Prayers to share😻


I’ve been looking at different prayers that I can use. I thought this was a great list of many to share. Please feel free to share any and all favorite prayers that you may have. Or maybe advice on connecting to the divine or deities. Something that may have helped you find out who your deities are? Just very interested.


These are so lovely! I think I’ve looked at purchasing The Book of Pagan Prayers before, but just hadn’t. I love being able to read them! There are definitely some that I am drawn too! Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to sit down and really explore them!


@AileyGrey My pleasure. I’m glad you like them!


These are lovely. I found “Mama’s Words” particularly nice (and the children’s fantasy bed time prayer!).


@korvo I agree I was really drawn to the ones you really liked. Mamas words is something I definitely need to remember and hear.:heart:


@Devenne thank you for sharing!

As for sharing any to connect or find deities… I don’t know that I have any specific to that :thinking: I didn’t realize that a lot of things that I did would be considered a prayer… but I think that was my own thing from being raised in a very Catholic household & how they used or had prayers.

Any that I use now, a few are from memory & it wasn’t until after I started working with the deities that I used any. I can’t say that I necessarily made the initial connections either. Thinking back on how I started with the 2 of them, they sort of found me… it may have taken me a little bit, but I eventually figured it out & then started working with them. So that would be another thing I would have to think on at least in my case.

I did a quick search & came across these to see if there is anything that may help you within the original post or the replies for help with deities or divine connections :hugs:


@Susurrus Thank you for your time and the information. It was very helpful.


You’re welcome. I’m sure someone may have other ideas for you too. :hugs:

I had only done a quick search, but if I think of anything else, I will let you know.


I was once taught that prayer is a conversation with the deities. We pray to speak and then meditate to listen. Any heartfelt words would be good. Since I don’t talk to my friends in lofty or repetitive language, I don’t talk that way to the deities, either. Respect is the only requirement I acknowledge. That’s just me. Anyone can do anything that’s in their hearts because it’s a personal relationship with the deity.

Ariel Gatoga uses a form of the rosary and Biblical Psalms on Fridays and Saturdays.


Very sweet of you. Thank you


Very helpful thank you for that.


I’m happy to share. Welcome. Ask anything, anytime.:blush::rose:

Your request brought up memories, nearly forgotten, of friends I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. It felt good to remember meeting Gwynn ap Nudd, Achelous, and Cernunnos. Each of them came to me. I did not pick them, but I enjoyed their company, and I missed them when I no longer had access to them the way I used to- after I moved to New Mexico from Indiana.

I met Gwynn soon after I moved into my first apartment- about 1990. The weather was rough. I was home alone. It was getting dark, and there was a tornado warning. We lived on the second floor. Our previous place, my childhood home, had a basement, where I used to hide from the weather. I wasn’t sure what to do, yet. My mind was nervously crafting and watching TV when I felt someone watching me and chanced to look out the patio door. Clouds were roiling in just such a way that it looked like a giant eye looking in at me! I ran to the kitchen!

“Not helping!” I cried.

“The wind you call your father will never hurt you,” said a calm voice.

Maybe I’d better explain that a bit. In my younger years, there was a certain type of breeze which felt like the caress of a proud father’s hand against my cheek. I enjoyed that sensation, since I was an only child in a family which didn’t seem to care about me. Anyway- back to the story.

I’d heard about Gwynn before this. He seemed traitorous and scary. Yet what I was experiencing seemed more lonely. I decided to make friends with Him. After that, if I were doing laundry on a rainy day, I was able to request that I could get my laundry from the room across the parking lot into my end of the complex building without getting wet, and the rain would stop briefly for me.

Fort Wayne is a city built on three rivers. It’s really hard to navigate the area without crossing or traveling along one of them. In my youth, I’d hold out my Soul’s hand to brush against the water as Mom drove. Sometimes, I could imagine fish and maybe even seaweed growing in there (no real seaweed, but kids imagine). One day, as I imagined what seaweed might feel like, there was something hard and sinewy under my fingers. At first, I wondered if it were a snake, but Soul isn’t bothered by poison, so I kept petting it. The head had soft fin-like “hair”. Beneath it was a smiling sea creature! I called him Achelous, using a French accent rather than pronouncing the name as a Greek would. After that, every time I traveled where I could see water, I greeted Achelous. When I moved away from Ft Wayne, he couldn’t reach me anymore.

The complex where I’d met Gwynn was a long building running east to west (just one building of several). We lived on the east end. To the west was a pond behind the complex office. Further west, a steep hill climbed to the local cemetary. On that hill, a small willow tree grew. I was having a hard day, once, and went to sit by the willow, looking out over the pond. The hill was so steep that I had to sit a ways away from the little tree. While I brooded, I noticed a deer out of the corner of my eye… Only it wasn’t a deer. It was lying in the grass as though the land were flat beneath it. When I looked closer, the form was more like a centaur. Beneath the antlers of an aged deer shone the face of a kindly, bearded man. We sat there in silence quite a while. I took comfort in His presence. When I was ready to head back in, I stood and addressed Him.

“Thank you for your time,” I said. “You’ve helped me feel better.”

He smiled at me. I started picking my way back toward the office. When I was sure enough of my footing, I looked back. He wasn’ t there.

One other time, I saw Him, this time in Albuquerque. I was having a hard day, again. Since I was so new to the area, I didn’t know where to go, so I sat outside my apartment between two bushes which attracted cabbage butterflies. Again, I was lost in my own little world. My eye chanced to follow a butterfly to my right, when I noticed antlers poking out from behind the bush.

“Hi.” I greeted. “It’s good to see you.”

The beard grinned. Soft brown eyes sparkled above.

“You’ve helped me again. Thank you.”

“I’m happy to be here,” came a murmur.

“Me too.”

When I got up to leave, he was gone already.


@georgia I absolutely loved reading this. That’s so cool! I actually live in Indiana. I’d love to see one of those. I cNt wait for someone to reach out to me. I noticed it got really cold in my house a bunch of times yesterday when the heat is on. I cNt help but wonder if someone is reaching out to me. Maybe I’m not there yet. But I am too excited to have such experiences and hope I do. Thankyou so much for sharing this. I absolutely adore this. :heart:lots of love to you!!! Blessed be


I’ve read a couple of your posts. It is nice to hear familiar town names again.:older_woman: (fondness intended)

I know you’re excited, and it is great to have friends on the other side. Please be aware that excitement significantly changes your energy type, not just the levels. It’s not always read in the Spirit world in the same way we would read it here. Just relax and be yourself.

I spent a lot of time reading mythology. Sometimes a character will seem to pop out in a favorite story, even if you cringe.

Whomever makes contact, be respectful and give them a chance to express themselves because they can grow and change over time, or their actions may have been misconstrued. No thanks to stories like the one I posted in And in Other News
Gwynn was considered a traitor and turn coat for many generations because he switched sides in the battle for seasonal dominance twice a year. I’m not saying He hadn’t earned that designation, so long ago; but after a while, consequences can soften even the hardest heads and hearts, even if they are now stuck doing the same job for all eternity.

I told Gwynn He was doing a valuable job, honorable work which I respect, even if it gets scary sometimes; and I grew to care very much for Him. When I moved down here, I tried to access His personality, and failed miserably as if the personality were a local Spirit rather than a world-wide deity, but I remember Him fondly. Ya wouldn’t think He were local after hearing songs like “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” but… shrug If He visits, He’ll find a friend; and when I go back to Indiana, I know I can trust Him to be there for me.


Do you know where I can read about Gwynn?any reading suggestions? You’ve peaked my curiosity. Also thankyou for the advice. I have been in a state of excitement with the information overload and the path. I’ll definitely try to calm my tits. Lol. See how that could make it more difficult to get in touch. :heart: I’ll definitely be more aware if a name pops out to me. Appreciate all the sound advice. Loving your replys.


Gwynn ap (son of) Nudd is Welsh. I don’t remember where I originally found Him. I was researching my mother’s family at the time.

Right here in the forum, we have a book club where there is an updated list of additional free research sites:

Can anyone else think of somewhere we can research belief systems?


@georgia Okay that’s awesome. I’m definitely going to jump into these now. Thankyou kindly for the resources. Appreciate you, very much so :blush:


My pleasure, @Devenne , and congrats on winning Most New Posts for this week!

Our posts will help many!:older_woman:


@georgia Thanks! Made me smile. LOL. I found a cool video. Try to see where to post it.