🔢 Numerology: Build Your Core Number Report - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of building your numerology core number report.

I hope you managed to complete your life path number without any issues. If you havent and would like to, you can access the post using the link below:
Numerology: Build your Core Number Report Part 1

This week, we will add the Birth Day Number to the report.

What is your BIrth Day Number?
Put simply your birthday Number is the day of the month that you were born. It gives an indication of our hidden talents. It is a gift that you possess (although it may be lying dormant) that will help you on your life path. It is one of your 5 core numbers.

How do you calculate your Birth Day Number?
The great thing here is that there is absolutely no calculations needed. It is simply the day of the month that you were born. E.g. i was born on April 24th so my birth day number is 24

There is no need to reduce this number. We just leave it as is. This means that birth day numbers range from 1 to 31, rather than the normal 1 - 9.

However, if you have a double digit Birth Day Number, I would recommend also reducing it and looking at that number. E.g.
Mines is 24 but I would also look at 6

You can find the meaning of your birth day number by clicking the appropriate arrow below. Simply copy and paste your birth day meaning into your report, adding itunder your life path number.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣

You are not afraid to try new things or to be the one initiates something new. You have the power to ensure tough times and your determination will ensure that you get through any challenges that you face.You have a great ambition and a strong drive for success. You are highly independent and do not always appreciate the restrictions imposed when working with others. Routines can frustrate you.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣

You are a problem solver who always seems to find solutions for the issues you face. You are balanced and always ensure that you know both sides of a situation before acting. This makes you ideal asking for impartial advice.You are aldo warm and affectionate and need the same from friends and loved ones. You want to be hugged and cuddled

Birth Day Number 3️⃣

You are a skilled communicator who can clearly share your thoughts and ideas. You also have an enthusiastic and infectious nature, which makes it easy for you to get others on your side. You have refined sense of style in everything that you do - from your clothing to the way your interior decorating your home. You have a gift with plants and flower arranging.

Birth Day Number 4️⃣

You are both stable and grounded. You bring pracicality and a sense of realism to situations. You are highly dependable because you work hard and are persistent to the end. You are precise and take great care in what you do. You take your obligations very seriously.

Birth Day Number 5️⃣

You are highly adaptable and show the flexibility to change course when challenges arise. You actually thrive in unexpected situation and enjoy changes that were not foreseen. When an opportunity arises, you are unlikely to miss it.You need excitement. You relate well to others and have an easy way with words. You have a talent for public relations, and possibly in writing.

Birth Day Number 6️⃣

You have a BIG heart. You are a natural healer and have a very nurturing nature. You are highly protective of those closest to you and will do what you can to help others, even at your own expense.Your focus is on relationships. You want to help others and could make a profession out of this, either as a nutritionist, alternative health therapist (acupuncture, massage, for example) nurse or doctor.

Birth Day Number 7️⃣

You have a very refined mind and a deep urge to uncover life’s mysteries. Your ability to acquire knowledge on both the information and spiritual planes gives you a greater awareness than most people. Meditation and orher spiritual exercises will help you to develop your intuition further. When you trust your intuition, your faith will become stronger.

Birth Day Number 8️⃣

You seem to attract success. No aim or goal is too big for you. You are driven, ambitious and will stop at nothing to achieve what you want. You are also independent in your pursuits, requiring minimal input from others. Your approach is original, creative, and daring. You have sound judgment and need to exercise it, otherwise you risk becoming bitter and bossy.

Birth Day Number 9️⃣

You are here to stand up for others. You are devoted to helping for the greater good and making sure people are heard. Satisfaction comes from giving or from being of service to others.Your social role needs a blend of the practical and humanitarian approaches. You have a keen sense of what will work and what requires change.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣0️⃣

You are a natural born leader. You are highly creative and can think of, plan and organise what is needed to make an idea a reality. You will then pass this to others to get it done. Your strive in life is to live your dream - therefore, you must have the courage and the willpower to overcome obstacles and win what you want.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣1️⃣

You are very aware of what is going on around you and of how others are feeling. This is down to your sharp intuition, which makes you both a great guide and a great supporter.Your intuition is so strong that you would make an excellent counsellor or healer. You understand people before they truly reveal themselves.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣2️⃣

You have real creative drive and talents. You have a very active imagination and can express feelings and ideas in ways that engage abd benefit others.Your artistic talent shows in almost everything you undertake: your home, your cooking, the way you express yourself, and anything you commit to.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣3️⃣

Like Number 12, you are creative - the difference being that you have creative ideas and focus on making them real. You show determination and optimism in your pursuits but are also realistic. You work at a steady pace and love things that are solid and grounded in the real world.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣4️⃣

You are open minded and willing to try new things but have rhe sense to think things through before jumping in. This means that you ensure that your experiences are both meaningful and worthwhile.You are highly sociable and work well with others as long as there are not too many restrictions. You get restless easily, making it likely that you will change careers or relationships too often.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣5️⃣

You have a real love for others. You are curious and very sociable, meaning you love being in contact with a diverse range of people. They love being around you too because your words are both helpful and heartfelt.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣6️⃣

You are on the quest for truth, asking many questions in order to uncover things. You can read others like a book, seeing their intentions and motives.You have an analytical mind that can see beneath the surface of a subject or issue. You also have excellent concentration.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣7️⃣

You thrive when working independently. You have the ability to remain focused and work efficiently with minimal input from others.You are an excellent manager and organiser. You can see both the bigger picture, and also how the finer details come into play.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣8️⃣

You were born to make a difference and strive to make things better than they are at present. You are independent but thrive on helping those who are not.You are broadminded and should aim to teach yourself (or be taught in) several different fields, especially the arts. Many great artists have this number.

Birth Day Number 1️⃣9️⃣

You need independence and self sufficiency (although that does not necessarily mean you have it). You need to learn the difference between the dream of independence and the reality of interdependence.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣0️⃣

You strive to build harmonious and cooperative relationships with others, be they business, friendship or romantic.You have great awareness and can sense the feelings of others, even when they try to hide them. You are easily influenced by your environment.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣1️⃣

Your imagination is highly charged. It shows in everything you do, from your conversations to your most important and meaningful projects. You are quick witted and can think on your feet. People feel I spired by you and you also see great value in making connections with others.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣2️⃣

You have it in you to be an organiser, or builder of a project or even of an organisation or business. You have a vision and the capability to bring it to reality. You possess the ability to show great strength, but you can be very afraid of and overwhelmed by the scope of your ambitions. Overall you could become an effective leader if you let your strengths win.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣3️⃣

You love life and want to live it to the fullest with exciting adventures. You are very easy going when it comes to relationships and challenging situations don’t phase you. You are optimistic and inspiring to others.You are highly adaptable and generally get along well with most people you meet.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣4️⃣

You have the ability to maintain stable and balanced relationships. You are loyal to others and are a fierce protector and nurturer of loved ones. You have a heart of gold.You are responsible, and helpful, but your sympathetic nature may cause you to interfere in relationships. Know your limits.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣5️⃣

You have the ability to take in information both consciously and cubconsciously. Your curiosity is only satisfied by diving deep into subjects to extend your awareness of the world.You are capable of investigating and researching subjects deeply and your analytical skills mean that you avoid taking anything at face value.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣6️⃣

You strive for success and enjoy it even more when your achievements help others. You know what others need and can help them on their way to achieving it.Your challenge is to maintain a balance between your material goals and the human desire of showing understanding, compassion, and love for others.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣7️⃣

You are very tolerant of others, no.matter their race, religion, sexuality etc.You are a bit of a late-bloomer. You need exposure to many different types of people and experiences before you find the area that suits you most. This means you may change careers more than once before finding what is truly your calling.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣8️⃣

You are very aware of the value of collaboration. You are both a capable and compassionate leader who brings everyone together and gets the best from them. This means you get what you need from them.You are unconventional and extremely ambitious. You have bags of self-confidence but need encouragement to get going.

Birth Day Number 2️⃣9️⃣

You are so driven by spiritual pursuits that no matter what you do in terms of work or career, the world of spirit and philosophy will be central to your daily life. You feel linked with the larger universal forces, and nothing will change that. You can see with ease how everyone and everything are connected.

Birth Day Number 3️⃣0️⃣

You are an artist at heart. You could excel in writing, visual, or performing arts. If you are not professionally involved in one of these areas, you should consider taking up art as a hobby. These talents can be utilised for conveying information and ideas easily and effectively to others. This, along with your optimism, has an uplifting effect on others.

Birth Day Number 3️⃣1️⃣

You are both imaginative and practical. You have many creative ideas but also the organisational skills to make them a reality.You are the foundation of any project you commit to, doing your work with determination and precision. Things may easily fall apart without you holding everything up.

Does your Birth Day Number resonate with you? Let us know via the poll below and feel free comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Remember that this is just one aspect of your numerology report. You may find that you resonate with it more or less than others. It is important to xonsider the report as a whole and look for overarching themes.

As always, if you have any questions, you can leave a message or send a PM.

Part 3 - Your Expression (Destiny) Number - will be posted next Tuesday

Blessed be




I can mostly relate to this. I like my relationships of all types to be stable and will do what I can to maintain this. I love helping others; it just seems the right thing to do. My family are also important to me and I would do anything for them. I wouldnt say i interfere in others relationships though :joy:


Now this one resonates :blush: :revolving_hearts:

I’m enjoying this series a lot :sparkling_heart:


I am pleased that this resonates and thst you are enjoying it. It is something a bit different and not something that everyone explores. Its always good to try something new.


Well, I can’t say that doesn’t resonate. If it sounds like a Katya and quacks like a Katya, it’s probably a Katya!

I’m not sure about being that impartial. But I’m gonna say I fully resonate with both. It’s like 98.8%. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for doing these, by the way. It’s always nice to learn new things. :black_heart:


Yay! :joy:

I love how you make this so easy- Numerology is becoming a lot of fun! :1234: :tada: :grin:

Birthday Number 30 feels like a solid bullseye :dart: Birthday Number 3 resonates very strongly, but I’ve never felt confident in my style, especially when it comes to fashion! What can I say- I’m very eclectic :laughing:

I’m taking this close to heart- there is a lot of information in both of my Birth Day numbers that I can either continue to develop, focus more on, or bring into the spotlight.

This is all very useful information- I’m amazed at how accurate these readings are and am greatly enjoying them! Thank you so much, Alan! :raised_hands: :heart: :1234:


I agree. I love learning new things. I also love sharing it with others. Thats the main reason I became a teacher. Its so satisfying to see that “ah ha” moment on a kid’s face when something clicks. Its also great to learn from each other as adults too.

Im glad to hear that numbers are becoming your friends. They just try to tell us something the same way as words do, just in a different language😂. I am glad that you are enjoying these little exercises and that you can resonate with them. Its also great that you can see development areas from them. Our life path is not set in stone. The choice is wjether we choose a different path to make things easier or keep at it and work through the challenges to geow as a person. We may not see ourselves on our life path but that doesn’t mean we cannot become that person. Its fascinating and if nothing else, it provides prompts for reflection and self growth.

Blessed be



Oh hey, we’re matching again! :smile_cat:


Beautifully said! I feel this way about astrology readings, and sometimes even my tarot readings- things turn up that I don’t always resonate with, but that doesn’t mean they don’t (or won’t someday) apply. I’ve come to believe that there’s a lot going on out there beyond what my conscious mind picks up on- the messages are there to guide and help us. What we choose to do with them is up to us :grinning:

I’m very grateful for them- thanks again, Alan! :sparkles:

Eyyyy double number buddies!!! :raised_hands: :laughing: :heart:


I would agree that astrology is very similar. Many people sY there are things that dont resonate but it may just be that theyve not yet reached thst point in their life. Perhaps they have still to be challenged in someway that will lead to them reaching a “checkpoint” in theirnlife. It is almost like it says “here is what you could do” but you must work at it. It is maybe pointing us on our best path but we do not all necessarily choose to walk it.


Ooo my birthday # completely resonates. I believe that’s 2 for 2, but the 1st wasn’t realized until after I had voted & then worked it out to realize that it did :rofl:

I’m going to have to make a document somewhere with them in it :hugs: Then see if I can find the 1 I had done before to ses how they compare! :star_struck: Now I’m curious about that :upside_down_face:

I also added this to the masterpost & gave the build your core report it’s own section :hugs:


You can always change your vote by clicking “show vote” and choosing something else :wink: :shushing_face: :black_heart:

Or we tried really hard to not be those things. :see_no_evil: :joy:


:laughing: oh I know, I just left it as is for now… I’ve also been battling a crazy virus since Friday after a day trip to the ER for an injury. So I’ve been on my phone :iphone: as I can, but I’m much better with all the things from my computer :desktop_computer: I haven’t decided if I want to change it yet :rofl: I have to go look at it again :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for adding it to the master post. Yeh all you have to do its post the relevant interpretation into MS Word or something similar to build up your report. There are another 3 parts coming, the next is on Tuesday.


Sounds pretty accurate, I’m sure I’m not functioning at :100: yet either sure more will show in time


I have so many things copied & pasted into documents from here with interpretations :laughing: I usually convert them to PDF when finished.

I’m finally on the upswing of my Eeewww virus… it’s a slow process, but definitely on the upside of it.

I’ve always been on the curious side of things about life & all the things. I’m a detective :female_detective: of sorts, I suppose. It can be with anything that piques my interest even a little bit, which since being with Spells8 is A LOT. I’m looking forward to returning to my daily meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: practice & other aspects because that’s when I felt my best & absolutely myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ehh… I’m not sure how much I resonate with my birthday number :thinking: Maybe I need to rethink my definition of success, but I very much don’t feel successful because the things I’ve tried to do don’t always (read: hardly ever) turn out the way I want them to or feel they should.


It may be its just not woken up yet. Also, success is a very subjective and relative term that means different things to different people. Rigjt now, success for me in the grieving process is getting up and getting dressed where as before it was reaching the targets at work. Right now I’ve learned to take every little thing that goes right as a success.:slightly_smiling_face:

Or it may be that there are obstacles in the way. Your destiny number reveals your talents but also challenges and obstacles that can prevent these from manifesting. Destiny number is the next number being covered on Tuesday.

Or it may just be that you do not resonate with it in the same way as some do not resonate with their sun sign in astrology

Blessed be



My birthday is on 21/3 so here we go xD

Mixed thoughts about this one, first, plants die in my hands :sweat_smile: but i love them haha. I consider my self to be an introvert and learnt to communicate in order to survive in the extraverted world. But people love me even when I don’t talk. I love refined fashion and interior design, but do I always wear it? Maybe yes, maybe not, depends on my mood. Maybe it has to do with having Venus Aries in 5th house, more like Versace than Dior :joy:

I believe this one is more like me. I believe imagination and quick thinking are linked. If cannot think outside of the box you cannot find solutions easily :face_with_monocle:


Its 21 that is you main one. Its just also a good idea to check the reduced one but your actual day (21) is the one that matters.