Has November Changed? 🦉 Collective Reading Touchbase 2021

Once again, we’ve whirlwinded (is that even a word?) our way through another month. October is just about over and we’re moving into November, the final drop into the dark half of the year. It’s also Samhain season, the start of a new witchy year. Let’s look back at the Collective Reading 2021 :flower_playing_cards: and see if there are new things coming to light for November. Sometimes things move around and we need to be aware of them going into the next month.

Let’s look back at October and see if my Has October Changed? :jack_o_lantern: Collective Reading Touchbase was of any help.

The collective reading for October saw us looking at the The World Reversed. This card pointed to goals of all sizes being delayed for whatever reason.

The focus may be lost this month and large goals that are in motion can be delayed. Instead of focusing on the future and the big picture, ideas, and events from the past come forward and take center stage. This may lead to goals, no matter how large, being put off for another month to whatever detriment. I get the sense that many people will not be happy about this.

Our touchbase saw us looking at three more cards: Nine of Rods Reversed, The Ten of Cups, and the Four of Pentacles Reversed.

The first card immediately puts The World Reversed into perspective. If everyone is fighting each other or not willing to compromise, our goals will definitely be put on the back burner. I’m also reminded of all the planets in retrograde and how the astrological forecast could give us insight, too. I do think the 10 of Cups here is a reminder that we need to be gentle with some of our loved ones, even if they’re the ones causing the rift in communication and compromise. Even then, we might find ourselves taking time out of our day to speak to them, and listen, and hopefully not give up on our goals.

There was a lot going on this month and I have been all in my feelings. I know there are many goals I am working toward that seemed to have either come to a halt or just taken their sweet ass time moving forward. For me, this has brought about a much-needed shift in perspective regarding what I am doing. As for the entire world? Well, a lot of things have been delayed, a lot of people are upset, and just as many people are simply moving on with their lives regardless of whatever is happening.

How do you feel about the October touch base reading? Did it make sense for you? I know there are many people here from all over the world and I have a limited perspective here in Florida, USA. I’d love to hear your opinions!

:owl: This month, we’re looking at November!

As a reminder, this is the card I pulled for November in the collective reading.

November: The Lovers

Any hesitation and hostility may finally be put to rest this month. The Lovers represents humble and open communication between people. This will allow for creative, honest expression as well as meaningful growth and connection with our fellow neighbors, both animal, spirit, and otherwise. There is a freedom to be vulnerable this month, and this may lead to meaningful change. When those of us who are most vulnerable and have the most to lose can be honest with ourselves and those around us, we may break through barriers and come to be at peace with one another.

Looking at this card, I pulled three more cards to reflect on and give us a glimpse into the month.

Robert Hanson Deck

:pentagram: The Two of Pentacles Reversed :: → A lot has been happening and, while we all try to be the Super People we think we need to be, the Two of Pentacles Reversed wants us to knock it off. We need balance in our lives, yet we can only balance so many things. Taking a step back and resting, taking a breath for ourselves, will allow us to see what needs balancing and what needs dropping. Even the best juggler can only handle so many objects at once.

:chopsticks: The Four of Rods :: → There is cause for celebration, even if that celebration isn’t anything major to anyone else. We can take time to relax in our homes with those closest to us. Our family, even chosen family, can bring us happiness and joy if we let it in. This card is all about celebrating that happiness and the love of your family and friends. If possible, spend some time with those you care about most, even if you have to do it virtually.

:crossed_swords: The Queen of Swords :: → A stern-appearing Queen, the Queen of Swords shows up to remind us to speak our truth, no matter what. While she is about communication, honesty, and intellect, it is also a reminder to have care in what we say and think with our heads rather than our emotions. She seeks truth and honesty, but she also seeks genuine connection with others through that truth and intellect. Be kind in your communication, but don’t sugarcoat your thoughts if it means not being true to yourself.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Father of Pentacles, Reversed

  • obsession with gaining wealth, money, or status
  • having money and blowing through it quickly

:star: Goals of 2021: The Son of Wands

  • fighting for equitable change
  • inspired action fueled by passion and inspiration

:star: Obstacles of 2021: The Empress

  • too much of a good thing can turn those good things bad
  • an over-abundance of all things that help people grow

Putting it together…

I had to think about how these cards play together with The Lovers from the collective reading. Usually, The Lovers is all about relationships (mostly romantic but not always). I am taking the three extra cards as signs to take it slow with the open communication and honesty. We can be vulnerable with everyone, we can be honest with everyone, but right now it isn’t everyone that needs your attention. Focus your attention on those closest to you this month rather than every acquaintance or friend you think you’ve been neglecting. Even juggling too many friendships or relationships all at once can stretch you thin. Be kind to yourself and realize that even you need the grace of slow socialization.

As for me personally, I’m taking it as a sure sign to focus on my own relationship as well as my relationship with myself. I am the most important person in my life because if I’m not taking care of myself, I damn sure can’t take care of anyone else. Plus November is my birth month and I’m going to be 30 :sweat_smile: I’ll definitely be evaluating what I want out of life!

What do you think? Do you have any insight to share from October’s reading? And how do you think November is going to go? If you want to do your own reading for the new month, you can find a spread I created over on my website.


I love to look back at these!! Thank you so much for all your effort into making these posts!!! :pray::heart:


I like to look back at these & too! :star2: :dizzy:

Looking back on October, it’s kind of an ah-ha moment for me really. Also looking at the card of the year, goals & obstacles for 2021, very resonating for me if I look at the course of the year so far & things progressing for myself & my family & other relationships.

Thank you so much for these reading updates. November is my birthday month too! :birthday:


Thanks :heart: :blush: I really enjoy doing these touch base readings for the year. I also can’t believe it’s almost time to do another one for the year :scream:


Thank You! I love all the new things I’ve been learning here in the past few months since starting my practice


@MeganB I enjoyed reading your insight :slight_smile:

I felt that the Lovers here was about duality, as in the duality of intellect and emotions. Then I saw the other cards (the 4 of Wands and the Queen of Swords) and I noticed there’s that duality. The 2 of pentacles seems to be showing that too with the depiction.


I always love reading these Tarot touchbases, @MeganB- you share so many helpful insights and always give good advice :blush:

November is sure to be a whirlwind here- we’ll be leaving Poland for the first time in a full two years to travel home and see family for the holidays. It’ll be a big trip and I’m already feeling stressed haha :sweat_smile:

This is a good reminder to remember to not get overwhelmed by it all and remember to focus and appreciate the important relationships in my life- especially the bond with my partner, who will be making the big journey with me :airplane:

Happy Birthday in advance, Megan! :partying_face: :birthday:

Thanks again for this awesome post! :sparkles: