Mystery symbol

I saw this symbol during my tea meditation, does anyone recognize it?


I can see the rune OTHALA under the line which is then reflected above

As a whole it combines the runes OTHALA and INGWAZ or 2 INGWAZ runes.

Othala is all about the ancestral home or territory. It is the values that you have developed and the inheritance you will recieve from being part of this territory. It brings abundance but not in material form. Its that from your family, your traditions, your culture…the things that are passed from generation to generation. It is your legacy essentially. In magick, it can be used to strengthen family bonds and link with ancestral spirits.

Ingwaz is about fertility and growth. You may have built up or should aim to build up a lot of energy to release it at once in order to grow and develop, over come obstacles and . Its like a dormant fire inside you waiting to spark and release and the outcome is likely to be successful and where everything does as it should.


So it’s a bind rune! Somehow I couldn’t think of that, but it makes a lot of sense and I’m glad that I asked, when I saw it my intuition started working at it right away! :sparkles:

“As above so below” is a sentence that comes to mind, with the Othala :othalan: rune reflected on both sides of the line. How I understand it, is that I have both physical and spiritual home and ancestry, and when I feel connected to both of them, I can harness the potential energy of Ingwaz :ingwaz:, just like Kundalini energy, the bind rune even kinda looks like the Ida and Pingala energy channels cycling around the spinal column in the subtle body :dna:

I feel I’m well connected to my spiritual ancestry, but less connected to my physical ancestry and the land that I live on, and there’s even some generational trauma that I’ve avoided facing. It feels like a good direction for me.

Thank you for your insight dear @Cosmic_Curiosity! :sparkling_heart:


@CelestiaMoon I am going to agree with @Cosmic_Curiosity… it appears to me as a Bindrune of Othala & Ingwaz or maybe 2 of them :thinking:


I think @Cosmic_Curiosity and @Susurrus are on the right track with the bind rune! The straight, crossing lines do seem to resemble runes and how they are written :+1: :sparkles:

The tasseography side of my brain wants me to say that it looks like two kissing fish, though- so I’m putting that here as well :joy: :fish: (or perhaps one fish looking up at the surface, but not seeing the world beyond- only seeing their own reflection?)

Whatever meaning it may hold for you, I wish you all the best with interpretating (and potentially using) it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Awww, this is cute! :blush: :two_hearts:
There are a few Pisces in my life I would kiss… :smile_cat: :revolving_hearts: :fish: