New to the Tarot World, where to start?

Hello my witches,

I’ve just did my DIY tarot cards as per the printable one.

Any suggestions or any advice for my starting since I’m so new to it.

Thank you all !!
Sending love :rice_scene::crystal_ball:

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Well mine were gifted to me so naturally I cleansed them and charged them first thing. After that I did an interview with the deck and I slept with them in a bag with a charged selenite wand under my pillow for almost 2 weeks and I carried them in my purse etc so as to form a connection and bond with them. You literally just made those cards exist so I’m not sure if you can get a stronger connection thant that but still not a bad idea. Also cleanse them on between reading especially when reading for others so there is no residual energy that may affect the next read. I generally won’t read my cards without a few crystals that are connected to the nature of my question or that help ground and protect me as well as I always have incense like nag Champa, sage or whatever is closely relevant to the reading itself and at least one white candle but I try to include one of the intention of the readings as well. I’m pretty insistent on ALWAYS matching as many tools as possible to enhance the intention of anything I’m working on not just cards. And on occasion if I feel like I might need extra guidance I will make an offering of some sort and ask one of the deities that it corresponds to for their guidance and wisdom and show gratitude when I release them.
Always show gratitude for their assistance and then I wrap them back in their cloth and put them and the selenite as well as my palm stone that I use for tarot exclusively because it helps me “see” the whole message and place them back in their little box that I made for them but I almost always carry that box close to me. I rarely leave it on my altar because I use them daily and I’ve had to replace everything I had for my craft twice due to greedy people who just wanted to have something without having to earn it. It’s fine though I am not angry anymore but I’m a lot more protective of my tools and given I lost 1 of the 2 decks I had during said robberies I keep these close because I’ve already bonded with them and I can’t ever replace these because of their sentiment and the connection to them. These are all just things I do with mine and I really just took pieces of pointers from everywhere and adapted my own ritual for them. Every one is different because the energy of the reader and the deck are different from others basically get a general idea and then run with love. Like every other aspect of modern witchcraft make it your own. Best wishes to you and your deck. Sorry for the overload but I tend to be overly thorough with my work so I didn’t wanna leave out anything you may want to use



Congratulations on your new deck! Whenever I get a new spiritual tool, I perform a process of cleansing, charging and consecrating prior to using it for the first time. This process can be done in numerous ways, and there is a beginner-friendly guide to it in this article. Then, I do some readings and get a ‘feel for’ the tool. I personally believe that divination tools are meant to be ‘keys’ to access your intuition in an easy to understand way.

Some people start out by reading Tarot ‘by the book’, and there are countless books, articles and resources to help you learn how to do this. You could also use them as a meditative tool to help you grow spiritually, as each card can be thought of as a representation of a spiritual phase or lesson. ‘The Fool’s Journey’ of the major arcana is a prime example of this usage, following the Fool (seeker) from the very beginning of their spiritual path all the way to the World, which is the achievement of ‘enlightenment’. Tarot is such a versatile tool that it is impossible to cover all of its uses in one place. I think exploring the Tarot and all it has to offer on your own is a great way to allow it to help you in the way you need to most at this time, whether through divination or not.

My Two Cents.


Hi Mirta! Congratulations on printing your first DIY Tarot deck. They look great!

I’m going to quote @TheTravelWitch_Bry from this earlier topic because it’s so useful:

The Tarot decks is long and it has lots of symbolism. Don’t feel rushed to learn it all at once. Draw a card every day and study it as much as you can! Here’s another useful topic: Reading Tarot(Struggling to begin to understand)


Congrats on your new deck, @mirta! :heart:

Everyone has shared some wonderful advice- while the decision of whether or not to cleanse and charge is up to the individual, they really are great ways to bond with your cards :flower_playing_cards:

You could get started by doing a 1 Card Daily Reading. Focusing on one card each day can help you to build up familiarity with your deck without feeling overwhelmed. There’s also the Introductory Daily Reading (using the most basic and universal 3-card approach) when you feel ready :+1:

Good luck, have fun, and blessed readings! :sparkles: