🕑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

Challenge Entry #2

Magick on the Go

I have two portable altars.

The first one is a mint container that has birthday candles, matches, a pentagram, a tiny altar cloth, a candle holder, some casting salt, incense, some crystals and a bay leaf and a safe travels sigil. Who knew you could fit so many things in a mint container? I carry it in my purse everyday. You never know when you may need an altar, right?

The second one is a wooden chest. I use this one when I want to do a ritual outside. In this one I have candles, matches, an altar cloth, a chalice, an athame, incense, Incense holder, candle snuffer, casting salt, and a pentagram.


This is the perfect travel kit! Everything a witch would need on the go :witch_hat: and you alter to Bastet :black_cat: is lovely I know she’s honored for your gratitude and I’m so glad to hear your cats doing better :pink_heart: I always love seeing your challenges :blush:



Peering into Past Lives

This was an intriguing challenge for me as I have some unconventional, perhaps even conflicting views with regards to past lives and the afterlife in general. I’m going to start by answering the prompt questions that were set out on the original challenge page:

Do you believe in reincarnation?
Sort of. I believe that we have all been here in some form before. I think it is unfinished or u fulfilled pursuits in a past life that drive us and influence us in this life. I have a fascination with the Titanic, I always have, so much so that people often say I think you were on that ship in a previous life. Its a pretty casual and common thing to say when someone has an intense like of something but what if there’s more to it? Am I so keen on the details of what happened that night because of the tragic nature or is it an attempt to understand what happened to me or my loved ones in a previous life? Does this fascination fill the gap that was left empty in a past life…perhaps! What I do not believe is that we are immediately reborn at the end of a past life and this is where it may differ from others. I am a believer in the spirit world and that our loved ones who pass enter another place… where or what that place is, I don’t know. Ive had too many personal experiences for me to deny the existence of the spirit world.

I believe that when someone passes, they need to heal, particularly if their passing was traumatic. I’ll give an example using my late brother. I was meditating for a sign that he was OK. He didn’t come but what did happen was I was in a place surrounded by pillars and a figure (who I beleive was Osiris) said he had Callum, that he was safe but he was not healed enough to communicate. This links to work I have been reading by Dolores Cannon where she describes a healing temple where spirits heal before moving on. I believe that the moving on is a choice. You choose when or if you want to reincarnate, particualrly if something is left unresolved. It is not forced upon you. I also do not think that our loved ones are just hanging around waiting on us…time is an Earthly and man made concept that does not exist in the spirit world. For me, our loved ones are not twidling their thumbs waiting for us. Years for us are like seconds for them. Rather than reincarnate, they may choose to help and support us as spirit guides. I’d recommend the Book Between Death and Life: Conversations with a spirit by Dolores Cannon.

Do you believe that is possible for someone to come back to life in some way, shape, or form?
Isis brought Osiris back to life and Jesus was also resurrected. However, even this was temporary as Osiris realised he was no longer suited to this world and instead moved onto oversee the afterlife. Jesus only remained on Earth long enough to instruct his disciples before ascending to Heaven. Even our deities from different beliefs have faced and overcome death, but were unable to remain on Earth. Our amazing medical professionals bring people back minutes, even hours after the heart has stopped. However, I believe there is a point after which there is no way back. That is when we cross over, heal and make the decision to reincarnate or remain as a guide with our loved ones.

I did a past life regression meditation which lasted around 35 minutes. It was a deeply touching and vivid experience and upon waking, I made sketches of what I saw.

There was a sense of ancient times, wearing sandals and a white tunic in the heat of the desert. I saw myself with tanned skin and shaved head. The name Anpu was mentioned. I saw myself holding a scroll with a temple. A blueprint perhaps. I was on a building site. A pillar toppled. That was the final scene of that life. This may simply been in my imagination due to my connection to Egypt or is my dedication to Egyptian deities because I did not see the finished temple and get to worship them at the time? It is all.so fascinating.

For fun I did this past life quiz and look what I got :rofl:

I realise this is a long post but hopefully it os one of interest and one that gives some food for thought.

Blessed be



Challenge Entry #1: Ancestor Work

My first challenge entry this week is for the Ancestor Work Challenge.

One of the aspects of my practice that I feel most passionately about is working with Ancestors. I am still very much in the beginning stages of connecting with, honoring, and working with my Ancestors. However, I have a strong connection to one of my Ancestors, my paternal great-grandma, who at this point has been my Guide in everything I do relating to food and cooking.

Long story short, I was meditating in the shower one day, and all of a sudden, a random name popped into my head, so I meditated on the name and questioned who that Spirit was. At that time, I found out that she was the Spirit that had always been with me in the kitchen – and interestingly, the reason I could tell when something I was cooking needed more salt just by smelling it. As time passed, I began consciously working with her while I was in the kitchen, and our bond deepened and she was present with me more often.

One day, I was looking through old family photos and came across a picture and instantly felt the presence of my kitchen Guide, and just knew that the picture was of her. I asked my dad who the photo was of – sure enough, it was my paternal great-grandmother!
I am continuing to get to know her and learning to work with her.

In addition to working with my kitchen Guide, I am also going to read Ancestral Whispers: A Guide to Building Ancestral Veneration Practices by Ben Stimpson for Book Club XXXI to hopefully deepen my practices and gain new perspectives.


I love your entry! That is really interesting.


Wow Jewitch that gave me goosebumps.


Awwe, thank you Crystal, that is so sweet.of you. :people_hugging:


Challenge Entry #2: The Magick of Sound

For my second entry, I wanted to tackle the Magick of Sound Challenge.

When I first began my practice, sound didn’t really play a very big role. As I began experimenting more, I realized that sound carries a lot of power, physically and spiritually. I have begun using different sounds for different purposes. For example, I clap to wake up energies and to drive away negative energy, almost as a way of cleansing. I use my singing bowl to have a tone to focus on for meditation. I listen to different music, chants, and sound effects depending on my intentions for my workings. When I want to enter an altered state to cross the hedge, I listen to drumming or forest sounds (crickets, cicadas, frogs, etc.).

Sound has become one of my most important “tools” in my magickal practice.


Challenge Entry #3: Natural Health & Healing

The third challenge I wanted to reflect on this week is the Natural Health & Healing Challenge.

:warning: Disclaimer: I do not want to go into too much detail for safety reasons, nor am I encouraging you to consume plants of any sort. Always do thorough research before consuming any plants, and do not consume anything until after you have done your research and are 100000000% sure you have correctly identified the plant. Do not give any plants to others without their informed consent. Seek proper medical attention for any and all health concerns you have. :warning:

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying to learn more about herbalism and have been incorporating what I’ve learned. I enjoy learning about the properties of plants that are growing in my own backyard. I have become particularly attached to mullein (Verbascum thapsus) and mint (Mentha spp.).

When I became sick with a terrible cold, I made tea with mullein, mint, and several other plants I found in my yard and got over the cold more quickly than I have ever gotten over any cold previously in my life. Since then, my interest in learning more about natural health has grown tremendously, and I am taking classes through Herbal Academy.

I have also been doing meditations with herbs and plants based on the Herbal Communion Spell by Astrea Taylor on the Spell-a-Day portion of Llewellyn publishing website.

Again, make sure you’re doing extensive thorough research prior to consuming any plant.


My challenge-entry is for a recent challenge that I could not do because I was sooo new. This is for Sacred Books! I am so pumped to be able to participate now that I have something to share!

:mirror:I began my Book of Mirrors shortly after I joined Spells8. I think I bought it at Michael’s. It’s pretty plain, but there IS a sparkle to the cover :sparkler: Thus far, I have set it up into this structure:

  1. Chronologically
  2. Day, Date, Moon Sign with sketch, Moon Phase with sketch
  3. I write anything of note magickally as well as how I am feeling physically, emotionally etc.
  4. Goals/plans for the next day or few.
  5. I recently began to pull an oracle card (I have a Celtic Goddess deck) each evening, and I am recording it on the back of my daily page: Who the Goddess is, what she represents, etc.) That way I can start to learn them all, and track any correspondences.
    Here are some images to illustrate:

:magic_wand:I just started my BOS recently. I wasn’t sure how to get started, but actually looking at what coven members shared during the challenge helped me shape what I wanted. (For now, anyway!) I have a tiny binder where I write and draw BOS stuff. I also got a mini-printer that I LOVE!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and some tremors that make handwriting sucky for me, (note the handwriting on the Book of Mirrors pic :crazy_face: )so this way I can do both quickly and easily ! I don’t have enough content yet to have sub-sections, etc. but I do make note of the ideal moon phase for each working. Once it gets “fuller”, I will do some categorizing (my teacher skills are on point when it comes to that!)
Here are some images that incorporate some of those “styles” with basics I learned from Spells8 that are part of my BOS. :snowflake:

That’s it for now! :snowflake:


Challenge Entry: Catch Up!
:money_with_wings: The Thrifty Witch - Thrifty Witch

I decided now is the perfect time to harvest some of my herbs and dry them!

I harvested mugwort, holy basil, catnip, rosemary, oregano, thyme and lemon balm

I gave Turbo a large catnip leaf. He’s never been a big fan of dried and hadn’t had a fresh one before. Took him a bit to warm up to it and pow… goofy rolling kitty! :laughing:


I have 6 kitties outside, I’m afraid catnip has NO chance of survival. :rofl:



For my very first challenge, I have decided to start at the beginning! I have chosen:
Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Trying Something New!

Looking forward to trying something new in my practice and sharing.

I am thinking I may try Cauldron Gazing for the first time.


That wand is absolutely gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also work with the Egyptian Pantheon!


I am also an avid Sims player since it came out!


Challenge Entry 1 - Deities of the Moon ☽
with the Badge Blessed by the Moon

All my childhood I’ve been dreaming of becoming Moon Princess :crescent_moon: :crown:, might have been the influence of Sailor Moon anime that was popular at that time. But years have passed and my love and devotion to the moon as a celestial object has not subsided.
After getting my first computer and access to internet I studied hard - the Greek Mythology, Moon goddesses in other religions and the influence and power of the Moon.
It calls me…
I started worshiping Hecate, because of many symbols I got in my life.

I am relatively new to wicca and paganism, I am not sure it is, specifically, Hecate that protects my dreams and fills me with energy every day. That’s why I am ,overall, a Moon GODDESSES worshiper and have not selected a single Diety, yet, or maybe never will …because…
After reading the Challenge post I realised, I don’t have to… as Moon itself is a Goddess for me.
:waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:

This week’s offering for my Moon Goddess was watermelon. :watermelon:


Do you have specific deities that you work with?


Challenge Entry 2 - Wholesome Magick : Healers :mending_heart:
with the Badge Healer :sparkles:

My job in medical field has me constantly face death and sadness…
This ritual is helping me a lot. It also rises my blood sugar, giving me a feeling of happiness (that I need). Last time I drank the potion - I cried… :cup_tarot: :sob:

The other thing I do for healing my body and soul is Salt and Oils Baths with relaxing music. :notes:


Challenge Entry 3 :dagger: Altars - A Witch’s Sacred Abode:candle:
with the Badge Reverent Witch :place_of_worship:

What my Altar has?

  • North - Salt in a white bowl, Cristals specific for my Sun sign :gemini: (Citrine, Carneol, Tiger’s Eye, Pink Quartz, Pink Agathe, Amethyst pendant), Grey Candle with salt imbued in it.
  • South - Candle in a Jar (no smell) [incoming Cauldron and a bowl with ashes]
  • West - A Jar with Moon water, Blue candle, Seashell [incoming Chalice]
  • East - Incense, Pink Candle, Key. [incoming Wand and maybe feathers]

Surrounded by my BOS, Tarot and Oracle Cards and my Books on Runes, Astrology, Mandalas and other Wicca. With my Pseudo Cristal Ball, that actually contains some materials for decorating the BOS.