Sigil making

Does anyone have any guides or books or anything to help me with making sigils? Looking at this week weekly challenge I saw sigil suite but I can’t buy the app right now and I would like to try and draw my own. If anyone has any advice on working with sigils I’ll gladly take it I’m very new to them. Thank you!!!


Sure! We have lots of info here on the Forum and the main site. Let me grab some links for you! :heart:

Forum Posts

Spells8 Articles

Member Videos

HOW TO MAKE A SIGIL || Witchy 101 - YouTube

How to use Sigils || Witchy 101 || Everyday Magick - YouTube

How To Make A Sigil - YouTube


Thank you so much!!


Hi @brandy20!

Apologies- both Sigil Engine and Sigilscribe that were linked to in the challenge are free on desktop/the web, I had no idea that the app version is pay to play! Sorry about that.

But it looks like Megan came to the rescue- she shared lots of wonderful ways to make a sigil, both digitally and by hand! I hope you’re able to find a method that works for you :blush:

Good luck and happy sigil making! :heart:


It’s totally fine about the apps, I don’t have a computer right now so I’m using my phone for all the apps. But thank y’all so much for leading me in the right direction!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry @brandy20 You can still access Sigil Engine and Sigilscribe for free on a mobile device if you use your web browser, not the app. It works great!

Love!!! Jan


I didn’t know that! Thank you so much!!


It’s my pleasure, Brandy! Whichever method you choose to use, I hope you have fun with your sigil crafting! :heart::blush:

M A G I C K !!! :star_struck:

You’re a hero, Jan- thank you for this very helpful tip! :heart::raised_hands:


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