Has October Changed? 🎃 Collective Reading Touchbase 2021

It’s officially spooky season :ghost: and we’re moving into October. Well, let’s face it, when you live a magical life it’s always spooky season! Anyway, I’ve got my own ideas of what October has us looking at before I’ve even pulled any cards. Let’s look back at the Collective Reading 2021 :flower_playing_cards: and see if there are new things coming to light for October. Sometimes things move around and we need to be aware of them going into the next month.

Let’s look back at September and see if my Has September Changed? :star: Collective Reading Touch Base was of any help.

The collective reading for September saw us looking at the The Mother of Swords Reversed. This card pointed to heavy emotions distorting our perceptions of reality.

Emotions will cloud judgment this month. To what end? I don’t know. When emotions weigh heavily this month, perceptions could be distorted and it can create a path for poor decisions to be made. We must remember to lead with our heads and be rational while keeping our emotions from taking over.

Our touchbase saw us looking at three more cards, all reversed: **The Three of Rods, Ten of Cups, and Seven of Cups.

All the cards I pulled for clarification were reversed. For me, this points to a lot of blockages and general chaos happening. Two of the cards were cups, further playing on the original card of the Mother of Swords who usually lets her logical and emotional maturity lead. However, everyone is capable of letting their emotions get the better of them. When faced with a lot of choices and difficult people or situations in their lives, it is easy to fall into the trap of making choices that make others happy. I’m not too sure how this is going to play out for the rest of the month where you are, but I’m not really looking forward to the emotional chaos that might present itself this month.

In my person life, I felt all the emotions and I know even my fiancé did. We had our own rollercoasters that sent us spiraling and twirling in different directions but we were able to make it out on the other side unscathed.

How do you feel about the September touch base reading? Did it make sense for you? I know there are many people here from all over the world and I have a limited perspective here in Florida, USA. I’d love to hear your opinions!

:black_cat: This month, we’re looking at October

As a reminder, this is the card I pulled for October in the collective reading.

October: The World Reversed

The focus may be lost this month and large goals that are in motion can be delayed. Instead of focusing on the future and the big picture, ideas, and events from the past come forward and take center stage. This may lead to goals, no matter how large, being put off for another month to whatever detriment. I get the sense that many people will not be happy about this.

Looking at this card, I pulled three more cards to reflect on and give us a glimpse into the month.

Robert Hanson Deck

:chopsticks: Nine of Rods Reversed :: → A card that basically points out how stubborn and rigid people can be when faced with adversity or challenges, the Nine of Rods reversed pops in to let us know that someone will be refusing to compromise with us this month. When all parties involved do not work together and do not get along, it can throw a wrench into anyone’s plans and goals. Keep an eye out for this stubbornness.

:cup_with_straw: Ten of Cups :: → Usually, this is a card of happiness and family. It signifies a growing love with those around you, the fulfillment that comes from a happy family. I have a feeling this card doesn’t so much point to something that’s going to happen but something that’s getting in the way and causing conflict…

:star: Four of Pentacles Reversed :: → Lastly we see the Four of Pentacles reversed. This card here is a reminder to us that spending recklessly and giving without receiving is dangerous. It could also point to giving things away and being generous, possibly volunteering our time or our money to causes that we’re passionate about.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Father of Pentacles, Reversed

  • obsession with gaining wealth, money, or status
  • having money and blowing through it quickly

:star: Goals of 2021: The Son of Wands

  • fighting for equitable change
  • inspired action fueled by passion and inspiration

:star: Obstacles of 2021: The Empress

  • too much of a good thing can turn those good things bad
  • an over-abundance of all things that help people grow

Putting it together…

The first card immediately puts The World Reversed into perspective. If everyone is fighting each other or not willing to compromise, our goals will definitely be put on the back burner. I’m also reminded of all the planets in retrograde and how the astrological forecast could give us insight, too. I do think the 10 of Cups here is a reminder that we need to be gentle with some of our loved ones, even if they’re the ones causing the rift in communication and compromise. Even then, we might find ourselves taking time out of our day to speak to them, and listen, and hopefully not give up on our goals.

What do you think? Do you have any insight to share from September’s reading? And how do you think October is going to go? If you want to do your own reading for the new month, you can find a spread I created over on my website.


Very nice stuff let’s me know I have a long way to go in the scope of my sight.


Oh dear- that’s a lot of reversed cards, and not the cards I would have liked to be reversed! :sweat_smile: I agree that what’s been shared here really does tie in well with @Abs53’s astrological forecast and the Mercury Retrograde.

Of course I’m excited for the start of (the “official”- true that for witches spooky time is all the time :joy:) spooky season, but these look like some pretty clear warning signs for the month ahead.

Thank you so much for the reading and your easy-to-understand explanation of the cards, @MeganB! I love these forecasts :heart:


Thank you for this collective pull, Megan. I had recently been thinking about needing to define very vague intentions. This puts some things into perspective.