How to know my right path?

I was raised in Christian churches and raised my kids in Christian churches but I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft and wiccan beliefs and the works of Tarot. I read an article on Focus on the Family that Wicca is a trap used to get us away from God. Everything I’ve seen and experienced with Wicca is love, kindness and self-empowerment. How is Wicca so wrong and goes against the Christian ways? Can’t I still be Wiccan and worship Jesus? I’m so lost.


I’m not one but there are Christian Witches out there. There are even books out there on Amazon about them. So don’t worry so much. It’s all good!


Hi @charity9

I was also raised as a Christian, and I think you can be both, a Wicca and a Christian. Why not? I am!

However, I think there is a difference between the Christian Church and Jesus the man. There are several different versions of Christianity, and also bibles. In my opinion, it was men who created the “Christian” churches and also determined their version of dogma to be followed by the people. They scare people by threatening them with hell and the devil, which I think is silly. It’s just a way to control them.

Have you noticed how many religions are run by men who try to control women? I think Jesus the man was loving and kind, he treated women equally. He was and is amazing, but the Christian religion, not so much! I think the dogma taught by many churches is not what Jesus actually taught!

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you with my ramblings. Please, everyone, I mean no offense to anyone who may read this, and find it offensive. It’s my opinion, and I would never intentionally hurt anyone. We must all be true to ourselves and follow our own path.

Please let me know if you have questions, I’m happy to help if I can.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always

P.S. Miracle is just another word for Magic!!!


Wow @charity9 this is an intense and deeply personal discussion for sure and my heart goes out to you as many of us have been or are on the path currently grappling with this exact dilemma/decision/pull to magick.

First I would say that you can be drawn to spiritual magick and not be a witch nor Wiccan - many traditional religions have sects that practice mysticism in many forms. Gnostic Christians, Kabbalah, Sufism. Bottom line is that if you are drawn to mysticism, magick, witchcraft and Tarot, these belief systems will collide with a lot of traditional forms of religions and religious practices and if you desire to keep your Christianity roots, you may need to examine what kind of Christianity will support this journey and vice versa - maybe it’s more traditional Christian mysticism, and maybe it is or isn’t Wiccan - you can be a witch and not be Wiccan, there are many types of magick and Witchery.

I am familiar and have seen that article from Focus on the Family you refer to and others like it. It’s important you understand how those around you believe, but it’s more important to determine what YOU believe. Do you believe in GOD, and how / what way do you - and it could evolve with time. What is most important to you in your daily life and path? Why does one practice have to be wrong for another to be right?

You may be lost because you have not given your own path it’s room to breathe and explore your own truth. Empower yourself to get the answers you deserve and then follow this with every molecule of your being. You are worth it.

Learn, meditate, practice, see where you are led. :green_heart:


Warm greetings @charity9 :blush:

You’ve got some great input from Amethyst, Marsha, and Jan already- I just want to agree with what was said about there being plenty of Christian Witches out there! It is not only possible, but actually pretty common for people to combine their Christian (as well as other religious) beliefs and traditions with Wicca/paganism/witchcraft :handshake:

I remember @MeganB had a great video about it a while back, so let me share that with you here:

Christian Witchcraft: An Interview

I also remember a really inspiring discussion (here: Christian Witch) with some additional notes and lots of support that you might find helpful.

I am not personally a Christian Witch so I’ll step back to let others share their voices, but I did want to offer these resources as well as my support. You are very welcome here, Charity! :heart:

Lots of love and many blessings to you :sparkles:


i agree with @Amethyst you can be a Christian witch but not a Wiccan as Wicca as i have learned is a whole religion in itself. Take me for example i am a Muslim witch (formally Christian growing up), from what i read in Islamic texts and word of mouth is that witches and witchcraft are a major sin in Islam. However as you said
“Everything I’ve seen and experienced with Wicca is love, kindness and self-empowerment”, so i tend to leave it up to myself to be the judge of that rather than let small minded people tell me. So far there has been nothing better that has happened to me than finding my witch path. I still practice my religion too and my craft and practice has very similar concepts to Wicca but i alter it as i see fit. This is the beauty of witchcraft and your practice, you can shape it and understand it as it calls to you a lot different than other spiritual practice which have a very hard understanding on right and wrong.


When I first started I had a lot of questions about this to. I was raised Southern Baptist and I live in the bible belt. You can be a Christian Witch. I pray to God and Jesus and I think of the Goddess as the Holy Spirit. I have learned so much in the past year and it is a personal journey. Study, study, study and find your own path.


Without being too harsh, Christianity teaches that other paths are wrong regardless of what they are because they’re not of the Christian God. That’s it. That’s the only reason. :woman_shrugging:

As for your question about being Wiccan and worshiping Jesus → that’s complicated and going to depend on who you ask. Wicca is a religion in its own right. Wicca has a principles surrounding divinity, deities, and beliefs. You could “substitute” Jesus in for the Wiccan God, for lack of a better example, but some people would say if you’re still working within a Christian framework then you are Christian and not Wiccan.

However, Christian Witches are different than Christian-Wiccans. Witchcraft is a practice and a religion, depending on who you ask, and the rules and guidelines for each witch are going to be different. You can 100% be a Christian Witch. @TheTravelWitch_Bry linked an interview I did with two Christian Witches for my podcast. And you know, you’d also be surprised at how much folk magic involves Christianity, the church, and talks of god and angels.

At this point, I wouldn’t get too caught up in the label for your beliefs. Begin with where you are, talk to God and Jesus, pray, and see where it leads you. :pray:


Thank you all for responding. I know everyone is on their own path and I’m glad that you are able to share your views with me. I take everyones comments to heart and will meditate on what to do.


@marsha Same! And you are spot on with my beliefs.
It is unfortunate that “history” has been changed and/or rewritten so many times in order to benefit a particular group. (many countries, including USA, are doing it right now!) And the mere fact that women have been left out of a vast majority of it gives me pause. Jesus loved the women and children yet we only hear about a few, and some of the few are not depicted in the best light. Also, many pagan traditions are intertwined within religion. If you watched the funeral for the Queen you probably saw some things similar to the Craft as well as religion. I agree with Marsha, I do not believe religion today is necessarily what Jesus had intended. I think you have to find your own path - regardless of where is leads you… “one size DOES NOT fit all” LOL
Also… not wanting to offend anyone - just thoughts from someone who has had the same situations occur in her life.
@marsha I love your P.S. > “Miracle is just another word for Magic!”



As a child attending Sunday School, I was taught all about the “Miracles” in the bible! And I always wondered why we don’t have miracles anymore!!!

As I got older, I saw things happen that couldn’t be explained, and I realized that they still happen! This evolved into Magic for me!

Before I saw this post, I posted a poem in Tending Brigid’s Flame.

When the New Religion forced its beliefs upon our ancestors,
you stayed with them and then with us,
transforming into something else,
so that you could remain among us unhindered.

I believe in synchronicity, not coincidences… everything happens for a reason! :hugs:

With much love :heart: always



God the creator

I think the discussion in this post above will be apropos to read - also I just posted one at the end a few min ago…. @charity9 @TheTravelWitch_Bry @marsha @MeganB @Ostara @TheMuslimWitch @Amethyst


@charity9 yesssss honey i can worship and love Jesus and still be a witch. Your practice is your own. Alot of us call upon our ancestors for aid. Even angels. U dont have to give up all u know and love to practice.


I too believe in Jesus Christ. I understand your conflict. Here is how I have resolved it.

I depend solely on Christ for the salvation of my soul. I depend solely on the angels and Christ to help me in times I have no control.

I do not believe in fortune telling of Tarot or magical insight of a card.

But I love my Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Alchemy Cards. I love my meditations by candle, my crystals, my herbs, my anointing oils. Why? Because there is so much of myself that I am responsible for… Paul stated he brought himself under submission and that’s what I too try to do. These cards and other things help me focus on how I can be a better person. It puts the onus back on me to say … Hey Becca … have you thought about how to better at…? I love how introspective I have become through my practice. I love how I’m reminded to connect to nature, learn from nature, see God in nature…

I consider my practice eclectic. I don’t have a church or formal place of similar practitioners except here. Here you will find people who respect your journey even if it isn’t like their own. The acceptance of just being myself is so nice. I hope you too are experiencing that care and support! It’s the heartbeat of this forum!


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