Suggestions needed for Samhain

I’m looking for any suggestions for October 31st. I do want to make an altar to remember my ancestors but I can’t spend too much money. Any suggestions?


I make a dumb supper every year to honor 1 or 2 people in my life who have passed. To me, it brings more meaning to Samhain.

Here’s a link with information on them:

Hope this is helpful.


For altar decorations, leaves and acorns are representative of the season (and free). Photographs of those have passed or items sacred to them can add the element of the ancestors. Or any item that you choose - the meaning behind the symbol is what you say it is. Your intention matters more than the form. A genealogy placed on the altar might be a nice touch. Their names written on leaves. It really is up to you.


I like that idea but I have an issue with space. Unfortunately, I don’t have space in the living room to make a table and my husband is not comfortable with the idea. Could I do this outside?


I got a candle with a scent that reminds me of my father. I also buy Hot Tamales candies as they were his favorites. The night of October 31st I light the candle and set the candies next to them. I talk to him like he’s there… and it always feels like he is. On November 1st we eat the candy.


Greetings @christinastillion!

I can see you’ve already got some great suggestions and advice from the coven :heart: In addition to what has already been shared, we have a pretty big collection of Samhain spellwork, ideas, and activities a witch might enjoy for the holiday.

Here are few additional resources for Samhain suggestions:

As for making an ancestor altar, I absolutely agree that it can done in thrifty ways. Do you have any old photos, or items that remind you of them? Placing these on your altar or in a special place along with a candle is a simple but warm way to welcome them into your space and let them know you are thinking of them :candle:

You might find some more ideas and encouragement in the Ancestor Altar Guide:

Good luck, blessed be, and Happy Samhain! :sparkles:


Hi! I’m Siofra_Strega :hugs:

I usually have some sort of dumb supper with a spell or something to do with those who have passed & a fire… outside :smiling_face: You can easily do most of these ideas & rituals outside in your yard.


Hi @christinastillion, as others have mentioned, I do a dumb supper every year for my ancestors. I serve their plate first, then my husband’s and mine. We enjoy our meal in silence. After, I place the plate of food outside with a glass of water for any souls passing through.

My ancestor altar is small, as I live in an RV full-time. I found a cute shelf on Amazon that I placed on an area of my wall. I then used cheap Walmart frames to hang pictures of my loved ones. They were $1-2 USD each. On the shelf, I have a white 7-day candle, a flameless candle (b/c cats), an incense holder, a glass and bowl for offerings, and some small mementos of some of our loved ones that we don’t have pictures of. I bought the 7-day candle, glass, and bowl at Dollar Tree for $1 USD each. I keep the glass filled with water at all times. For offerings, I give them things I know they would enjoy (for those I knew) or things I enjoy (for those I didn’t know). Currently, they have some Reese’s PB cups b/c Halloween candy!

I am partially in the broom closet with my Hubby’s side of the family. They all think my “wall of pictures” for the family is a lovely way to honor them. They don’t seem to notice the rest, lol.


You can. You can do whatever doesnt harm someone else anywhere you choose.


Thanks for the links. It definitely gave me ideas for my ancestor altar.


I’m happy if the links helped, @christinastillion! Wishing you all the best- have a blessed Samhain :heart::candle:


They did thank you everyone

Blessed be


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