Suggestions for my beach getaway

I’m heading “over the hill” which for me where I live means I’m going to Santa Cruz CA for a couple days. I’m looking for ideas to help me harness the positive energy of the ocean. I’m bringing my crystals (all 50+ of them big and small​:joy:) to cleanse them and charge them in the ocean. But I’m looking for ideas for some spell work to harness the energy for me. Any ideas would be welcomed. Thank you & blessed be :two_hearts::sparkles:


I’ve never really harnessed the energy of the ocean for spellwork other than cleansing so I don’t have any advice for that, really :sweat_smile: sorry! But I did want to say happy early birthday! :tada: :partying_face: :heart:


I am going to Ocean City NJ in about a week. I was planning on taking a few bottles to bring back some sand and ocean water. I am also going to be doing morning beach walks and hoping to find some gifts from the ocean.


Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend.

@MeganB is right, it is great for cleansing & I agree with @JoeyP that beach walks can have some wonderful gifts from the ocean. I also collect sand & ocean water from my area to keep at home & different shells & things… sea glass, sand dollar shells…

As for harnessing its energy, a lot of that would be working with water or the water element, but the ocean energy would really depend on how it’s reacting that day based on the weather & other natural forces. The water is going to react to what it’s being exposed to. So if it’s stormy or windy & choppy seas, it’s going to have more intense energy than a regular day at the ocean.

  • I also don’t know the area, I am on the complete opposite side of you by the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast of the United States so our seas can change throughout the day.

We do have an Ocean’s Charm Spell for luck & money. We have also had an :shell: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Of Seas, Sands, and Tides, an entry to ocean challenges I Love the Ocean :shell: Challenge Entry, & an entry that has crystals Crystals & Fairies (Ocean Magick Challenge) :sailboat:

:ocean: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Of the Element Water may help with ways to work with the water element & incorporate ocean water with it too.


Happy early birthday!

Maybe give an offering to your favorite ocean deity while you’re there?


@marcie You can definitely harness some of that energy by connecting with ocean water. After all, it is associated to moon magic because of its relationship with the tides. Cast an intention into the sea!

Sea magic is super powerful because it symbolizes a huge elemental womb: The ocean is filled with life and all life comes from it. Perhaps a fertility ritual or maybe even re-dedicate your personal path as a water witch by the ocean.

Definitely bring a jar or two!


Thank you for using the words I couldnt find about ocean & some correspondences… such as the Moon :crescent_moon: I knew that one :laughing:

I would look into the water witch if the ocean or any body or moving water is something you want to incorporate into your practice.


A little question?

I’m in my hometown, 2 hours away from the place where I live and I couldn’t take all my crystals with me. If I put some sea water and I sprinkle it to my crystal, is that a good way to cleanse them?

I also took a little bottle full of sand for my altar, its a way to take home always with me❤️


Yes, that’s a good way to cleanse them. Some crystals are more sensitive to water than others as explained in this Crystal Cleaning Chart.

Set them in a bowl of sea salt for a few minutes. Some are more sensitive but they won’t dissolve immediately. Generally, if you are careful wash them with a soft cloth, your stones will be fine, even if using salt water!

Other ideas: Bathe them in moonlight, or sunlight. Bury them in fresh soil overnight. Let them sit in sea salt, or clear them with smoke from incense.


Greetings @marcie,

You’ve already got some fantastic advice and resources for channeling Ocean energy, so I just wanted to pop in and wish you fun travels! Hope you have a wonderful time at the beach and that you have a lovely vacation :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


One of my favorite things to do when I go to the beach is to do a releasing spell. I will walk the beach to find a decent stick to write on the wet sand. I will write a word or two to represent what I want to let go of (Negative thoughts and self-doubt are common ones for me). I then allow the waves to wash the words away while envisioning the waves removing what it is I’m giving up from me. It is pretty cathartic.

I also do as suggested and collect water/sand/sea shells to use back at home. I’m not sure about the west coast, but in the Gulf, I have to be careful collecting water because it might be a beautiful day but the Gulf is very rough and full of turmoil, or it is severely overcast but the Gulf is calm. I will make note of the conditions of the Gulf when collecting for reference later.


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