❤️‍🩹 Talking about Trauma - A Friendly Reminder for the Forum Family

Warm greetings to all! :wave:

To forum family members both new and old, this is a gentle reminder about mindful sharing in the forum.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people (you!) who frequent this space, the Spells8 Forum offers a welcoming and supportive place to share magick and chat with fellow practitioners. It’s a warm and cozy place to be! :heart:

As such, we are truly blessed that so many people feel comfortable in opening up and sharing things on their minds and in their hearts. The coven loves to celebrate successes, and can alternatively offer a safe haven for when a coven member wants to work out a problem or release some tension after a tough day :people_hugging:

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing occasional difficulties or seeking some advice from your fellow coven members, please keep in mind that the coven is made up of a wonderfully diverse group of individuals from all over the world, in all stages of life, and with many ongoing situations and struggles of their own.

Depending on their life circumstances, people can handle and react to content in different ways. Something that may feel harmless to one person may be very upsetting to someone else.

As such, the forum has implemented several protective barriers that we use to help keep all members of the community safe and at ease so that you can continue to enjoy your time here in the forum :shield::sparkles:

Here are some of the safety measures of the forum everyone can use!

- Forum Safety Measures -

:closed_lock_with_key: Posting in A Sacred Space

A Sacred Space is a more private, members-only category within the forum. Due to its exclusivity, it cannot be accessed by Google searches and remains for the eyes of the coven only.

If you think that what you are discussing is sensitive, controversial, or potentially upsetting in nature, please post it in A Sacred Space where it will be safe with the coven.

(A gentle reminder that while A Sacred Space can house more sensitive and personal topics, any posts that go against the Forum Rules & Guidelines will be removed)

:exclamation: Trigger Warnings

Adding a small note (such as “TW” or “Warning!”) in the title of your new discussion or at the top of your post or reply is an easy but effective way to let others know that you’re about to discuss something sensitive.

For information about trigger warnings as well as a list of common triggers, please visit the Always Be Civil section of the Forum Rules & Guidelines. Thank you!

:cloud: Protective Blur

During your time in the forum, you may occasionally come across text that is blurred: it looks like this!.

If you move your mouse or cursor over the blurred text, you will see a little preview. If you then click on the blurred text it will become visible- give it a try on the blurred text in the line above!

Using a protective blur is a great way to hide content and words that may be uncomfortable for others to see and prevents them from reading it accidentally. It is easy to use- simply highlight the text you wish to hide, click on the gear icon (:gear:) in the tool box above your text, and select " :magic_wand: Blur Spoiler!". The text will be hidden under the protective blur.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The above safety measures are designed to allow users the freedom to share openly while also protecting certain members of the community.

These safety measures are used daily by your friendly Moderator Team- if you see a Moderator edit or relocate your post, it is nothing personal and not a strike against you- we are simply doing our job to keep help keep the forum a safe, tidy, and welcoming place to be.

Anything you can do to help (such as using the safety measures above) is greatly appreciated! :hugs::heart:

- Banned Content -

On a more serious note, although the safety measures above allow the forum to handle certain kinds of sensitive content, it must be noted that the forum is not able to host posts that deal with significantly triggering matters.

Regardless of the individual qualifications some members may have, please keep in mind that the purpose of the Spells8 Forum is to provide a wholesome place for magickal education and discussion. The forum is not currently equipped to be a therapy service, is not licensed as a medical practice, and is thus not legally allowed to provide or claim to offer such services.

As such, please remember that the Forum Rules & Guidelines prohibit trauma dumping- a behavior that, although often done without any ill intent by the poster, can cause significant harm to a community, especially to the more sensitive members of that community.

The Spells8 Forum Guidelines

  • Please refrain from trauma dumping. While the community here is very open and supportive, the forum is not equipped to handle situations of intense psychological distress. (If you are in need, please know that help is available to you through many free official mental health resources.)

In addition to those who may be triggered by traumatic content, this forum attracts many energy users, sensitive people, Empaths, and other kind souls who are easily affected and can be hurt by reading about difficult and stressful situations, especially when those situations are shared repeatedly.

- A Safe Haven for All -

As you continue to enjoy and explore the wonderful content here in the forum, we ask that you please help to keep this a safe haven for all magick-users by keeping the needs of your fellow coven members in mind! :infinite_roots: :heart:

Please be mindful of others by:

  1. Using the provided safety measures (A Sacred Space, Trigger Warnings, Protective Blurs) when posting sensitive content

  2. Refraining from posting extremely sensitive content and trauma dumping

  3. When in doubt, leave it out (or reach out to a Moderator for guidance!)

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to keeping everyone protected- thank you so much for helping us maintain the balance between open sharing and safety, and for helping to keep the Spells8 Forum a safe haven for magick users! :mage: :two_hearts:

Thank you so much! :people_hugging: :heart:

Although safety is a very important topic, I know this was a long and not particularly joyful post to read through- so thank you so much to everyone who read to the end!

With this important reminder out of the way, please jump back into your daily magickal learning and exploring- I hope you continue to enjoy the forum!

Lots of love and blessed be :sparkles: