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Me too. Even if they prove it doesn’t exist, it may in a different aspect or dimension. If it can be thought and perceived it can exist. :sweat_smile:


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Sleep and Dream Magick - Entry

I have always been interested in Astro Projecting. I do believe I have done this in my dreams but, just didn’t understand what was actually happening. I was having a conversation with my son about this Weekly Witchy Challenge, and wow he blow me away when he told me how much and how deep he was into Astro Projecting. He is also into Lucid Dreaming.

“A dream is a state of consciousness that occurs during sleep, involving sensory, cognitive, and emotional experiences that may reflect the person’s thoughts, emotions, events, places, symbols, purpose, and potential. A dream can also be an inspiring picture of the future that energizes the person to pursue it. Dreams can vary in vividness and control depending on the stage of sleep and the activity of the brain.”

According to otherworldlyoracle.com, one of the easiest things to do to increase your dream magic is to use crystals for astral projection and dreaming. They’re fairly cheap to purchase online or at a metaphysical store. You don’t have to buy a huge, expensive stone, a small nickel-sized crystal will do the trick. Here are our favorite crystals for astral projection, prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming: (otherworldlyoracle, April, 2019)

7 Crystals for Astral Projection & Prophetic Dreams
One of the easiest things to do to increase your dream magic is to use crystals for astral projection and dreaming. They’re fairly cheap to purchase online or at a metaphysical store. You don’t have to buy a huge, expensive stone, a small nickel-sized crystal will do the trick. Here are our favorite crystals for astral projection, prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming:

1. Amethyst
A pretty purple version of quartz, amethyst has been used for centuries to induce lucid and prophetic dreams. We refer to it as the psychic stone because it truly aids in increasing one’s abilities by opening your third eye. I’ve used amethyst for the past decade to increase my dream magic and always have results. Place it in your pillowcase, on the nightstand next to your bed, or between your mattress and boxspring to increase your dream time and prophetic dreams. Place the small piece in your pillowcase. Amethyst is a favorite crystal for astral dreams etc. Amethyst has long been a favorite crystal for dreaming, intuition, and more.
2. Lapis Lazuli
When I think of past life dream magic and prophetic dreams, I think of lapis lazuli. Lapis is one of the most effective crystals for astral projection which I believe has to do with its ties to ancient civilizations. This royal blue stone with gold flecks is not only gorgeous, it’s potent. Use it in small doses, else it will make you feel flighty and un-grounded. Lapis is connected to your third eye and throat chakras and thus may be used in meditations prior to sleep to increase your dream magic ten-fold.
3. Selenite
One of my favorite crystals for astral projection protection is selenite. Selenite is a white, cloudy crystal associated with the crown chakra – it links us to the Divine. It’s high vibrational, which means it is self-cleansing. If used while dreaming, selenite offers a white light bubble of protection around your astral body. It allows your guides and guardians to protect you from negative astral beings and from nightmares.
4. Lepidolite
Another pretty purple crystal for astral projection and dreaming is lepidolite. Linked to the third eye, lepidolite is a great crystal for prophetic dreams and astral travel. Wear it on your person throughout the day to induce dreaming at night. Again, with this crystal too, you’ll want to wear it and use it for dream magic in small doses. Using crystals and stones associated with the higher chakras too often can cause light-headedness and flightiness. I know from personal experience. In addition, this particular stone connects us to the fairy realm, so be aware you might meet otherworldly beings when sleeping with lepidolite.
5. Clear Quartz
The ancient Egyptians placed quartz inside their obelisks to generate power from the heavens. Sleep with clear quartz beside your bed and you’ll experience clear dreams from the Divine. Also connected to your crown chakra, clear quartz is a wonderful crystal for astral projection.
6. Black Obsidian for Protection and Shadow Work
Black obsidian is one of those stones I always have near me while I sleep. And truthfully, I don’t keep it around to induce dreams but rather to ground too much energy while I sleep. Sometimes I go into phases where all I do is dream at night and it gets exhausting. I might even wake up with sleep paralysis or nightmares. And when I do, I grab my black obsidian palm stone that sits on my nightstand and hold it until I fall into a restful, peaceful sleep. It’s also helpful if you’re doing shadow work and it’s spilling over into your dreams.
7. Moldavite
Moldavite gained lots of popularity in the witchcraft and metaphysical communities recently. There were people even saying that you should beware of the stone, that it might generate too much energy and cause chaos in your life. I’ll be honest with you folks, I have moldavite. True, genuine moldavite from the Czech Republic. I have had no problems with chaos in my life since acquiring said stone. In addition, it’s actually induced some pretty wild, starry dreams. I think if you have starseed blood, you’ll find yourself particularly drawn to this stone. I will also say this about it, when I hold it in my hand, the energy pulsates. It is truly unique.

(Karl Bryullov, 1830–33)
This is my favorite definition of Magick. It is from the website, Sage and Sol.com:
What is Magick
The very first thing you should understand is that YOU are the energy conductor for any magick you do. The magick is YOU. You are not the body you possess, but a powerful spiritual being within the body. When you understand this, you are able to connect to your true essence and harness the power to manifest your desires. It is important to take care of yourself. This does not mean becoming vegan, or never drinking alcohol, but it does mean being mindful of your energy. Practicing your craft requires you to be at a higher vibrational level in order to have an impact on the outside energies you are working with. (2023)

Herbs for Dreaming and Astral Projection
Many herbs have properties that aid in inducing dreams and astral projection. The aroma, the chemical constituents, magical properties and vitamins in certain herbs work to open our minds and hearts to other realms and planes of existence. Keeping in mind, that herbs affect each of us differently. Healers and witches believe this is because the herb itself has its own personality, it’s own consciousness, and therefore affects each person differently. Here’s our dream herbs list and descriptions:
1**. Mugwort: THE Dreaming Herb**
There’s no herb more recommended for dream magic than mugwort. Mugwort is in the artemisia family, which includes the absinthe herb wormwood, and is known to induce prophetic dreams and astral travel. Most blame the constituent thujone for its mild hallucinatory effects on the brain. It’s supposedly illegal to drink mugwort or wormwood as a tea. So, I won’t tell you to drink mugwort as a tea. It’s safe in smaller amounts but not in high doses and it’s not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

According to otherworldlyoracle.com, herbs and crystals can be used in many ways, for example: (April 24, 2019)
⦁ Teas,
⦁ elixirs,
⦁ tinctures,
⦁ sprays,
⦁ smudge bundles,
⦁ astral projection,
⦁ astral protection,
⦁ dream walking,
⦁ dream magic

I would like to show my son the research I found on Lucid Dreaming. I would also like to practice Astro Projection but before I attempt this, I would like to address my “personal issues” I might have on the otherside in Liminal Space.

A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise c. 1830–33 by Karl Bryullov (1799–1852)

“Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep”. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. 2006. Archived from the original on 11 October 2007. Retrieved 16 December 2007.

Lee Ann Obringer (2006). How Dream Works. Archived from the original on 18 April 2006. Retrieved 4 May 2006.
14 Herbs & Crystals for Astral Projection and Prophetic Dreams (April 24, 2019)

Wikipedia contributors. (2023, April 1). Astral projection. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 08:02, April 4, 2023, from Astral projection - Wikipedia


challenge entry 1
As i am working on a big spread at the moment and hope to have magical activities come out of the monthly spreads ie spells, meditations, connevting with spirits or deiries reaching out etc i thought it might be a good idea to cover a few of the catch up challenges by looking into cards from the april month jigsaw puzzle spread im working on lol
I looked at what challenges i appear to of not done and decided on 3 that can tie into my spread based on cards i was looking into the meaning of more

magic in the dark
It has come up that the cards in my spread show something going on related to past life and looking at the challenge for this one it listed shadow work and the new moon or dark moon. Oddly enough i got that card in my spread and a new moon is coming on thursday this week so i thoight tgat be a good tine to do a spread to do shadow work on what i might need to release. So im going to look for a sprrad for that.

This one came from past lives oracle

divining differntly
Omg this was an interesting one. One of my cards was conchomany or divining with seashells. Ive never heard of it so i thought ok i can look into how this works and maybe give it a go if i can. I do have some seashells😁

cosmic witch
Ok here comes the astrological stuff. Ive not really looked as much inyo astrologicsl signs past my own ( being a libra) but ive seen that the moon passes differnt signs and that affects energies. I hadnt fully understood these before or their connections to elements but as these also showed in cards this month i thought i would learn more about the astrological signs

And while im still confused about what sign is associated to this vegetable its sparked me being curuous anout other associations to astrological signs so ill invlude this card as it was relevent here

These are only a few of the cards from the spread but they have sparked a few interesting topics to ecplore that tgis catch up challenge fits into well😁


Thrifty Witch

I’m all about thrifty. Growing up there was very little money hence my spaghetti chick pea casserole which really is quite awful but tasted pretty good at the time.
I’m really good at getting as much as I can out of as little as I can. It wasn’t an option in my old life. I now know why there was a constantly decreasing amount of money but at the time I was too busy making things work to even really notice.
Food is one of my favorite things to make work in creative ways. I make a large meatloaf stretched with extra egg and bread and shredded fruits and vegetables and the next night put it in spaghetti sauce and the next day it’s on pizza. Turkey dinner, next day sandwiches for lunch and left overs for dinner, next day I pick off every scrap of meat and mix it with the gravy and put over rice, the next day is a soup with any leftover leftovers added in. My oldest son calls it Broke *ss housewife 101.
So I guess this is Broke *ss Witch 101
My Altar is an old jewelry box that I got at a church rummage sale. I always but something at church sales but this church is very special to me so I was trying extra hard to find something. On like my 4th pass through I saw an old cabinet style jewelry box. My then fiancee, now husband thought I was joking when I said I wanted it.
I used it as a jewelry box for a while but I knew that wasn’t what it was for. When I jumped back into Witchcraft it became my Witchy cabinet and Altar sitting on top of my dresser top, now known as my work space.

Actual Altar top is a total disaster right now because of a self entitled cat and a tornado of a 4 year old
Note the water goblet that my husband got for me at a thrift shop and the mountain like rock that I have no idea where it came from.

My cauldron is an old casserole dish with tea light warmer that my husband got for me at the same thrift shop. If I’m using it in a formal spell or ritual I extend my Altar onto my workspace by putting a hanging cloth that I got for maybe $3 that is consecrated as an Altar and is also what I use of I need more space and take over the living room. I use the tea light holder for loose incense and also use the cauldron as a sort of simmer pot for infusing the air for meditation as well as for my candle and smudge stick or whatnot if I’m doing a simple meditation or bag spell

I have a small marble mortar and pestle that was really cheap and also totally polished, so I etched it myself and tada a cute little marble mortar and pestle with character perfect for dried herbs

My crystals are on cheap but cute wooden soap dishes and in upturned candle sticks which was actually my 4 year old’s creation

My Athame is a knife blank I bought online cheaper than a simple Athame and wrapped with twine. It’s just waiting for the perfect charm or whatnot to come along.

And most of my store bought herbs are slid into the grocery budget a few at time and are stored in a set of tins that I fell in love with and got for free at a yard sale that we got to just as they were about to pack everything up and bring to a thrift shop so they said take as much as you want.


Hi Nixi. I just wanted to point out that you have some excellent ideas. I love this one:

“My cauldron is an old casserole dish with tea light warmer.”

It is not easy in today’s world to spend extra money on items that we would love to have so we improvise.

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Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Cleansing in the Craft -ENTRY

I have not been focused or positive in many parts of my life lately. Too much going on and I feel overwhelmed. This Challenge is right on time. Just researching and reading other’s Challenges has already put me in a better place mentally. I have never “celebrated” or acknowledge the two equinox festivals of Mabon and Ostara. I will be joining in on festivals here in Upstate, New York.

"Of these eight annual Sabbat festivals, four are classed as “lesser,” and four as “greater.” The two equinox festivals of Mabon and Ostara, together with the two solstice festivals (Midwinter or Yule at the winter solstice, Midsummer or Litha at the summer solstice) comprise the lesser Sabbats. The Wheel of the Year is completed by the four greater Sabbat festivals of Samhain (Summer’s End), Candlemas or Imbolc (Brigid’s Day), Beltane (May Day), and Lammas or Lughnasadh (First Harvest)."

⦁ Mabon, celebrated on the autumnal equinox (which, in the Northern Hemisphere, is today), is essentially a festival of traditional thanksgiving for the fall harvest, which makes survival possible during the long winter months ahead.
⦁ Ostara, observed on the vernal or spring equinox (which, in the Southern Hemisphere, is today), is a celebration of the ending of those long cold winter months, honoring the birth and renewal of spring, and hailing the return of fertility to the Earth.

I have always believed that the key to success is; ORGANIZATION. This tea recipe is just what “the doctor ordered”! As I am rearranging my morning rituals, meditation times and so on… A cup of Watermelon Tea just might help me get organized.

Watermelon Tea :watermelon:
:watermelon: 4 cups chopped seedless watermelon
:watermelon: 6 cups black tea
:watermelon: 1 cup mint

To Prepare:
:watermelon: Puree watermelon in a food processor or blender with mint
:watermelon: Prepare black tea, let steep for one hour
:watermelon: Add watermelon puree and tea together

According to Willow Wisps aka Nami, Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamins, healthy heart, some cancers along with many other benefits. I have much stress happening in my life and I am afraid it is lowering my resistance making me more settable to “sickness” and negative energies. This looked interesting. I will make this Watermelon Tea along with a few other potions. Physical benefits of Watermelon Include: It really helps you hydrate. Hence the name, watermelon is very high in water and therefore great for hydrating. It contains lots of Vitamin A and C as well and has some anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. It also has compounds that are said to help maintain a healthy heart and prevent certain cancers. Metaphysical Properties of Watermelon include: Due to it’s high concentration of water it is often associated with cleansing and healing, as the water in it can help was the bad energies and illness from your life. The fruit is sacred to the Dieties Set and Yemaya. it is also said you should give a watermelon to someone who needs more peace in their life. (Nami, themanicnami.tumblr,13 MAR 2019)

An Easy Magic Recipe by Francisco Huanaco (Spells8,2018) with a chant to cleanse the home from negativity and evil spirits. Cast this spell with salt to attract protection and spiritual healing. This is something I also need to do with my starting my life fresh.

⦁ Coarse salt (sea salt, Epsom salt, or others)
⦁ Broom


⦁ Sweep the floor with a regular broom, so that it’s physically clean before doing the spiritual cleanse.
⦁ Take a handful of coarse salt and place it on the floor.
⦁ Use the broom to carry the salt and sweep it all over the room, as you repeat the following chant:

⦁ Finally, collect all the salt and throw it in the toilet bowl, asking that the Water takes away all negativity that has entered the home.

Next: I will conjure some magical energy to assist in helping my odds for success this week in court for my Civil Case.


As I mentioned above, the situtations in my life have been coming at me hard and fast. I have a Civil Suit against an individual (I can’t say what I really want) but, this has me very occupied in a bad way. Although, Spells 8 has helped me mentally and phyiscally, I still have moments that are dibilitating. This week should be the last court date and I will get my final results. I already won my first round with an Illegal Lockout. I will preform the following:

⦁ Burn a brown candle on or after the Full Moon. Dress the candle with some tobacco beforehand. As a sacred herb, tobacco facilitates communication, so it can help break through barriers in complex legal quandaries. (HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2022)

St. Expedite was said to have been a Roman centurion around 300 A.D. and now comes to the aid of those who need swift action. As you can tell from his name, he’s all about expediting solutions to your problems. You can obtain a card with his likeness or print one out. Place it beside your brown candle and pray to the Saint, asking him to quickly bring your legal problems to a favorable conclusion. (HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2022)

This Challenge will put me in a good place and focused. I am looking forward to reading all the other Challenges.

Blessed Be to all,


#tea magic - Witchy Things, Willow Wisps (or Nami), 3/13/2019

‘Elemental Protection’: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt – Spells8, Francisco Huanaco, 11/7/2018

Francisco Huanaco, 11/7/2018


Definitely and that’s kind of my specialty. My oldest daughter’s first dresser was a stack of small Clementine crates with a recieving blanket on top. Sure it’s nice to have a fully organized dresser but her clothes were clean, folded and organized and I love picturing that cute little stack. I love giving things new purpose. The casserole dish was my husband’s find but I imagine it sitting on the shelf collecting dust and even if somebody knew what it was it is missing it’s cover and has very little use as a casserole dish and in today’s world very few people would even use something like that. Now it has new life with a very special purpose.

I too haven’t been seeing the positive and this challenge has helped me as well


Challenge entry 2

New for me is celebrating Beltane, which I have not celebrated before.

Some new things I have learned from the book Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials

Beltane has been celebrated and honoured in many different ways overtime. And the common themes are growth, protection, abundance, fertility, light, love and sexuality.

Beltane is the cross quarter day falling roughly halfway between spring equinox and the summer solstice. It’s a time of fertility and growth as it’s a time where plants are starting to bloom and grow. It is a time when the horned god has grown up and is ready to meet with the lunar earth, goddess or triple goddess. It is also seen as a time when the Oak King rules, who is the lighter half of the twins, Oak King and Holly King. It is also connected to the worship of the Celtic God, Belenus.

Commonly celebrated beginning sundown April 30 and ending at sundown on May 1.

You can time it to fall exactly between the spring equinox and the summer solstice on the ecliptic longitude of the sun reaches 45°.

You can time it to when the livestock moved to summer pastures.

You can time it to the point where the sun is positioned at 15° relative to Taurus. Taurus is one of the four fixed cardinal signs. The energy of the bull brings energies of renewing life and enhancing growth.

I have read there is a place in the states that celebrates nor the first week of May. Which is good as it gives me more time to get in everything I want to do.

The Llewellyn book is pretty cool because it also goes into different pagans and different practises for belting. I’m not going into that here or else I’ll be writing a book which they’ve already done.

Ways to celebrate, from the book:

Review your defenses, both mundane and/ or spiritual. The Celts used their Beltane fire rites to purify and protect.

Get creative: Beltane has a very vibrant, fertile energy, so get creative, writing a poem, a book, painting, drawing whatever it is you want to do to be creative.

Enjoy nature: go and enjoy nature, or gather some nature and bring it inside or do both.

Dress it up: after doing a nice spring, clean of your space or a cleansing bath for yourself decorate your home and get dressed up yourself. It’s a way to feel a spring step.

Go crazy: Beltane is a great time for adventure. After the hibernation of winter, it’s great to just shake off all that winter energy and do something exciting, something that makes us feel alive. It could be something daring or it could be something simple where you’re just trying something new.

Spend time near water: water is the symbol of femininity, life, creativity, and goddess energies. Have a picnic near water or just spend time near the water feeling its energies and leave behind a gift of thanks.

What I have planned:
This book has some great spells and recipes and ideas for decoration for Beltane.

I am going to do the:
-bean planting wish spell.
-The sun and citrine spell. This is releasing old energies and bringing new energies.
-I’m going to make a blessed lemon custard and make it into a lemon meringue pie
-I am going to review my defences
-And for going crazy I am going to Toronto the weekend of April 30 to go watch a Jay’s game with my kids and my work. The boys and I will also be doing some sight seeing.
-If we don’t have a fire ban on, we will be having a bonfire. If we do have a fire ban, then I will be lighting candles inside.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading. I used voice to text and corrected the errors I saw, sorry for the ones I missed.


Challenge entry 3

For this challenge, I explored the upcoming May full moon.

The May full moon is called the Flower moon. It is also called the Corn Planting moon, the Hare moon, the Milk moon, Frog moon (I do hear a lot of frogs at the local pond) Egg laying moon, Planting moon, or the Budding moon.

The moon is named in honour of the flowers that start to grow at this time of year. The other titles are all related to events happening in spring.

This is a time of becoming, what we have planted begins to grow. This is spiritually, psychically, energetically, and physically. On so many levels we have planted and we are growing. This is where I notice where I didn’t pay attention to what I was planting as I don’t always enjoy what I see growing, if that makes sense.( sometimes I have “planted” weeds :grimacing::joy: ) It is also a time where I enjoy and I’m grateful for the things that are growing in the way that I intended.

This moon is about blossoming into our best selves and reaching our highest potentials. It is a good reminder to embrace the cycles of life as we cycle out of winter into spring.

Apparently there will be a partial lunar eclipse this year, not visible in my area. Here is a link to an article I read on the flower moon written by the Peculiar Brunette.

The full moon in May will occur on May 5 and it will be a full moon in Scorpio.

Here is a link to the Spells8 ritual for the Flower Moon.

Happy blossoming everyone!!


Challenge Entry 1

:sake: Magickal Inks & Oils – Craftswitch & …

I used my glass pen & black ink for it to write a banishing spell about some… toxic people in my life that I really need to let go of… I used recycled paper to write it on & I was happy with how that turned out. I had taken calligraphy in school & bought calligraphy pens… then my daughter got interested & I got her a couple of workbooks… anyway… she won’t attempt it with a glass pen & ink bottle :laughing:

Challenge Entry 2

:slot_machine: The Fortune Teller’s Game – Blessed by Fortune

For the Fortune Tellers Game Challenge, I had rolled a 6 which was for Waning Moon Magic… perfect timing for this catch-up challenge! (& a multiple of 3, which has been a running theme in my life for as long as I can remember)

The moon is currently in the Waning :waning_crescent_moon: phase & during this phase, banishing spells are something that can be done.

I placed the written spell that had the people (figuratively, not literally… :rofl:) in my jar with vinegar, pepper sauce, chili pepper & chili pepper. I the jar in aluminum foil with the shiny side facing the jar & then put them in my freezer. :laughing:

It always makes me giggle when I put jars in the freezer… I have a section in the back of the drawer that has another jar in there from a while ago & every once in a while one of my children or my husband will take it out & say, ”What is this?” To which I reply, “Oh, it’s just something that needs to stay in there. Don’t worry about it.” They look at me like… ”Um… Oh? Okay then.” Then it goes back to where it was until they are moving things & find it again. :joy: Little giggles throughout my days. One day one of them will ask & when I tell them… I will probably get a strange look & then a… ”I don’t want to know.” :laughing:

For this ’spell’ I called on The Morrigan in all her forms & Brigid for her assistance as well. I asked them to protect my family & me from any negativity from these people as well as my property. I asked for anything they attempted to send or give to us, to be returned to them instead in the same manner they wanted it to affect us, whether by spoken word or otherwise. Then I placed it in my freezer & here we are!

Challenge Entry 3

:knot: Eclectic Witch: Interdisciplinary Magick – Eclectic Witch

This one took some thought, as my practice has evolved so much in the time that I started actively practicing & then found Spells8… which is now… my second home :house_with_garden: if we’re being completely honest. It’s been almost 3 years! :exploding_head: July 26, 2023, is my 3-year anniversary here! I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned & how much my practice has changed.

In the beginning, I wanted to have, know, & do… ALL THE THINGS… more than once I burnt out & may have taken the long way to get there… but finally figured out… that’s not what works & that’s okay! So over this time, I would have to say that yes, my practice is Eclectic & I am not Wiccan, but (at least for some time now, I continue to learn new things & see what works & what doesn’t) Irish :ireland: Celtic :triquetra: Paganism. I work with 2 deities regularly from the ’Tuatha de Danaan’ & have also invited others from there to join us when I need to or for a specific reason. I have learned a sort of overview of Celtic practices & touched on learning their practices & such related to the British Isles & Wales.

The Celtic aspect really connects with me in part because my ancestry & DNA… are highly associated with those areas. Moreso Ireland, but there is a bit of Wales, the British Isles, & Germanic areas where my ancestry has a strong :muscle: connection for me & my overall makeup. As well as the Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, & Greece areas… that is more of a family tradition kind of connection than a spiritual or practice-based one… but I also have learned that baby steps :footprints: are the way that I learn the best.

In my studies & travels… use different versions of divination. I have explored the Elder Futhark Runic :algiz: system (Which is somewhat, maybe loosely tied to Celtic :triskele: practices due to Celtic being more than just in Ireland & the Norse also having some crossover in areas. A topic for another day :laughing:) I also use the Witches Runes, & I am albeit slowly… learning Ogham & Celtic ’Astrology’. They follow what is commonly called a ’Tree :deciduous_tree: Calendar’ along with having birth meanings for each tree & such… (again another topic for another day :laughing:) I use Oracle cards & not regularly but about once or twice a year on a regular basis I use my pendulum to connect with my ancestors. . I use tarot & I am currently taking classes through Biddy Tarot to become a Certified Tarot Advisor. Admittedly I had to stop working on my courses through the month of March & so far in April to get through some things, but I am actively getting back to those classes & practicing once again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also use Lithomancy with Stones once a week too.

I have taken, I guess… Basic Astrology :milky_way: courses & read a couple of books on Beginner’s Astrology. It’s something I have always connected with & try to keep up with as much as I can. I also work with crystals… aside from them being well, gorgeous :star_struck: I did wind up getting Certified as an Advanced Crystal Practitioner. Another course that I have taken is called, ”30 days of Brigid” which has been very helpful in rekindling & strengthening my connection with Her & working with Her in ways that I had never thought of before & learning new ways to speak to Her & the Morrigan in their native language. Which is so exciting for me! I have also started rereading the original books & works that I had read when I initially started working with each deity as well as the ’Tuatha de Danaan’ as a whole too.

I also more recently have been incorporating herbs & oils in my practice in varying ways. I make my own incense, wearables, teas :tea:, dressing candles :candle: or offerings, spells, & connecting with elements. This leads me to connect with each element not only on a more regular basis but also in better & more effective ways. I started working on that since I was already super highly connected to Water :water_element:, now I’ve added Earth :earth_element:, much better with Fire :fire_element:, & actively working on Air :air_element: as well. As far as the herbs & oils, I have learned some more natural ways that I can use them to alleviate different things or medicinal purposes instead of commercial medicines.

I suppose I’ll leave it at that… I could continue on but I will say breathwork :wind_face:, meditation :meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:, & daily practice with the mundane, has also become a more regular thing than say actually doing a set spell or ritual each day. Sometimes, things just don’t happen due to whatever life throws my way & I have learned to accept that part of life. It is ever-changing & seldom predictable on a day-to-day basis.


Weekly Witch Challenge for Amethyst:

Catch Up: Challenge Troubleshooting Spellwork.

So I’m using a spell I did a few weeks ago and what I did to “fix” it.

I was having some problems seeing things out of the corner of my eye and Sally was feeling nervous for no reason. So I cast this spell:

Only it calls for burying the apple in the ground. I live in apartments and can’t do that so I asked Sally to bury it in the garbage as best she could to take the negativity away and it’s worked. No more Oogie boobies out of the corner of my eye!

Catch Up: Challenge Spell Jars and Witch Bottles.

At the same time, I made myself a spell jar and put it in the front closet by the front door. I didn’t have any rusty nails or screws but I did put thumbtacks, regular nails, screws, and rosemary in the place of nettles, and apple cider vinegar and I had Sally get me some cinnamon chewing gum.

The idea was to put my taglock in there in the form of spit on the gum. Plus I’m hoping whatever comes for me gets stuck up.

So that’s my catch-up this week. I think I still owe one more but I’d have to check. LOL!


Challenge Entry #2 Witchie Media

Taking a break from yard work and found a show called “I am a Witch” on Tubi. I have only watched a few minutes of it, but it looks good. Real witches on TV. What a great concept. Lol! :mage:


@Ostara Definitely going to be looking for that :heart: :black_cat: :sparkles:


It’s really good. I’m enjoying it.


Excellent! I have been interested in Palmistry ever since I saw and researched it here at Spells 8. I love your pictures of the Werewolf, Mermaid and The Vampire. I am going to put this on my list of “things” to learn about which I will eventually get to.

Blessed Be,


I am so very glad you choose this for your Challenge! I also have been seeing things out of the corner of my eye, also. This has been going on for quite some time now. At first, I thought it was my cat, but it wasn’t. I am not quite sure what I am seeing but I would like to try using the spell you are using and :black_cat: :cauldron: :infinite_roots: see what happens. Blessed Be
Medea :woman_mage:t4:


I hope it helps you! I know it did me. Even my worker, Sally, was seeing things. So yeah, blasted that little sucker out of here! LOL!


I like seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, but it’s been alot lately at work. I think the old ghosts know the building is about to be torn down. What scares me is when it’s a real person that I thought was a ghost. Lol!


Weekly Challenge #3

Sleep and Dream magick

I have never been able to astral travel while awake, but in my dreams I do it all the time. I love sleeping. I wake up early and have no problem going to sleep at night. My dreams are recurring and I can go back to them or avoid them if they are not so good.

I keep a amethyst on my nightstand to ward off nightmares and if I have one, I cleanse the amethyst and they go away.


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

So many amazing entries! :star_struck: Catch-Ups have a special place in my heart, because although it’s true that the coven tackles every challenge with creativity, there’s something especially delightful about seeing so many different magickal themes on display at the same time! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared an entry (or two, or three) so far! :star2:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :clock1::sparkles: