase 2021

February is almost over now and, just like I did before, I am going to pull some more cards for March to touch base on our Collective Reading for 2021. This touch-base is just to see if anything has changed, shifted, and come to light that we need to be aware of moving into the next month.

First, I want to look back at :heart: February :heart:

For February, we saw delays in many forms. Delayed vaccination, delayed aid to Texas, delays in movements within the US government (I can’t speak for other governments, so if you have any insight to share, please feel free to comment). We also saw the growing inspiration with a newly elected US president, another company working on a vaccine, and a general coming-together of community on a larger scale. I believe February worked out just the way it was supposed to. Now, let’s look ahead.

:four_leaf_clover: This month, we’re looking at March. :four_leaf_clover:

As a reminder, this is the card I pulled for March.

March 2021: Mother of Pentacles

The Mother of Pentacles in The Wild Unknown deck sees us looking at a loving doe with her faun. She represents an abundance of nurturing and caring energy, but the pentacle gives an added meaning of financial security. This month we could see the stocks rise, people are going back to work, or the people of the world are seeing the financial support they need to survive, wherever that may come from.

Looking at this card, I pulled three more cards to give us a glimpse into the :crystal_ball: future.

:sparkles: Unlike last month where all the cards I pulled were reversed, this month we only have one reversal. We also have a Major Arcana card – and a positive one at that! The other two cards are from the same suit, the rods (or wands), which represent our thoughts and inner world. :sparkles:

:chopsticks: The Reversed Five of Rods represents a conflict that is being avoided, and possibly an internal one on a large scale. Since this is a collective reading, I am feeling like this card represents our collective tension and conflict with the situation we’re all in. However, the Five of Rods also represents a collective sigh of relief. We may be dealing with internal struggle, but the struggle will soon come to an end.

:chopsticks: The Two of Rods is a card of progress and discovery. Something large will be discovered in March that leads to great progress. Long-term goals are being drawn up, plans are being made, and paths are being discovered. Where we choose to go with these paths, though, is up to us.

:star2: Lastly, The Star, by far one of the happiest cards in Tarot, points us to hope and renewed life. She is a sign of blessings from The Universe (used here as a collective word – substitute what you want) and a movement into more peaceful and calm times. We are discovering things we once loved and making peace with our situation. Inspiration is being found in the darkness as we emerge into the light of The Star.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Father of Pentacles, Reversed

  • obsession with gaining wealth, money, or status
  • having money and blowing through it quickly

:star: Goals of 2021: The Son of Wands

  • fighting for equitable change
  • inspired action fueled by passion and inspiration

:star: Obstacles of 2021: The Empress

  • too much of a good thing can turn those good things bad
  • an over-abundance of all things that help people grow

Again, these three cards point back to the original meaning of The Mother of Pentacles. It does seem slightly different because the suit of pentacles is about finances and physical stability. Hopefully, these three cards coming together with the Mother of Pentacles will see people start to go back to work in safe environments, unemployment payments and stimulus payments to those who need it, and aid to those who have been unable to find it.


Thank you for touching base on the collective reading. It’s very interesting to see how the months are turning out based on it & the look ahead was very insightful! I love it!


Thank you for this, it gives me hope that the upcoming month will be a good one! And I love that deck, the Star card is especially pretty!


@Amethyst I think March is going to be a good one with a lot of good changes & goings on. Hopefully the weather breaks too into a nice spring.


That would be awesome! :white_flower:


I love these monthly breakdowns and deep-dives into the card meanings, @MeganB! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. They are helping me plan for the month ahead while also providing great insight as I study tarot :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

Like Kasie said, it looks like we have hope on the horizon this month! Saying my prayers for it- so mote it be! :pray::two_hearts:


I feel the same way about them. I have been slacking on my tarot, I still have to pull one for the divination discussion. I love looking at them with in-depth meanings & it’s even better when they make sense to me! :rofl:


I love doing these touch-base readings :heart_eyes: I feel like when large collective readings are done such as this one, it’s helpful to check in every month to see if things have changed. I’m a firm believer in things not being set in stone and us having the ability to change our fate :shamrock: I’m hopeful that March will start to look up for all of us!