Office Witch? How to do spells when stuck at my desk

Hello everyone,

I work 40 hours a week at a desk on the phone, emails, talking to visitors at the career center, unclogging the printer etc. It’s not my dream thing but it pays the bills for now, and I’m slowly working up to my dream thing (writing fiction; teaching kids).

I do little spells at home usually in the evenings, but I wanted to see - are there any spells, chants etc. that I can do even at my office at work? I get downtime/slowtime sometimes, and miss the good energy that witchcraft sends into me. I think it would be good to do some Craft at work, and help relieve my boredom or anxiety.

Sometimes I feel drained or anxious after talking to many people, especially strangers at work, or even just having them sit near me. Other times I feel that being inside so much and not in nature just drains me inside, spiritually/mentally. Is there a little ritual or casual thing I can do at my desk that doesn’t involve whipping out candles and matches etc. stuff that would get me in trouble at work?

Love and light!


Hi @chaitea43 !

I don’t work in an office anymore but, I definitely remember feeling a lot of what you described. I worked in a cubicle type setting where I didn’t even have much privacy, just a short partitition between people. I wasn’t practicing at that time but if I was, I would possibly try to create a discrete mini-altar at my desk maybe? I usd to have things like photos, a small succulent and little figurines that were cute or meant something to me at the time. Maybe you can set up an discrete one using some items that could be considered mundane to people with a crystal or two or whatever would resonate with you? There are some great altar set up examples from ornate and elaborate to small and portable within the forum. I think there may even be a post for Altar pics for inspiration?

For me, I’ve also created a salt bowl that I’ve put at the entrance of my home (work from home now) with the intent of protecting, shielding/removing from negative energies. But to most people it just looks like some home decor lol - I used pink salt just cause I liked the color, selenite, clear quartz, rosemary, and I will change up the flowers in it seasonally (fake flowers). I believe I got the initial “recipe” somewhere on Spells8 or maybe even from Francisco’s Youtube channel… I will need to check, but I’m sure I’ve modified it to oblivion!

I know our coven mates will come up with some cool ideas as well, but I hope this gives you some sort of idea starting point

Oh! I forgot - I did have to ask my co-workers who were nearby if they had any allergies, etc. , but instead of burning incense I would use an essential oil diffuser when I worked in an office. Knowing what I know now, I could have used the energy and properties of different scents to my advantage as well.



Some, may find this offensive, if so, forgive me but I must speak to this little bird as my heart askes. Garnet
First thing sweetie Never lose that dream!

Do me a favor, close your eyes and relax.
Breath and concentrate on that for a few minutes.
That’s all… Concentrate. And believe.

What do you hear?
What do you smell?
What do you feel?
What’s going on outside your body?
Better yet, what’s going on inside your body?
Without your eyes, the most powerful tool in your Magickal Box is your mind.

Reach deep inside yourself to your ‘Inner witch’, (for lack of a better term).
Use your mind & visualize her. Remember, she’s your inner witch There are no preconceptions of her.
In your minds eye look for her. She’s there, just look.
Is she strong and courageous or a low burning flame.
Neither is wrong, but they both need to be bolstered to become all they can be.
And my dearest, darling girl, so do you.

The place where your power resides is in you.
You can have all the wonderful crystals and spells, bells and whistles and still feel…less
That is in no way your fault. You are so new and unsure.
We of the Magick ways weren’t always blessed with magical accoutrements’.
Long, long ago our ancestors had, a feather, or a stick, but they had their mind and belief.
You can do anything, you can be anything’
Your office Magick must at this time be just yours, subtle, without fanfare.
Think of fixing your copier as an adventure and boldly go forth and conquer it.
Your visitors are the children who will read your books. Kindness and a gentle voice.
If they become too demanding? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Ask what they want to become and Why. Redirection can be a life saver.
Put a rune or symbol on your desk. When it’s slow, meditate, just a few minutes to center yourself. Even a worry stone can be soothing. Perhaps in Rose quartz, you choice.

Like Kermit the frog said "It isn’t easy being green. And it isn’t easy to become a witch.
You are a caterpillar waiting to metamorphosize into a dragon, a butterfly or a powerful Witch!
The strength and power is there, patience.
Patience and patience. It will come I promise.
Until then love yourself as you are meantto be loved. Be kinder to yourself.
Blessed Be


I’m sorry that I can’t offer experience but you have gotten some great ideas already. By the time I had come back around I had been out of work for… about a year, but when I was in an office prior to that, I was able to have a small speaker or headphones, could you listen to a podcast or an audible book? & we had an essential oil diffuser so I can second that idea :star_struck: now I have one in my bedroom & one in my living room :smile:

Maybe some battery-operated or an app for candles & small crystals to keep in your workspace?

Waters & Sprays: DIY Apothecary - Spells8
Candles for on-the-go or when flames are banned
Wicca in College - Candle Replacements


I sprinkle black salt around my desk to protect me from the negative energy around me. I also use an essential oil diffuser. Everyone that comes to our office says it smells like Hobby Lobby. I wear crystal jewelry and on most days I have a crystal in my bra. Lol! There are 5 people in our office and every morning before I leave for work I draw a tarot card for each of us just to see what that person and me will be going through that day. I am in the broom closet at work so the things that I do can’t draw attention. If I wear a high collared shirt, I wear my pentacle necklace at of sight. It’s my little secret. Lol!


You’ve got some great answers here so far so I’m just going to run down a little list of things you might like to do :heart:

  • Create a mini altar at your desk. This could be as discrete as @robin77 said with a few pictures and a plant or as witchy as you want to get. If you can’t have real candles you could get one of those battery powered tea lights instead!

  • Carry a crystal with you for an intention of the day.

  • Create (or find) little chants that work for you. You could come up with chants so the printer doesn’t jam or create a chant to clear the energy of the office when you leave. Or you could also create a chant to invite good energy into the space when you get there.

  • Others have mentioned an oil diffuser. This is a good idea in theory but please always remember to ask those around you if they have allergies or other health conditions before diffusing any oils.

  • Decorate with flowers and plants, real or not, to invite in positivity, abundance, and healing.

  • Use color magic during your day either in your outfit, the decorations around you, or even with the pen you write with.

  • As @Ostara said, sprinkle some salt around the office to create an energetic barrier to protect yourself and others.

I don’t work in an office anymore but these are all things I would consider doing if I did! :heart:


I read something the other day that said “sometimes the best thing about my job is my office chair spins”. I just love that. Spin around in your chair to cast a protective circle! We have to have some fun at work, right?


Perhaps you can use the time to cast a Circle of Protection in your mind.

Also, have you read the Artist’s Way? She talks about filling your well with everyday sights and experiences. You are filling your well at work for your future book.


I love the replies you’ve gotten so far! My immediate thought was to develop a chant at home with a very particular rhythm, and then when you wanted to invoke it during the workday, just tap it out with your nails against your desk. It will be more private than chanting at work where others might hear (and complain, would be my reason for keeping this private), but you’ll have built the full resonance of what you’re doing in a space where you can engage in the full ritual.

And I’m all for the idea of wearing/bringing crystals! I love the ideas that folks have given you! If I were back in the bull pit at my office, I’d be enacting so many of these!

I hope you find an act you can practice that rings true for you and helps you settle back into your personal warmth and peace between calls. That’s so critical to surviving that position.


You are just a darling! I love you and your spinning chair.



l love this, you are truly wise. Thank you for your wisdom.

I found a small flickering flame in my heart, I have nurtured it through the years… amazing how that small flicker has grown!

With a magick :dizzy: flame :fire: in my heart :heart: always…
The Other Marsha


I’ve been spinning all day!


Love the artists way! Never completed it but ite helped me through dry creative spells, and I was in a great book group for it once.


You’ve had some great suggestions and I only have a few to add. When you have down time, are you able to take a short break? If so, do you have ready access to outside? When I worked in an office (pre-COVID), I would go outside and sit on a bench for a few minutes and just take in nature.

You can have a “pot-pourri” bowl that you can use to place aromatic offerings. You can fill it with herbs that are specific to your intention. As with the oil diffuser, make sure anyone in the vicinity doesn’t have allergies. Lavender is a great stress reducer. Peppermint and rosemary are great for mental focus. And chamomile tea attracts financial opportunities. You could add sage for cleansing.

If you are near a window, use the solar/lunar energy to your benefit. You can charge water with solar energy durning the day to provide you with a boost of energy. Anything left on your desk overnight would get a boost of lunar energy.


Do you have space on your desk for one of those mini zen gardens? You could add salt to it instead of sand and doodle runes or sigils. Add a plant, a mini desktop fountain? A cool crystal paper weight? Jewelry, oracle or tarot cards on Your phone…

I made up a body spray that I put on in the morning and maybe at lunch to refresh with my favorite scents and just close my eyes long enough to say “refresh my attitude and remind me to stay calm, cook, and collected.” In my head.


Wow i love this response. That quote you shared is so magical and poetic! Just reading it felt like a spell on me, increasing my confidence. I marked it as solution, but truly I think all the replies I got are solutions. I’m going to try them all!


Thank you all!!! All of your replies feel like a solution, I’m going to try them all! Please check out Garnet’s answer, it’s so beautiful. It felt like a spell in and of itself.


I found the mug for this!
Some days, the best thing about my job is that the chair spins.11 oz Coffee Mug - Funny Inspirational and sarcasm


@crystal5 & @Ostara… I feel this mug on a whole other level having worked in office environments of different types. If I was still working, I absolutely would have this mug & hold it while casting a circle :rofl:


I love it!