Tarot deck personalities

So I have always believed that tarots essentially are like, I guess, friends that you get to know and trust. You turn to them for guidance like you would your very close friend, wondering what to do when needed.

As such I always do interview spreads and really enjoy them. I have done them on all my decks. As it turns out, my black and gold deck and my silver witchcraft deck are the opposite of each other. While one is practical/rational, the other is about emotions and following your heart. And I’ve seen that in the way a spead goes. My black and gold is a very to the point kinda deck!

What do you believe? That’s why I find out the names of my deck. I have Elmira (black and gold Rider Waite), Moirin (celtic, my silver witchcraft deck) and then there is Anastasia my Moonology oracle deck


I only have one tarot deck… but I could see it! Now… said deck is pretty new, but I am loving it and I feel like this deck has me pegged like nobody’s business! I’m intrigued with interviewing my deck… tell me more (please!)


Here is the deck interview spread I have:


this is the spread I did, as well as the Phoenix has provided. I’ve done that spread as well.

In my case, my one deck I have had for close 2 years (I think). I have always felt she was more matter of fact and when I did the spread, sure enough, it came across (as I saw it) that it was like the older person in your life that will not put up b/s. I have had that deck actually give me a card that literally said ‘I don’t know what to tell you’ when you did the interpretation. I had asked the same question one to many times and the cards said so.

I mean, for some they may think it weird but I like it. Gives me another way to connect to my tarot decks


I find that some of my decks are more subtle while others are more in-your-face. I haven’t been given a name for any of them, but each one has given me the feeling that they prefer to be asked certain questions.

For example, my Somnia Tarot tends to be very blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. They also prefer to answer questions revolving around mental health and shadow work.

On the other hand, my Traditional Manga tarot doesn’t seem to have a preference and will answer just about any question. However, the answers tend to be more intuitive and not always straightforward.

I think each of my decks holds a specific type of energy, a sort of spirit, that they either already had when I received them or that has been awakened through their use. I’m very much an animist when it comes to this!


I have… several… decks & this is how they are for me… some more subtle, some more excited, some more in your face, some blunter, & at least one claimed by a deity recently :laughing:

None of them have specific names, other than the ones they were given or sold to me under. They each do hold a different type of energy though. So, it depends on what I’m working on myself which one I will use, or how I am feeling. I kind of just choose one that goes with how I am feeling & what I am asking of them.


I have considered naming mine but the right one hasn’t come along. My deck absolutely has a personality and seems to have no problem being blunt :roll_eyes: :black_cat: :rofl:


I have two decks and they also have similarities but distinct differences. My Universal Waite is a colorful depiction of Rider Waite and is also very matter of fact. My Green Witch deck by Ann Maura is my personal favorite. I have been working with this deck much longer and feel a very strong connection. Readings with this deck tend to be deeper and more meaningful.

I have never thought about finding out their names but now plan to do so. What a great idea!


I have a deck ‘Nefertiti’ Tarot and about 20 years ago, my brother, (who thought I was a nut bunny) snidely asked to me read his tarot. The first thing I did was to hold the deck with a side facing me and concentrate, blowing softly to clean the deck. I shuffled and asked him to cut the deck and run a 3 card read.
I don’t tend to ask questions before readings I just feel if I ask questions, his answers could limit my credibility. If they want a question answered, I tell them to concentrate on it. And we’ll talk about it later.
So, he cut the deck and what I read was, ‘change,’ possible opportunities, and money or success, I can’t remember now. Anyway, I repeated the run, same, not cards but meaning. So I told him.

He asked, “So I get an opportunity, what should I do?”
" That is your choice, I can only show your possibilities. I answered. “Does the reading make any sense to you?
'Yes, Rob (his son)and I have been given the chance to start a business.”
“Is it feasible?”
“If and I mean only if, your hocus Pocus is real…I think…”
“Good answer, think about it brother, and discuss it with your family. Only then can you make an educated decision.”

He lives about a mile from a ski resort and he and his boy have been running a snow-plowing business in winter and landscaping in summer. For over 20 years. They’ve done well, I’m happy for them.

But not all decks are truthful. Some can be bratty.
But I had a Dragon deck that wouldn’t tell me :poop:
I cleansed it, blessed it, and threatened to drown it or use it for fire, but nothing worked. About the time I gave up, my niece asked if she could have it. I gave it to her but with a warning.

I told the deck. I was giving it to a demon. A teenage girl going through puberty The little SOB worked for her like an angel. And maturely stuck my tongue out.
That miserable deck performs for her like an :angel:
It’s great your decks work for you.
Stay blessed


I find my one deck is very…naive almost?? every time I do a reading, it’s so positive and sometimes I feel like it can be wishy washy. I love it still, obviously. I had another one that I just recently gave to my daughter. It would not give me anything. I did readings and just got these confused interpretations that had nothing to do with what I asked. Just felt like there was a stubborn wall with it. So I never touched it and eventually asked my daughter if she wanted it. she hasn’t done a reading yet but it would be interesting to see if she got anything


Girl, I am feeling this right now! I’m learning and so I’m thankful for an in your face deck that isn’t making me work too hard to understand, but damn… sometimes I’m like “OK! I GOT it!”

@Phoenix_Rose and @Dierna_Nimue_Selene, these are great questions! I can’t wait to sit down and see what my deck says!


I actually did a reading on myself regarding my child. She is 12 years old, heading into that teen era, and is a lot more rebellious than her older sister. So I took my black and gold deck, did a 3 card spread.

Elmira was on the money. I got the advise of patience, balance. That I was dealing with a lot, basically work, kids, life, and I need to learn to balance those. As well as be patient with her.

A little while after that reading, tried to text my kid while she was out and her phone was dead. She had turned it off for whatever reason (found out after she came home). Obviously I was mad but I calmed down and dealt with her with patience and I feel if I hadn’t done that, I would have made a misstep. I would have maybe accused or yelled when really I just need to remember she is a kid still and needs guidance.

Just kinda hit me how accurate and to the point that one deck was and I knew it would be


I had a deck like this, The Crystal Visions Tarot. I found it at a thrift store and thought it was gorgeous – got it for like… $3 or something? I can’t remember :joy: but we didn’t click at all. So now my daughter has it and she enjoys flipping through it. She’s only 10 so she hasn’t really used it “properly” yet but she likes looking at the pictures and learning about the meanings.

I totally relate :rofl: And some of my decks are so in sync with even other people in my life that I’ll pull cards for friends and have to preface the reading with something like “Don’t shoot the messenger, okay?” :joy: It’s hilarious!


I love this :laughing: :unicorn: :heart: :sparkles:


I am also 100% in the camp that believes that decks have personalities- I have some real characters on my shelf :joy:

The deck I get along with the most is the Mystic Manga Tarot, because I think it’s personality and way of communicating is closest to mine. The pictures are colorful, fun, and expressive- the deck is able to get across the messages clearly.

I butt heads with the Anima Mundi- that deck is harsh. Which is necessary, sometimes, but can be difficult when you’re asking about sensitive matters.

The Oppositions Tarot is… snobby? Not sure if that’s the best word, but the deck just feels like it knows that it knows more than I do and likes to rub it in my face, while also giving very vague and all-encompassing answers.

The Ostara deck is beautiful but very artsy and abstract. It has four different artists, which read like four different personalities. Makes it pretty to look at but very hard to decipher.

I haven’t read with the Soul Cats deck much yet, but so far it comes across as cute and playful- it prefers to talk about positive or neutral things and will dance away from negative or serious issues.

It’s always fun hearing about everyone’s decks and how they interact with them- really enjoying this discussion! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well-said, Garnet!


With any new Tarot deck, you have to wait for their personality (really!)to reveal itself.


I love this :laughing:
I’ve been happy with my Crystal Visions, though curious to compare too :innocent:
Maybe once I have better income again… :smirk: :moneybag:


Very helpful, Thank you Phoenix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s funny because I thought I would love it and I 100% do not at all :joy: we just didn’t connect at all and I wouldn’t even pick the deck up lol but my daughter loves the cards and the art, so it’s still a win!


I had a deck called… The Everyday Witch tarot & we were not friends :rofl: In kind of a similar thing as @MeganB, my has it now; she liked it for the same reasons I did & it works really well for her :hugs:

Other than that, I haven’t had any others that didn’t get along with me… but I’m sure in time there will be one :rofl: