How to protect someone else?

Hey all!

We have a little situation in our family where my brother and I think that my mom is under some kind of curse or bad energy sent from her husband (or someone close to our family). I was thinking of performing a spell with my brother to protect her but I’m not quite sure. Should I banish the curse first and then protect her? And, how do I make sure she’s in fact under spiritual danger?

I was looking through the site but couldn’t find any spell about that matter. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hello Whitefox! I am sorry this is happening to your family, I can so relate. I think children have an incredible spiritual bond with their mothers. If both you and your brother have the feeling something is wrong, then something very likely IS wrong. But you could also consult your cards and see what they have to say about it.

There are some ethical issues around doing spells for others that others can speak to be better than I because I am still working to understand that completely. But hey, if someone was messing with mom, I would take out the heavy artillery, just saying!

There are some family protection spells on but the ones I saw are pretty tame, all purpose spells, not the fire extinguisher it sounds like you might need right now.

Some spells…

  1. You could do spells for family harmony, like sweetening spells, which is good for a Friday unless you think things have progressed beyond that, maybe.

  2. There is a Hex reversal spell, Bully Be Gone, Far and Away and Return to Sender and Uncrossing spells on Spells 8 you could maybe adapt for Mom. Great spells!

  3. Hecate seems to me a good fit for this work. Demeter had her on speed dial!

  4. Dual purpose banishing spell and protection spell - best on Saturday, waxing moon is perfect. Cleanse the space w/sage or palo santo, if your practice includes casting, cast a circle of protection. Write down the offender’s name on paper. State “Your harm will not affect _____anymore, for they will come right back to you.” Put paper in bowl and cover with black salt (i.e, salt with crushed egg shell, activated charcoal and some pepper). Put a mirror on top and visualize the harmful energy reflecting back. Close the circle. Bury the contents, clean the mirror. (sorry, I cannot remember where I found this spell). I get small craft mirrrors at Michael’s if you need one.

  5. You could gift her with an amulet you have cast a protection spell on. There’s an amulet consecration spell on Spells8. Or you could do this with a stretchy bracelet. I make protection bracelets with beads. Those are easy to make. You just need some beads (e.g, from Michael’s) and some Stretch Magic. You can get some Black Jasper for about $2 and that can be protective against toxic and negative energies. They also have snowflake obsidian and that is helpful. Or you could buy her an obsidian bracelet at a crystal shop (I just got one for $6).

Banishing stuff: obsidian, jet, pine, angelica, salt, rosemary, garlic, basil, frankincense, dragon’s blood, black candles

Protective stuff: black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, black and white candles, angelica, salt, rosemary, mugwort, yarrow, parsley, garlic, sage, rue


We did have a discussion The ethics of consent before casting about a topic similar. Maybe this one would be of help too Ethical Witchcraft :sunflower: What Are Your Thoughts?

If your mom has no issue with it being done for her, then a return to sender or banishing type of spell. There may be some helpful information here too: Trapping dark entities

The only time have done anything for someone was, they called and asked me for a protection jar. I sent her the jar & she just had to include a clear quartz & put it under the full moon. Would she be open to something like that or a protective charm or amulets to wear?


Thanks a lot, Mary and @Siofra I’ll talk to my bro about it.

Muchas muchas gracias de nuevo!


And, that’s one of the problems, she’s Christian and doesn’t like this kind of stuff, she’s afraid of it plus her believes prevent her from opening her mind. So, I’m not sure if she’ll give us permission to perform a spell of wear something enchanted. :pensive:


That is a tough situation. What about salt around her home or the outside of her doorway. Maybe some some cleansing incense in the house?


Yep, I think we’ll end up doing that.


Here I’m talking about me, and my stand of a situation like yours @WhiteFox. Ethics are important, but when is about a member of my family, specially my mother, that’s another story. While I’ll respect my mothers beliefs and not cast a spell on her for protection; if I make a prayer on her, is by naming her God. Not saying to you to do so, but is what I honestly speaking do. Now, if by divination measures I find out that there’s a job on her, and find out the person on doing such a thing, I won’t have that same ethics on that person, and won’t feel sorry. Again, this is me.


And I agree with you, it’s just a complicated situation you know… I’m trying to understand everything first before making a move.

Thank you for your input!


Being her daughter, if you have the the best intentions in mind, simply pray for her. Leave your other tools aside for now.

Light a candle and say a prayer from the bottom of your heart. I suggest you write it based on what you are seeing/feeling. You can google uncrossing prayers or curse-breaking prayers and get inspiration from those or the uncrossing spell chant.

Sending positive thoughts your way! :candle: