Meditation issues

Hi all when i do meditation i dont seem to see anything part from once or twice i seen a bit of purple does that mean some of my chakras are blocked xx


I don’t think your chakras are blocked just because you don’t seem to see anything in a meditation.

When we “see” things during meditation, it can be hard to see with our mind’s eye because we’re expecting to see actual images. In my experience, these images actually tend to be more hazy and definitely more in my mind, almost like a very fuzzy dream. If I get clear images, it’s usually deeper in meditation or if I’m calling upon my Gods. They tend to make things more clear.

Meditation isn’t about sitting down and clearing your mind or even seeing things during visualization. It’s also possible that you can’t visualize. There’s a sort of…not a condition, but something that people can have called aphantasia. You can read more about it in this post (Witching with Aphantasia - No Mind’s Eye & Can’t Visualize!) but it basically means you don’t have a mind’s eye and can’t “see” images in your mind.

Can I ask what the goal of your meditation is? Is there a specific thing you’re trying to see, or just following a guided meditation? Knowing this can help me give you a more specific answer and even gather some resources that might help you a bit more.

For now, here are some other resources about meditation.

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Hmmm… I don’t believe it’s Chakras either, but we have had similar things come up in the forum.

At first I had no problems with visualization, usually without even meditating, then it was harder while meditating, suddenly it only occurred spontaneously…

Still Nervous & Unsure
Meditation Goals

I was using Headspace at first but found another 1 that is much better that was recommended by my therapist:

FREE 1000’s of Meditations

That app has helped me so much & has meditations for literally everything including course types & you can pick the amount of time too.


I hardly ever see things. Everyone has different gifts. Some may be able to see some can’t. Doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong. Purple is a spiritual color that’s a good thing. I hardly ever see anything and I don’t dream anymore. Meditation in my opinion is more of a time to clear your thoughts and be at peace. Like a slow down. And provides peace and clarity. I’d Just keep going. My opinion is making it a regular practice makes things easier . Trust yourself.


I found what helped me visualise are the meditations on the Spells8 app that talk you through a scene like this one, it’s my favourite



Hiya. I do a lot of meditation as a Hindu. My practice is simple, feeling the power in my straight back, breathing, nine counts in and nine counts out, listen to the ringing in my ears. I rotate my awareness around those three things whilst with eyes closed focusing my eyes on where I would find the tip of my nose. Generally I start by seeing not much, then I know I’m going in the right direction when I see a point of light in front of me, eyes still closed. I concentrate on that white dot, or pearl, or diamond as it is sometimes referred to. I too then see swirling purple patches that slowly pulsate.

Ok so up until this point this is all physical. The ringing is mild tinnitus, the pearl and purple pulses are phosphates, light generated by your eyes as energy passes through the optic nerve. That doesn’t sound too mystical put like that, however it is at this point you can begin to find a way through that thin veil into the inner worlds.

You have achieved a state of pure awareness, where the only thing you are aware of is awareness itself. Generally I then begin to construct a place where I can exist. Mine is the lush grassy bank of a river, surrounded by jungle, wild animals, birds with all the associated sounds and textures. I then draw my attention to Shiva sitting crossed legged in a lotus flower on the opposite bank.

This all sounds very neat and easy, it isn’t, it takes practice. You have to learn to steer this picture whilst not becoming distracted and re entering the physical world. If you’ve lucid dreamed it is the same, you have to let it unfold, because by thinking too much you wake up and loose it. In fact I have heard this sort of meditation described as lucid dreaming whilst awake, which for me is an accurate way of seeing it.

I’ve done this for many years and only occasionally have I gone on to have significant visions or contact with other worldly beings. Generally I sit by the river looking at Shiva and waiting. If nothing happens after a while I slowly withdraw, going through the same process but in reverse. I used to get frustrated when nothing happened, but when it has it has been worth the wait and life changing.

Above is an example.

In conclusion I think it’s important to know that your meditation experience will always be YOUR meditation experience. We all try to compare and compete, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about realising the Self, realising that those mystical inners worlds are always there and just beyond that thin veil. By waiting patiently just beyond that veil, eventually you will be rewarded.

Here is a meditation by my Guru Sivaya Subramuyaswami (Gurudeva). He refers to the Shum language which is a holy language hence the weird terms from time to time. I found it useful to get me started in meditation practice.

I hope this helps.:pray::pray:


There are meditations on YouTube that are visual. You can look at the screen (watch the video) with the spoken words. Like this one:


Also wanted to add. I seem to hear things more than see things. I mean I’ve seen some shit believe me. But typically I hear things or sense them. That’s what I mean when I say we all have different gifts :gift: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hearing is normal too, I get audible things when meditating or journeying too. Like hearing the conversation I’m having, hearing the water, animal sounds with sounds from wind rustling, hearing whoever I’m meeting with at the time. All kinds of things.

I will get physical feelings & sensations too that wouldn’t be something from where I physically am doing the meditation :sparkles:

Another good one for any time you want to go back to basics is:

One Moment Meditation :person_in_lotus_position: : How to Meditate in a Moment the entire video is about 5 minutes, the actual meditation is 1 minute. Very short, but it’s very helpful as well


Same I get the physical sensations too


Lately, it’s been releasing energy or being able to settle long enough to even get started. I need to get back into a regular daily practice :woman_in_lotus_position: I was much more at ease throughout my days when I was, progressive muscle relaxation meditations were very helpful for me too! :hugs:


I hear you. I have continued to meditate daily. If I don’t I’m anxious as hell. And my mind races and my heart flutters I don’t like that. The last time I stopped for a week my head was a mess and I vowed to make it consistent. I have enough stress lol :laughing: that’s just me anyway


Yeah, I’m the same way. I felt much better & it was multiple times daily if I needed or felt it was needed or helpful… or whatever the reason…

But, it felt good when it was consistent that’s for sure!

I’m happy that it helps you so much with your anxiety! That’s really got to be a relief too! :blush:


For sure. A lot of times I’ll put on a meditation when I shower after work. Then I take an hour to meditate before bed too.


Shower :shower: meditations are amazing! Perfect time for 1 after work!


For sure especially lately before I start getting into my school work. Helps me not be so anxious about my school work


Do you have a particular shower meditation you use? A guided meditation? I usually do a shower cleansing ritual, not a meditation per se, but I’m feeling it’s less effective.


Nit particularly really, usually a guided one that in some way involves my deities, water, relaxation, anxiety… I’ll have to look theough ones that I’ve used in the shower :thinking: