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Hey all! My name is Jamie and I have been working with crystals for a few months and slowly started exploring deeper which has brought me here. I have always felt like i have this 6th sense when it comes to peoples energies or being attached almost in mind and body with people very close to me, meaning i feel their physicsl and emotional pain even when we are not in close proximity. I have been dabbling with oracle cards and tarot, still very much a novice but i have been using the faily ritual here for about a month and slowly truing to research history and ethics and the fundamentals…it is certainly overwhelming. I have been suffering in a long term narcissistic relationship and thats ultimately how i ended up down this path was trying to make myself whole again and strong enough to leave. But on a lighter note. I have found a strong attraction to the wayer element. Thumderstorms and the ocean are the only times i truly feel whole inside. I have been exploring Yamaya, she keeps popping up in my researching. Also, i had a fertility prediction made and part was that. I would start seeing snail like objects and damn if I didnt see a snail in 40 degree weather directly in front of the path i walk in the next day. The oast coupld weeks i have felt major shifts in energy and more control over my negative emotions. Also, oddly enough, I am.a nurse and for 2 weeks now everytime i have said i wonder how so-and -so are they have come into our facility within 3 days. I received a free gift of white agate with a crystal grid i bought as a presence and the energy that ran through me when i touched it was like nothing before. SO, here I am trying to learn how to harness these “extra” abilities and learn how to protect myself as an empath because i am constantly drained.


Merry meet @jamie35,

Welcome to the forum! I’m Bry, one of the moderators here and an Eclectic Witch with a love for travel. It is a pleasure to meet you :blush:

I know the feeling- there are so many exciting things out there to explore when it comes to magickal research! :books::sparkles:

If I can offer a bit of friendly advice that has helped me, I’ve found it helps to focus on one thing at a time and keep a list of any new topics/spells/etc that pop up to work on in the future. There’s a Bookmark feature on the main site (as well as here in the forum) to help with that! :bookmark:

Sometimes bookmarking or writing it down somewhere helps to reduce that stressful feeling of urgency and feel less rushed about getting to everything :relaxed:

It sounds like you have some really wonderful magickal talents and abilities, Jamie! Depending on which skills you are developing, you might choose the corresponding Course or Tag to help you hone in on content.

As for being an Empath, there’s a great guide that might have some advice and tips for you: Are You an Empath? Empath Magick Guide

I also recommend @Silverbear’s awesome Empath Shielding Spray for protection :shield:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be, Jamie! :sparkles:


Hi @jamie35! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Have you checked out the Courses yet? There are some good meditation courses that may help with your empathy and some wonderful info on the tarot!

If you have any questions, ask and someone will pop up and help you. I look forward to getting to know you!


Welcome to the forum @jamie35 :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s nice to meet you!

What you’ve described – feeling the energy and emotions of others – it definitely sounds like you’ve got a bit of empathic skills or abilities. If this ever becomes overpowering for you, I suggest learning how to shield yourself and create a protective barrier around yourself. It does wonders for those such as yourself that pick up extra energy from others.

As I put those links in here I realized that @BryWisteria already mentioned exactly what I said :joy: great minds think alike!

Anyway, I’m also personally connected to Water. The deity I venerate, Brigid, is connected with water, healing wells, and the fire of transformation. There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm to give you a bit of energy or healing – that’s one of the reasons I love living here in Florida. There are thunderstorms all summer and I’m not that far away from a beach!

I look forward to seeing you around the forum :blush:


I am originally from key largo. It rains every day for like 20 minutes. Bit watching the sorms on the ocean is …awe inspiring


I’ve never been down that way but it’s on my list of places to go! I’m up here in West Central along the gulf :blush: Those ocean storms are something else, for sure. Absolutely beautiful and terrifying at the same time.


Hello :hugs: and Welcome home :infinite_roots: @jamie35

It’s nice to meet you, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. As our lovely @Amethyst mentioned above, the courses are a great place to start. There are lots of friendly and helpful people here so if you have any questions, just ask! Q&A We are here for you, Jamie, welcome to the family. :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Welcome @jamie35! I am Siofra_Strega, another moderator here in the forum!

I can relate to your experiences on a few different levels! I am a highly sensitive Empath with several gifts. Currently, I am in the process of re-learning my intuition & how to use my abilities without completely taking on others’ situations, feelings, & such. There is a great protective pouch spell, also by @SilverBear that is: Protection from Draining Energies. I have used it more than a few times (it’s one of my favorites :star_struck:) & I have made one up for my daughter to keep in her backpack in the past. She is a blossoming little empath, but I don’t think she knows that yet… we haven’t gotten that far in our conversations :laughing:

I have always, as long as I can remember, had a VERY strong connection to water :water_element: At one point in my life I had lived in a “landlocked” state, honestly I couldn’t handle it & didn’t handle it very well. I made the trek back to my home, which now is Cape Cod, but at the time, I was close enough to a beach that I could go there whenever I wanted or needed to… I have always loved the rain, listening to it, and watching storms… we used to sit on my parent’s farmer’s porch during thunderstorms. Even listening to the rain can be very soothing to me or the sounds of a stream, river, brook…

I am also very connected to crystals & working with their energies. I have taken the courses to become an Advanced Crystal Practitioner, along with a few others within the coven. There is a lot to learn & so many ways to use crystals to enhance your life, energy, & practice.

I look forward to speaking with you more along your path. As @marsha mentioned, please feel free to ask any questions, share any information with us, or jump in on any open topic! Everyone here is very friendly & supportive. We will get you pointed in the right direction or offer what each of us can to your question or situation :revolving_hearts:


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