Spiritual dilemma

I never believed in ghosts one way or another but probably didn’t really believe in them but I lost my partner suddenly and he was too young. Before he died we had more than once said if there was such a thing as ghosts we would both come back and haunt/visit one another 100% so when he was taken so unexpectedly and I was deep in grief I had some quite intense experiences and now I seem to have a presence in my life or maybe my house, it has been opening doors and flickering shadows for myself and others visiting, i don’t know whether i should be clearing the house or welcoming the energy. Could it be his spirit or am i clutching straw’s should I be encouraging it


I don’t know if anyone here can tell you if it is right or wrong to believe such things. There are many on here that believe their deceased loved ones still communicate with them. Wicca has an entire holiday devoted to such an idea.

For people that believe in reincarnation, things get more tricky. Does the loved one wait for us so we can be reincarnated together, or have they gone before us to prepare the way?

There are so many ideas concerning our loved ones when they have been taken from us. And there are exponentially more practices related to these beliefs. What matters most is your peace, your comfort. What helps you in your grief?

As long as what is happening isn’t scary or threatening, is there anything wrong with encouraging it? Just remember to continue to really embrace living. In the end, that is what our loved ones really want us to do, right?

We are here to learn from each other in a safe and loving way. Some will provide you with wonderful guidance using spells and stories. I am thankful for those people in this coven. As you decide what the best course of action is for your life (cleansing spells, welcoming spells, etc.) I encourage you to also find a likeminded health care professional to help you on this journey. Magic and science should work together, hand in hand, during the darkest of moments in our lives.

Wishing you love and light…


Hello @tracie2,

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your partner. Sending love and light your way as you honor and recover from his passing :pray::candle:

Benjamin shared some wonderful advice, and I agree- the belief of spirits and ghosts is not universal for all witches. How you interpret and choose to interact with the souls or presence of those who passed is something you should explore and define in a way that resonates with you.

That being said, there are many here who have shared their experiences talking and interacting with spirits. I am happy to point you in the direction of those conversations in hopes that you may find the advice you are seeking in the experiences of others:

Personally, if you find the presence of your departed partner to be wholesome and reassuring, I suggest finding ways to work in harmony and maintain the bond if it brings you happiness.

However, you feel these interactions are more haunting and are bringing you stress, you may choose to instead cut your ties and cleanse in order to move on:

I also second the advice Benjamin shared- if you are truly struggling to move forward, a health care specialist may be able to help you find your way.

Wishing you the best of luck as you discover your unique path forward :heart:

Blessed be! :pray:


Sorry for your loss Tracie. I think only you in your heart can know the answer. My best friends grandma just passed away from COVID this weekend. Thinking of ways to honor her sweet soul.
Blessed be


My condolences for your loss. :frowning:
My advice would be to at least attempt to be welcoming to the presence. I find it’s always more interesting to try and get along with any thing supernatural, as you never know how it may benefit you. Maybe he/she is just taking some time to warm up to the place.


Prior to my sons death, we watched ghost shows religiously. We always said we would haunt the hell out of each other. After he died, I had things happen in my home frequently, as did my ex husband. We knew it was him and it felt so amazing and warm. As the years have gone by, things happen less, but when a door closes without explanation, we all say “It’s Anthony!”