My Lammas / Lughnasadh Bread Spell! 🍞

Blessed Lughnasadh everyone!! :pray: :smiley:

While I’m no baker, I didn’t want to miss out on this wonderful celebration so I gave it a try!! If you’re looking for a recipe, @MeganB just posted one that looks great! Lúnasa Bread Recipe 🍞

This 2-minute video is for enchanting and blessing the bread with a spell. I found this on the book of Lammas by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.

Lammas Bread Spell & Ritual :dizzy:

The Old English meaning of Lammas is “loaf mass”, the big celebration of harvest. The symbolism of this bread is saving and storing for the coming winter so most rituals have to do with blessing the foods prepared.

To learn more about Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, read here: How to Celebrate Lughnasadh Alone (the 1st Harvest Sabbat!) 🍞

The Blessing of the Bread :sparkles:

Before you put the loaf into the oven, dip a paintbrush in milk and write on the crust what you most desire. I spelled “Heal” because it seems that on this year, the world is in so much need for healing. :pray:

Bake the bread and eat it while still warm.

The Lammas book includes a protection ritual, which is done by breaking the bread into four pieces, and chanting:

“I call on the spirits
Of North and South, East and West
Protect this place
Now, at the time of the Blessing.”

You can leave the bread as an offering, for the birds to eat, bury the pieces, or share it with friends and family.

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I wish you a Very Plentiful (Spiritual and Financial) Harvest!! :corn: :ear_of_rice: :clinking_glasses:


Thanks for this, Francisco, I hope you have a plentiful Lughnasadh yourself. I also baked bread. This was my first ever attempt at baking (and I am 53!). Also, I sometimes burn tea, so the omens weren’t good, but I was surprised that it turned out not too bad…


Such Beautiful Ideas and the bread looks tasty! We will each have a small piece then our birds will get the rest, we seem to have become a bird sanctuary in our area and its lovely. Blessed Be!


Oh that’s lovely, thanks @Francisco :blush: I’m definitely going to incorporate that into my bread baking tomorrow.

I’m guessing that it would be no problem to substitute the milk with either non-dairy milk or olive oil? :thinking:


That looks incredible, Russell! What a perfect altar for this celebration! :clap: :clap:


Nice! Let the birds bring all sorts of good omens!! :bird:


@christine4 Thanks for your comment!

Milk has a very powerful symbolism because in almost every cultural tradition it symbolizes the Mother and life itself. It’s a “fluid of fertility and abundance”.

I would use whatever milk substitute you prefer (soy, almond, rice, coconut milk, etc) and focus on those qualities as you do it!

Blessed Be!


I made whole wheat scones for Lammas. I celebrate alone, so I want a smaller batch. Plus it looks great in my offering dish! Love sharing ideas with you all. Thanks.


Happy Lammas!! :sunny::ear_of_rice: I hope everyone is having a Magickal day!!

I’m baking a bit more bread today and also I can’t believe it’s August already! :neutral_face:


Blessed Lammas everyone :blush: :sunny:
I hope you’re all enjoying whatever celebrations you might partake in!

I made some bread today (and already ate half of it - very tasty :yum:)

I also put a little offering on my altar; apples, barley and bread:

I’m never too sure what to do with offerings later on, but I think I will bring these with me to the stable tomorrow to give to my horses; that way nothing goes to waste and I can share Lammas with them :grin: :horse: :horse:


Your bread looks delicious! I’m sure the horses appreciated it!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with the offerings after a ritual! We had a conversation on this a while ago. Here’s the topic: Help with offerings


Everyone’s bread looks mouth-watering and delicious! :bread::yum:

I hope everyone had a bountiful and blessed Lughnasadh! :pray::two_hearts:


I learned I need a simple or a large printed out a ritual. I felt embarrassed by my lack of smoothness. In previous Sabbats, I felt awkward but energized. This Sabbat, I was embarrassed I was not smooth. I will print a large ritual to honor the deities and the Elements.


This sounds like a great idea, @wendy4 and hopefully the large size will help you to feel more confident as you work through the ritual! :+1: Sending you good thoughts and wishing you the best of luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Travel Witch, I am honored by your generosity! Thank you. Plus, I have not been to Poland yet. Before the virus, I was planning to visit London and its environs. My mother’s father’s family came from there. I have a large bucket list.


Travel dreams are so exciting! :two_hearts: I hope your delayed plans will be possible once the current situation resolves! If you find yourself in Poland in the future, definitely let me know :grin: :sparkles:


Okay guys now I need to bake fresh bread! I can smell it and taste it… nothing like bread…