Here Comes Virgo Season ♍️ 👰‍♀️

Hello everyone,

Once again, a new astrological season is upon us. We are moving into the 6th sign already…the half way point of our trip around the zodiac. The spirit of Leo season is fading, ready to be replaced by the focus, organisation and problem solving nature of Virgo this coming Wednesday.

Here are my activities to help you embrace the spirit of the season:

I have also included a preview video of my “book” which includes details and explanations of key areas of astrology. It’s still a work in progress but coming along nicely.:grin:

Blessed Virgo season when it arrives



As always, you’ve provided a wonderful exploration of the energies of this Zodiac season with some really helpful ideas for how to make the most of it! The Autumn Equinox is coming and it is a really great time for some seasonal cleaning- goodness knows I need to get organized! :laughing: :broom:

The suggestions about journalling and financial planning are also much appreciated, along with the fashion tips- time to bring out the green and brown! :green_heart: :brown_heart: :grinning:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, @Cosmic_Curiosity - wishing you a happy and blessed Virgo season! :virgo: :tada::sparkles:

Woohooo! :partying_face: Thank you for the very fun sneak peek of your book- it is coming along beautifully! I am so excited for the final product when it is ready- please keep us updated, Alan! :pray: :open_book: :blush:


Thank you, as always, for your kind words.

It’s hard to believe that its the sixth astrological season already! This year just seems to be running away. I definitely need to take advantage of the organisation and structure that comes thisnseason to get things sorted…things have been somewhat neglected this past few weeks but I need to try and get back into some sort of routine…

hopefully the energy of the season will help

Blessed be



So mote it be! I hope the energy of Virgo season helps you take care of everything you need to do, as well as be a gentle hand to help you keep on taking good care of yourself :people_hugging: :heart:

Thanks again, Alan- have a blessed Virgo season! :virgo: :two_hearts:


I love your work, @Cosmic_Curiosity I really like the image you have chosen for Virgo. I look forward to seeing these, Alan, thank you! :hugs: :virgo: :heart:

P.S. I am so looking forward to your Book!


Thank you. I love playing around with the canva app and trying to add different layers to the images.


Thank you @Cosmic_Curiosity! I’ve gotten this one added to the Astrology Information :milky_way: post too! I’m hoping some of this season’s energy comes my way in abundance… I am a Virgo moon :full_moon: so fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: