Having trouble connecting with a Pantheon

Hi all! I am having trouble connecting or identifying with a pantheon. I am from the Middle East and growing up my family wasn’t religious but encouraged me to learn about Zoroaster and the Persian Pantheon. Now that I am on my own path, I am trying to study and find a direction however it’s overwhelming. I don’t know how I feel about any of the Gods and Goddesses . Is that unusual? Is there a way to organically find the path? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @Nadialuna :hugs:

I would say that this is not unusual at all, especially if you have never been religious before. It can be hard to find that defining connection with a higher or deeper being when the idea and pracitce might seem foreign to you.

My advice would be not to get stuck on the details. You don’t need to have a pantheon you mesh with right now, and you don’t need to have a deity you worship or work with just yet. Ease into the practice, dip your toes into the spiritual waters, and just let the river :ocean: take you where you need to be.

Trust the journey, because it isn’t about the beginning or end, but the process and what you learn on the way.


Hi there @Nadialuna!

I second @MeganB to not rush. Just because you’re from that area, doesn’t mean you’ll follow that pantheon. You never know, you may be into a god from one pantheon, and a goddess from another. It’s what’s right for you that matters.


Exactly as @MeganB suggested… I started same way. Was not sure what to think. Just began meditating and letting things come to me organically. I started focusing on the moon and it’s power- and feel it’s energy. Once you align your energy with the universe/earth, things begin to flow- identifying your path. I never expected to find a diety and know I have several. Just listen to your heart and forget about all the details. It can be confusing at first,than it just becomes second nature as you evolve on your journey. ( At least it’s how, it’s worked for me.)
Hope this helps, I’m fairly new. But you’ll get awesome advice from the most experienced witches on here.
Blessed be.


Like Megan said, when the time is right you will know. In the meantime, just enjoy the ride! If you keep an active spirituality, for example meditating, celebrating the sabbats, journaling… then you will hear the calling.

I always felt a strong connection to the Greco-Roman pantheon :classical_building: probably because of my ancestry but that’s not really a requirement.

If you feel comfortable, you can put in some work and experiment with different Gods and/or Goddesses.

  1. You can start by finding a culture that you identify with.

  2. Make a list of reasons why you personally feel connected to that culture.

  3. Read about it and its religion in depth, find people who can help you understand it better.

  4. Following your findings, do what you feel you must to practice your faith.


Hello @Nadialuna!

You’ve got some great advice here about finding and working with the divine. Connecting with a deity can take a long time before you find the right one.

To help you, there is a long list of gods, goddesses, and pantheons in the previous challenge Dealing with the Divine :pray::dove:

And if while looking at the challenge you are interested in participating, it is actually re-opened as part of this week’s Catch-Up Challenge!

Wishing you the best of luck as you work to connect with a deity. I hope you find a wonderful being to work with soon.

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart: