I need help finding a house and with the money part of it. Thank you

Hi! I am trying to find a house that is perfect for my boyfriend, myself, and our kids whenever we have them. I am a baby witch and I dont want to mess this up. Ive done a couple rounds of the Cashbook spell in the past. But I didnt follow through very well with the daily ritual of it, but money still manifested a few weeks later, but it was more money than I had ever had in my life. I still believe this was because of the cash book. It was more than i had asked for and the money lasted a very long time as opposed to being gone quickly because I added sigils and meditations for the stretching of the money.

I am having trouble finding a house for us because of the following reasons:
-we are both felons, so options seem to be limited
-we are both blocked in some way, shape, or form so getting the process started/continuing the process is very difficult
-we dont live together at the given moment and we both have our seperate rents to pay so its difficult to come up with the deposit and rent ahead of time do to limited means
-it has been raining alot lately and he works construction so hes been off work alot
-he spends money way too quickly, which is something i also would like to know what I could do about energetically or magically to help him be more mindful/stop spending the money on unnecessary things/gambling
-we just dont know where to start because of the background thing, and its hard to chose where we want to pay for application fees because of limited budget

Now, i do alot of affirmations and small things to get the energy moving. According to Human Design I am a “Manifesting Generator” so I have the ability to harvest my own energy and manifest anything I want, but it has to be after careful thought and when the universe presents itself to me that it is “okay to proceed with what i want”

when i was trying to force it all, there were roadblocks everywhere and my energy spent went nowhere. However, Ive been given the go ahead from the universe and so I need help casting, or someones help that can do it for me, since where I live its hard to do spellwork successfully to find a house in the next couple weeks, get accepted, and have the money for it when we sign the lease. Which I get my taxes back in a couple weeks but I dont know if it will stretch that far with everything I need to pay for.

Does this sound do-able? I just need help from someone else than google. Cause I am driving myself nuts and just wasting my energy in the wrong places instead of just doing it right.

I appreciate anyone who took the time to read. I know its long. But I dont know where else to turn. Let me know if I went about this the wrong way… Thank you.


All I have right now are platitudes:
Good things come to those who wait. and
Que Sera Sera, What will be, will be.
My most fervent blessings to you and your beau, I’ll remember you both in my prayers, and light a candle.


@QuartzGemini526 It looks like you have manifested things before so try to channel that power towards the right intent. Besides waiting, like Garnet mentioned, intuition will be your best guide.

I recommend that you craft your own spell. It will be 999 times stronger than having anyone else do it for you. :candle:

If you don’t have lots of ingredients or a place to cast spells, find a place where you can do a simple energy raising ritual. Follow a guided meditation or put on some music to get you in the right frame of mind.

  1. When you’re ready, get a pen and paper and start writing: It will be a letter addressed to you, from your future self.

  2. The “from” address will be from a house where you want to live. Write about how happy you are that you found this place and how easy it was to afford it. Express your gratitude and thankfulness to the universe and to having made the right choice via your intuition.

  3. Put it in an envelope and keep it in the same place where you keep your important documents.

Because finding a home is your top priority, you could pray to a deity of the home and hearth like Goddess Hestia.

Here’s a chant:

Guide my search today.
Help me find a home I pray.
Show me problems before I sign
So I can choose the right home to be mine.”

via Llewellyn

I hope that helps! Lots of luck and Blessed Be! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you! I appreciate your input. I will most definitely do this! I always worry that I am not doing things the “right way”. But there really is no “right” when its all about intention. Thank you much!



I love Francisco’s response and spell! I think I will also try this one.

I managed to manifest an apartment for myself, for free. It was exactly everything I asked for in my rituals - but it came with a twist. It lasted 9 months before the unexpected twist made living there unbearable. I asked for a free apartment that was pet friendly, that I could live by myself. I wanted it to be a one bedroom and I did not care where. I got exactly what I asked for - a one bedroom apartment, that was free, by myself and was pet friendly (I had 3 dogs!) The catch was that it was in a terrible neighborhood, that only got worse and worse over time. It eventually got so bad that I feared opening my door to leave the apartment. Then things started breaking down, like the appliances. I reluctantly moved.

The lesson from all of this for me was that magick works!!! It worked so well that every detail of my spell came to fruition - right down to my saying “I don’t care where it is”. What I did to achieve this was a lot of praying and visualizing and pushing my vision and intention out into the ethers. I would stand outside at night and project the image of myself living in the apartment out into the stars, and imagine it leaving my mind and being received by the Universe itself. Then I would pray for it, requesting these things to manifest into my life because I was ready for them. It took about a year of doing this before the perfect apartment fell into my life through a series of seemingly semi-unrelated events.

You can try this method as well, but please be very specific about all the details of what you want (mentioning what you don’t want is not a good idea in my opinion). Alternatively, you might want to try a Law of Attraction based approach to manifestation, which is discussed in this article. I wholeheartedly agree that any spell or ritual you create yourself will be more powerful than one someone else does for you, due in part to the emotional investment you have in your success. Whether you choose to use a Law of Attraction based manifestation, or a witchcraft based spell is up to you. They can both be very successful and complement each other if the direction and outcome is the same. The Universe sometimes works in mysterious ways, so it can be a good idea to avoid thinking about the how and instead focus on the what as if it is already present.


You make some really great points here, @Katy_Mysticsens :blush:

I especially love how you mentioned that big spellwork takes time- especially when your wish is something large-scale like an apartment with various conditions around it :house_with_garden: :+1: You have incredible focus and drive to carry your wish for about a year- good for you!

Sorry the apartment didn’t work out in the end. Sometimes those little things we include in our spellwork are the “devil in the details” so to say- the fates either have a sense of humor or life just loves to keep us on our toes! :laughing: This is an excellent reminder in the importance of stating intentions as clearly and simply as we can manage in spellwork :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! :heart:


Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it! :relaxed: I think I may have learned a lesson not only about ‘minor’ details, but also about Divine Timing from this experience.