Healthy digestion teas

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Wow I wish I had an arsenal of stuff to make all these potions you post! I’m envious. Such ingenuity.


@Devenne awwwwwww thanks so much. At last count im at 164 herbs. Its taken yrs to acquire them all. Im on a buying hold as per hubs :grin::grin:


Lol yeah sounds like your set! I’d like your reply but out of hearts :heartpulse:


@Devenne awwwwwwww thanks. The thought is greatly appreciated


Appreciate you


Ditto love!!!


Oh, what a perfect list for me to try with my partner! Thank you for sharing. :black_heart:


@starborn so glad u like it. Hope it helps your partner. Keep me.posted please. And if i can be of any assistance just ask.


I’ve given my partner a few cups of #5 (peppermint, lemon balm, and fennel seeds), and we’ve both been drinking #7 (hibiscus, orange peel, and chamomile), over the past two days. I picked those because I already had the ingredients, or they would be easy to get. I was only missing orange peel.

We’re just waiting to see how those go before trying any of the others.

Next… Might try #3 (ginger, clove, and chamomile). And #6 (peppermint, spearmint, and alfalfa leaf), if I can find some alfalfa leaf.

The dried peppermint in these might be good. They were taking peppermint oil capsules for a while, but perhaps it was too much and they needed a milder method of taking in the benefits of peppermint.


What might you recommend for a digestive system getting destroyed by stress? Treat the stress or the digestive system? :sweat_smile:

The two teas we’ve been having have helped my partner. They proudly told me about how things are getting better.

Seems it’s my turn to have the struggles. :laughing:


@starborn darlin im sorry u are going thru so much. Im glad your partner is feeling better. However as i am not a medical professional i cant give advise. However, what i can tell u is that stress is never good on your body. It is my opinion, and thats all it is, is that u treat the stress first. I also suggest speaking to your doc, about probiotics. Sorry for being so vague. But i have to be real careful.

I can however also tell u that there are some amazing herbs that help treat and prevent digestive health issues. (SPEAK TO YOUR DOC FIRST)

Ginger warms the stomach entirely and allows food to move through the digestive tract resulting in better digestion, as well as food and nutrient absorption. However while it can aid it can also harm. Too much ginger can lead to peptic ulcers. Also people on blood thinners should avoid ginger

Chamomile is an anti-spasmodic and mild sedative. Which helps with anxiety as well as digestive issues.

Turmeric aids in the healing of gastro inflammation. And helps the liver secrete bile. Not advised for people on blood thinners

Fennel is GREAT for maintaining gut health. However it can cause reflux.

And last but certainly not least…marshmallow root reduces inflammation in your gut. Should NOT be taken with ANY perscribed medications without consulting your doc first.

Source: “A Druid’s Herbal”, by Ellen Evert Hopman

Hope this info helped.


Thank you for the advice. :black_heart: It really does help.

I didn’t know those potential issues. They’re very relevant as we’ve had ginger tea as a regular thing already (and, to a lesser extent, chamomile tea as well). Although, I’ve never made more than one glass of each a day, it hasn’t been out of knowing to avoid having too much ginger. :grimacing: Going to make a mental note of no tea and stir fry on the same day. :laughing:

Good point to speak to the doctor about probiotics as well. I’ve been trying to have two tablespoons of yoghurt every day or two. But they might tell me to adjust that.

A friend has also recommended this gut bacteria analysis done to get really specific advice, but we can’t afford to spend hundreds on that right now. I just need to find a way to manage my stress until we get results back. I know I shouldn’t be worrying over things I don’t have control over, but… It’s proving difficult at times. :sweat_smile:

I’ll pick up the book you mentioned sometime. :smile:


@starborn oh honey u are most welcome. A rule of thumb that i do and tell ppl when they ask about how much tea to drink. It isnt recommended to have more than 3 cups in a 24 hr period. U must remember natural herbs havent been modified, so u get the FULL effect of the herb.

Ha ha about the stir fry. I love making stir fry.

Just please be careful. All herbs can heal, even the baneful ones, and they can ALL kill at the same time.

Does meditation work for u?


Kind of? :smile: It really depends. With the guided ones, it might depend a lot on the person speaking. Sometimes, I find it unsettling; sometimes, I find myself falling asleep at the exact same moment every video. Sometimes, I just can’t sit/lie still at all. (I have ASD and ADHD, and I’m not on medication for anything.)

I’ve been having baths to try to relax. I turn the lights off, have some candles, sometimes some music, sometimes some bath salts and flowers/herbs. I massage my shoulders a bit, too. And my younger cat, Raven, likes to lie next to me. That’s been very helpful, but unfortunately, I can’t live in the bathtub. :joy:

We’re getting there. I just need to manage it all for a few more days. :crossed_fingers:


Definatly got to try some of these as herbal teas are a part of my herbilsm /herbology / kitchen magic side of practice. Thanks for sharing these​:grin::cherry_blossom::sunflower::rose::blossom:


@starborn whilst yogurt is good, it doesnt completely treat the symptoms. Which is another reason i suggested a probiotic. This is what i personally use, 1 tablespoon every morning in my coffee (a little trick i learned from @Susurrus my twinsie), and BAM everything is great. No after taste nothing. If u do decide to go the route of probiotics just a heads up u will fart like crazy in the beginning, so make sure your partner is cool with u passing gas all day. But its how u know it working, your body is trying to release those gases and impurities from your body.


:joy: That’s okay. My partner is used to it. And they have IBS… We’re used to having to help each other in nurse-like ways at times. :sweat_smile:

Ooh. I’ll see if I can find this or similar.

So, it can go into a warm beverage. That’s great. I might try it in coffee or milk tea, as well. Maybe even hot chocolate or a milk and sugar mix. :thinking: Experimenting!


Darlin it can go into anything that will allow it to dissolve. I just use coffee bc i was always taught that for better dissolving use hot liquids.


Hi :wave: I’m so happy that something I suggested has helped you @Mistress_Of_Herbs! That makes me feel better today! :revolving_hearts:

@starborn I’m so sorry that you are having such issues & stress isn’t helping :frowning_face: I can say from my own things that stress does some very not nice things to my system. The rush of cortisol & adrenaline resulting from it shuts down my digestive system, including my appetite :roll_eyes:

I try to use herbal teas & such as well. For the last few years, I’ve been on a quest to, at the very least, try alternatives to commercial medicine whenever I can. Herbal teas have been wonderful for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also have started eating yogurts for the live cultures at least once daily. Normally, it will be a regular yogurt. Sometimes, I will get the ones with the live cultures & the added probiotics to them (think Activia yogurts)

Anxiety & stress have tremendous effects on me, especially this past year. My primary care doctor is an MD & DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), which has really benefited me. She recommended an all-natural herbal tea :tea: that is chamomile & lavender with added probiotics to it to help me. So I will drink that late afternoon or after dinner when possible. If you would like me to see what the name is, I’d be happy to look! :hugs:

Different things that immediately come to mind that currently help me

Meditation helps me with my anxiety & stress when I can practice it & even more if it is a regular thing. It keeps me grounded & in the present. It helps me clear out my mind & improve my focus on the things I can control, too. When I cannot do a typical meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:, I will try different types of them.

If whatever is going on is causing a lot of tension throughout my body or difficult energy to be stored, I use a Progressive Muscle Relaxation meditation that is done while lying down. Other times, I will lie down & get as comfortable as I can, turn out the lights, turn off the TV if it’s on, (a lot of times, having soft things that I can put against my face & hold onto wrapped around my hands/arms will help. Fleece/plush blankets are usually my go-to), something firm but soft to put up against me to kind of lean on or support me (my pibble will lay against my back, I will use a blanket rolled up behind me, the back of the couch, or a weighted blanket over my soft comforter, wear my weighted hoodie that has a soft faux fur lining inside the entire thing), close my eyes, & use breathing techniques while focusing on a mantra or affirmation… sometimes more than one.

I use a few different breathing techniques. Even box breathing or breathe in through my nose for 4, hold for 4, & breathe out through my mouth for 5 or 6, hold for at least 2, & repeat. Sometimes, I must start with one type and then transition to another. It really depends on how much anxiety & stress I am experiencing or other strong emotions.

Warm herbal showers or bath things have helped me; diffuser blends, incense blends, scented candles, water (either water sounds or soundscapes, putting my feet in the water at the beach & closing my eyes, or just letting warm water run down my back from the shower). I have found some great soundscapes & meditations on the Insight Timer app & Spotify!