🕐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

@CelestiaMoon By the power of love, friendship, and the divine- yeet that virus right out of your body! :raised_hands: :laughing: :heart: Being sick can drain a lot of our energy and focus, but it sounds like you powered through and were able to gather what you needed to work the magick- it’s a really beautiful experience, Celestia, and I’m so happy that it helped you to heal! :heartpulse: :blush:

@Amethyst In some ways, I suppose sorting through what badges you have/don’t have could be considered part of the challenge! :wink:

@lisa67 The elemental challenges are a great series to jump into- and it sounds like you already have some ideas in mind! Silverbear has some amazing recipes- if you decide to give them a try this week, I hope you have fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Medea You’ve got this, Medea! I’m excited to hear about your spellwork this week. Good luck and have fun! :heart:

@Artemisia That’s what I’m saying! :laughing: :+1: Seems wild that we’re already at challenge #140- where does the time go? I’m excited to see what challenges you pick out this week- good luck and blessed spellwork, Artemisia! :heartpulse:

@MeganB Oh! That is such a creative use of sigils- may it continue to work well and draw all those with an interest in magick to your lovely channel :blush: Also, I saw your entry for the Veil Between the Worlds in the separate discussion- once again, great work on your entries, Megan- they are always a delight to read! :clap::blush:

@stavroula It has arrived! :grinning: Hahaha I can’t wait to see which challenges you jump into this week, Stavroula- good luck and have fun! :star2:

@Kasandra The final challenge- you are amazing, Kasandra! :partying_face: That is a very impressive feat to have done them all. Congrats in advance to you! :heart:

@Garnet I love your enthusiasm for the challenges, Garnet- you always manage to make such great entries and so fast too! And you know I appreciate your wisdom and research on different cultures and places around the world :world_map: :blush: Thank you for sharing about altars and your altars in partciular- they sound lovely! You’ve got some lovely magickal book recommendations and research on divination as well- thank you so much for sharing them! Every time I hear about new forms of divination it’s fascinating- there really are so many out there! :crystal_ball: :star_struck:

@Shadeweaver Decisions, decisions indeed! :wink: You’re already off to a wonderful start- Green & Herbal Magick and Dragon Magick are both great topics to jump into! I can tell that you put heart and soul into your garden- it sounds like you’ve designed a really thoughtful space with plants that are going to be a boon for your practice :herb::blush: I always love to hear about past life experiences and I have to admit that the thought of being a dragon in another time and world is an exciting one (although the fear and terror not so much) :dragon_face: Thank you for sharing about your lovely garden work and draconic experiences- they were very interesting to read! :raised_hands:

@brandy20 Hooray! Wishing you all the best with your magick this week, Brandy- good luck and have fun! :sparkles:

@Phoenix_Rose It looks like you’ve found many creative ways to weave technology into your magickal practice, Phoenix Rose! Thank you for sharing about your techno magick methods- nice work! :grinning:


I’ll be back to reply to the amazing entries already!

I do know that I have Magick Inks & Oils to do & Interdisciplinary Magick & I believe the Fortune Tellers Game… busy, busy, busy :rofl:

I have to pop out right now, but I’ll be baxk in a bit to chexk out other’s entries & see what I can come up with :hugs:


Too right! I’m hoping I left a hint in my bookmarks. LOL!



This week, I have decided to undertake the STAR MAGICK CHALLENGE. I have gone down a slightly different route, missing out the Astrology route as I earned that badge in a different challenge and wanted to try something else.

Some of you know that I work with Egyptian deities, mainly the Abydos Triad of Osiris, Isis and Horus. from previous reading, I had heard that Isis was linked to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and I wanted to find out about its significance. I carried out my research and wanted to share my findings with you.

The star we call Sirius was known to the Egyptians. in fact, it had a really important role within their calendar. Known as Sopdet, the emergence of this star in the pre dawn sky marked two things: the beginning of the New Year and the beginning of the annual Nile Flooding. Therefore, the star was known as The Opener of the Year and The Fair Star of Water to the Egyptians. Interestingly, although the Egyptian New Year began in August/September, Sirius can help bring in the traditional western new year too as it reaches its highest point in the night sky at around midnight on December 31st each year.

Two days before the appearance of Sopbet is also considered to be the birth date of Isis. The star is visible for most of the year but disappears for around 70days of the year. Using an online calculator, I discovered that Sirius will disappear in the sky where I live on April 21st and will return on September 5th. This period of waiting is a good time for building relationships with and honouring your mother or a mother figure as it represents the time when Isis was in the womb of her mother, Nuut. This is not something I have yet done as my spiritual journey only steered towards ancient Egypt after this time last year. It is definitely something I will undertake this year though.

The constellation to the right of the star was known to the Egyptians as Sah. We call it Orion but it had significance to the Egyptians as it represented Osiris. Orion rises before Sopdet so it became representative of Osiris’ floating in the Nile while Isis (Sopdet) appears later, chasing the constellation as she looks for her husbands body. it is also interesting to note that when Sah (Orion) appears on the horizon, it is lying sideward. It becomes more upright as it rises and after the appearance of Sopbet. It is almost representative of Isis pushing Osiris upright as she resurrects him after his murder at the hands of Set. I used my star app today to show how this pans out in my local area Osiris will be upright with Isis following after 8pm local time.

Orion (Sah) appeared after 10am this morning

Gradually rising as the day went on

Tonight both will be visible as Sah stands upright with Sopdet behind

I also previously took this photograph which shows the star and constellation together from my back garden.

While Sopdet is visible, it may be the perfect time for me to Simply go outside and send a prayer or offering to Isis as she shines back at you or simply just enjoy her presence.

Finally, I discovered the idea of wing joined with your own star using a guided meditation which envokes Isis. I haven’t tried this yet but intend to at some point during the week, this links to this idea and the meditation are below.

I have found it fascinating reading all about this and it gives me yet something else to add to my practice, as now when am working with my deity, I can see her soul shining brightly above me (if the Scottish weather behaves!)

Blessed be


Isis and Sirius Rising
It’s Time to Get Sirius about Isis
Joining with Your Star
Star Joining Ritual


Bry!!! So funny, that made me snort-laugh! :rofl:


All yeet’d out now, made that little virus taste the rainbow! :laughing: :sparkling_heart: :rainbow:


@Susurrus Ohhhh all exciting choices! :star_struck:

@Amethyst Bookmarks to the rescue! :grinning:

@Cosmic_Curiosity It’s always amazing to see the importance of astrology and the stars in people’s lives in ancient times- and even more neat to see the ways the cosmos continues to affect our lives and calendars today! :spiral_calendar: :sparkles: That’s an awesome constellation app- I really like the pictures it has for each of the constellations :dog2: :two_hearts: Wishing you all the best with any prayers or meditations you choose to do (and may the Scottish weather be kind to you!)- thank you for this lovely entry! :star2:

@Artemisia Hahaha if it made you laugh, that’s a win in my book! :blush: Always happy to share chuckle :wink::two_hearts:

@CelestiaMoon Ha! It’s my turn to snort-laugh- omg Celestia :rainbow: :joy: :+1: :two_hearts:


Symbols & Sigils
Angels and elements

Archangel Michael element of Fire warrior

Archangel Raphael element of Air therapist

Archangel Gabriel element Water Creative

Archangel Uriel element Earth Guardian and Patron of Magic


Thrifty Witchcraft!

Magic with what we have at home
I bought Plants to have them whenever I need them very small plants that I put in bigger pots Now I have my own herbs

Sage for cleansing

thyme for Luck

Lavender for Love

Mint for money

Parsley for abundance

Vasiliko for prosperity
Now for my spells I have my basic Plants!


Tools of the Witch Trade Number3 CHALLENGE ENTRY
My tools in my Craft

My sword when I want to open a big circle

My Athames when I have smaller work only on my altar

Rocks and candles

Bowl for burning incense

Bell to start and end a ceremony


chalice for offering

and cauldron essential


Weekly Challenge Catch Up
All about Altars

I have been meaning to make a travel altar for a while and I finally got it done.


I don’t know if this is a Noooooo or a Yes Yes Yes.
I always look forward to catch up weeks. For one it’s a quick way to hopefully spark my memory and it’s really fun.
I’ve been so blah that I forgot about challenges and only just came back on. And I’ve gone from not having my 7 month old granddaughter since February to now having her all day.


Woo hoo! I am so excited for you. It will be a long time before I get there but I imagine it feels pretty darn good. Yay you!



Challenge Entry

NOT a challenge That can be done in a week, but I will jump down the path probably farther than I should in this short amount of time.

To start it’s always good to read up on the subject

The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft

by Kelden
excellent source on Traditional Witchcraft

Hedge Witch: A Book of Magic for Solitary Practitioners

by Emme Tennant
general info on witchcraft

And of course Spell8

I have printed all the protection spells and smudged my altar and my house and am using the Reiki sigil Cho Ku Rei. Am in the prosses of making a spell jar and Charm Bag for Hedge-Crossing (page .236 of The Crooked Path) of mugwort, wormwood, a feather, a blue glass bead, silver cord, piece of white or black cloth and a length of cord for tying. Please refer to **Kelden’**s book for a more complete description.

I have always been a “contrary.” Questioning everything, bucking authority and not believing most of what I’m told. Most of my “premise” is built on the lies we are taught to be fact. Hard to build a good life when it is based on fears an bad perceptions. So I’m working on breaking the self forged chains and cleanse the misconceptions that ruled my life up until now. Not to erase it all, but to sort it out with the wisdom of the higher energies that dwell elsewhere. This is why I need to Jump the hedge.

We each define that fine line between reality and fantasy. Wiitchcraft is not reading the Magic 8ball, but through intention, respect and gratitude we shape that “chance” into an energy that betters us. I’m learning much here at Sells8 and look forward to continuing down this path. Much of this I have done in the past in ignorance and little guidance. Someday maybe I’ll have some idea of what I’m doing.

My path of riding the Hedge will last far longer than this week of the challenge. I hope all you fine witches will bear with me and enjoy my journey.


Wow - there are so many entries!
Of the Element Earth
Where to do I even begin? I am totally an earth baby, and born during the period where the sun trapezed the Taurus zodiac, and I have all the qualities of earth. It was interesting to read the comments about earth children and I laughed at posts citing the more obvious negative qualities. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Earth provides us with the most incredible and natural ecological foundations, solidarity, fixed, stable and timelessness. The ability to remain patient and slow to anger, perseverance, providing strength, and staunch will power can certainly frustrate others. Me? I am happy that Mother Gaia is just this, and I am a child of hers. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :earth_americas: :earth_americas:

Weeks ago, while studying, I listened to an interesting podcast sharing about the aspects of astrology and plants. :earth_americas: :herb: For example, I am a Taurus, so my planet is Venus - just like Earth - so it is assumed that my constitution would be similar or benefit from “Venusian” plants. I do like Self-Heal and Blue Vervain, but I am not a fan of Winter :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I logged into watch the Earth Invocation on Spells8 smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and found Silverbear’s recipes!! For working with earth - I did not have any moon water so I went to the oil, and added a little twist, some small emeralds to the oil. While I was writing this, all I can smell is the earth oil - makes me happy so I may use it for more than spells work and meditation - LOL.

So sorry about long rant - I have two more challenges to do and there was just so much to learn, see and do! Be Blessed!


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It seems to be doing the trick so far – here’s to much more success in the future!

There are so many great entries already! I’ve read through them all, but forgive me for not having the mental space to reply to everyone :heart: I’ll be working on my third challenge entry shortly!


Challenge entry for the past life challenge:

So I live in this body / mind system with many others, and myself as well as a few of my dear friends here remember pieces of our past lives. In this life, I’m a blind, transgender nonbinary, BIPOC US witch. In my last life, I’m certain I was born male and identified as a man and spoke Arabic and lived in an Arabic speaking country. I keep having the experience of hearing songs I’m certain I had heard before in Arabic. My husband and I love listening to music in different languages but the ones I could’ve sworn I’d heard before, hadn’t been played before by either one of us. I feel a lot of coldness and bitterness when in these moments. It doesn’t feel like I had been a super compassionate person. One of my headmates, Xander, remembers being a woman who dropped her wedding ring down the toilet. He also remembers the end of that life, but I don’t have permission to share that here. Also, we have a new headmate that identifies as an agender fire spirit. who also gets glimpses of their past life but they’re pretty private but hope to share more after I talk with them about it.

Challenge entry for the technology witchcraft challenge:

Since I’m legally blind, I wouldn’t have a witchcraft practice hardly if I did not have my tech. I live in a super small space so use flameless candles. My spellwork playlist is on my phone as well as all my notes and spell tips and results. I also have started talking to my tech way more. My microwave was acting funky but I asked it nicely and was patient with it, but it totally ended up working. I do the same thing with our temperamental toilet.

Challenge entry for the magical names challenge:

Actually, my witchy name is / was Vermilion. Lol I liked it so much, I’m legally changing it to Vermilion.

This was so much fun! This coven is one of my happy places! :heart::hugs:🫶🏽


Elemental Mastery - 🔹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Elemental Mastery

I have so much to learn that I will need to go back to this challenge many times! I got so excited reading about this challenge and when it mentioned picking up a correspondences book, I realized that I had picked up Sandra Kynes’ Complete Book of Correspondences, published by Llewellyn’s!

Prior to seeing this challenge, I did the daily meditation and scrolled down to the Tarot study and clicked on it. From there, I saw the 5 card Tarot Reading using the Elements in a pentagram setting. Okay, so I found this intriguing and did it - with all my decks! Fast forward a day or so and I see the Mastery challenge and Lo - the same Tarot spread! In learning about the element earth, the Tarot sign is pentacles!! Therefore, I took this as an opportunity to do the 5 card Tarot spread utilizing the elements.

I wanted to use my Moon oracle cards for this. I lit my candle, and grounded myself - gave time to calm, clarify and focus - words just popped into my head “Mood”, “Family”, “Work” - what is the universe wanting to share with me?

Lower left - Earth (North)
Lower right - Fire (South)
Upper left - Air (East)
Upper right - Water (West)
Top - Spirit


Earth - New Moon in Aquarius
Fire - Full Moon in Taurus
Air - Full Moon in Scorpio
Water - Balsamic Moon
Spirit - Full Moon in Cancer

Definitely have high emotions in play on all levels! Aquarius suggests changes are on the way, which may mean taking action alone, and of course Taurus wants practicality, and a plan. Move forward, but be kind to others when doing it. Scorpio’s intensity over letting things go may aggravate situations or feelings that have not been dealt with, but rest assured, the Balsamic Moon (one of my favs) is offering healing and rest that’ll bring everything back in focus, and Cancer says “Everything will be okay” - I say this to my children all the time when they are stressed out, say it to the LOML too.

Please feel free to offer a different approach as I am just learning and will need to go back repeatedly. BTW for anyone who asks, the oracle cards are from the deck “Moonology” by Yasmin Boland and artistry by Nyx Rowan.


This is my challenge entry

So I have missed a lot of challenges and glad that this was posted to pick a few of them.

Sleep and Dream Magick: A few weeks ago I had a dream about my partner and it was a warning, I decided to come on here and see how I can interpret the meaning and I used the Recieving the Message Tarot Spread and after my reading I had told him about it and he decided not to go thru with what he was planning to do. I told him it is weird for me to dream like that and usually my intuition is spot on. I also started writing in a dream journal once I get up so I can remember them and look up the meaning later on.

Calling the Quarters: So I worked with a few circles but none of them were really fitting and half of them I did not do every time I cast. I found the one on Spells 8 to be too my liking and have been using it a lot more lately.

Magickal Names: So I have been using all sorts of names since moving into the computer era. Two names I have always used some form of was anything with Mystikal and Heaven in it. One name for one of my emails has my name and Mystik in it, my IG is Mystikal with my nickname, the one that mostly stuck with me is Heaven, I have many forms of this name used. Another name I used was Justlikeheaven, I always liked this one because I would always say ( I am just like heaven, everyone wants to get into me but they can’t). I always get a chuckle when I say that. I also use Heaven when I am out and about in this community I belong too.

I am not sure on what badge I want and will take any.


Challenge Entry #1 Palmistry
I got this palmistry set a while back and read everyone’s palms and I really enjoyed it! I’m actually better at reading palms than my tarot cards :joy:.
Never knew what the lines in our hands meant and this set really takes you through every detail and is very informative. Got permission from the people of the hand pictures that i could upload

Challenge Entry #2 Beastiary
So I did this challenge a little different than others I decided to make me an actual beastiary book! So I’m one who is gullible and believes everything exists/existed until I have concrete evidence that it never existed. And my son loves monsters so now I have a book I can show him and add if he wants to. I haven’t finished the book but I have started. I love mythical creatures and their stories.