🗓 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Catch Up!

Thanks! Lol :laughing: I did clean up but those crystals are set up there bc my kids touch them. And they get there paws on everything. They know that they can’t touch my good ones.


I am working on catching up for this challenge for this week’s catch up challenge

:spiral_calendar: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Catch Up!

I woke up way too early for my surgery today and since I have so much going on & some new found time, I decided to try a 3 card reading for my divorce. The question I asked was if I was going to make it through the divorce okay… I pulled the 10 of Pentacles, The Chariot, and a Reversed 7 of Pentacles from the Light Seer’s deck that I have.

I understood it to meant that I have everything I need, and will be able to make it through the divorce and the next couple of weeks with perseverance and to just make sure I pay attention to follow through and hanging in there, but that everything will be fine & I will be better for it.

10 of Pentacles: spiritual and material abundance, community, generosity, building a legacy.

The Chariot: Victory, speed and action, determination, harnessing and uniting opposing energies, success, confidence, will power, control

7 of Pentacles REVERSED: Giving up too early, impatience, losing faith, not following through, frustration with rewards

I feel like I am going to do it while going through a rough patch during everything going on, I think I already went through losing faith and have since found my way here, but I will just have to remember to hold onto my faith while I travel through each obstacle I have coming up in the next few weeks.


I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve moved your lovely entry for the Foretelling the Future Challenge back into this thread- this is just because entries can get lost in older threads. Posts here or in a new topic are easy to find when I compile entries for the Props and Presents Post, so you can be sure to get the recognition and prize you deserve! :grin:

And what a lovely entry it is, @Susurrus! You drew some cards pointing in a good direction, and Iove your interpretation. Waiting is the hard part (especially while you are focusing on healing too) but it looks like there is a bright future waiting ahead :sun_with_face:

It is inspiring to hear that you are connecting more with the cards. This was a lovely reading and thank you again for sharing, Seer Apprentice Krissie :crystal_ball::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gorgeous, Christina! :heart_eyes: And I agree with @Limeberry- this is no mess at all, more like a treasure trove! You have so many gorgeous crystals :gem::sparkles:

That’s so nice that you let your kids play with some of your crystals- I had a rock collection as a child, and I think that was what started my love for crystals today! They will likely remember their favorites for a very long time :blush:

And technically, badges can be earned multiple times- so I can grant you a double Divination badge and recognition for your new divining endeavors! :grin::+1:


Thank you so much.

I was home by 4 pm but then I fell asleep and woke up then to bed… I didn’t hurt much but I was resting a lot. It went well though. Now to work on the healing part of it. Today it hurts a bunch, so I’m trying to stay still. I need to go get an ice pack, but I’m building up energy for it because here it is just about 5 AM. Then I can have someone get me one without getting up.


Since I was up so early and I did a Freezer Jar Spell, I decided to also attempt the challenge - :money_with_wings: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Thrifty Witch! The Freezer spell needed salt water, vinegar, pepper, and a totem of the person. Preferably a picture or you can write their name on a card. I also needed a jar.

I reused a jar that had Rosemary in it & put the Rosemary in a baggie for now, until I can get into my closet & go into my witchy box. Then I didn’t have any regualr pepper that I could find or get to (I’m not that mobile) so I used Crushed Red Pepper. I went onto Facebook and downloaded a copy of her profile picture then wrote her name on the back of the picture and put it in the jar. I put in the wetting agents and some Red Pepper. I used a black candle to seal the jar & then wrapped it in aluminum foil with the shiny side towards the jar & placed it in the Freezer.

I had set up my altar and invoked Brigid before starting. I lit a white candle and used Palo Santo incense. When I was through I thanked Brigid & released her then cleaned up my altar & let the Palo Santo burn to the end.

It was my first Freezer Jar Spell and it felt really good to be in touch with my craft and Brigid again. I haven’t practiced much since last month.

I also used my pendulum this morning & asked it a question. It was a yes!

I asked: Will I win my hearing on Wednesday?


I hope your jar spell freezes them out! That was a good job you did of it.

And yay for positive answers from your pendulum! That probably makes you feel more confident going into those two situations. You can get through it, I know you can!



It felt really good to be back to working on my spirituality & practicing my craft. I also got a pendulum, dowsing mat, full moon tea, & a ritual instructions for Samhain from Tamed Wild. I think I’m going to try to do that ritual on Samhain.


Tamed Wild? What is that? I think I’ll be doing the Samhain ritual from hereon Spells8.


Hi Tamera I’ve always wanted to know more about astrology and the natal chart but I never really got a grasp on it so kudos to you I’m so happy for you!
Blessed be


It’s confusing, a bit. But I’m trying! :nerd_face:


I have lots of books, I have my natal chart and have books on astrology books always had a Nac for it! I once found a women that explained it all in a book and had videos to learn too. I tried to find it for you and no luck. If I find the info I’ll keep u posted!
I have some books called The only astrology book you’ll ever need by Joanna Martin Woolfolk and I also have a personality book also the secret language of destiny a personality guide to finding your life purpose and the secret language of relationships you’re a complete personality guide to any relationships with anyone and I also have the secret language of birthdays! Lots of books!

Look here I found it hers the link https://youtu.be/jt1wqG-ojv8


It’s a monthly witchy box subscription. I found it by accident, but it has come with some nice goodies. This box has 3 tarot cards that were picked for me, a new pendulum, a dowsing cloth, a piece of selenite, and a charm for a bracelet, plus Full Moon tea blend and instruction cards.


Thank you! I will definitely check this out.


Very cool! Sounds like you got a good deal! I’ve always wanted one of those witchy subscription boxes, but I can never seem to afford it.


Beautiful work on the Freezer Jar Spell, @Susurrus! :clap::heart_eyes: done with ingredients and things you had on hand- no extra cost! You’re a very thrifty witch :money_with_wings:. Wonderful you are getting back into the swing of your practice, and it sounds like your pendulum is pointing to very good news coming your way soon- exciting!

I love your passion for learning about astrology, @Jeannie1 :books::milky_way: There’s sure a lot out there, but it’s a very fun topic to research!

I know the feeling well, @Amethyst! Everyone’s witchy subscription boxes look so cool, but they usually cost a pretty penny (not to mention shipping fees, especially international!) :package: Maybe someday… or perhaps we can make our own! :laughing:


:exclamation: Friendly reminder that this challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

It’s been a pleasure reading everyone’s entries for the different challenges so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For anyone who would like to join in on the Catch Up challenge but has not done so already, please share your challenge entry by the deadline- Tuesday, October 27th at 7:00AM CET (Central European Time).

Blessed be :heart:


The witchy box that I have is $26 with shipping included in that, I actually just canceled it because so much of the upcoming weeks is unknown.

I did get invited to my friend’s house for Samhain after the kids do their thing and are settled in for the night. My friend asked me and is going to pick me up that night to go over there. It will be her and her daughter joining us, so I’m looking forward to that part too. I’m bringing my crystals and we are going to charge them there. Unless I can get it set up here on my porch then I will leave them because there is quite a bit.


Ah! I had intended to go after the Kitchen Witch badge but haven’t had the chance to do any proper cooking in the last few days!
Here’s a little recipe I always have to hand to fall back on with my new favourite magical twist at the end - I hope it counts! 🍝 Spaghetti Pomidoro con Mozzarella - Kitchen Witchin' Catchup!


That sounds lovely, @Susurrus- I hope you have a fun and delightful Samhain celebration with your friend and her daughter, enjoy! :two_hearts:

Nicely done, @Limeberry! :clap: I loved your magickal spaghetti- it looks soooo delicious :drooling_face::spaghetti: Thanks for sharing!