🖤 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- From the Shadows

You’re so brave for doing this! I’d have to challenge myself in the future to do this. Thanks for sharing!!! Seems beneficial.


Thank you, love! It is a good book, with about twenty different prompts for each card. It should keep me journaling for a while!

I just get so afraid about being myself, afraid that people will find out I’m different and persecute me. It’s weird, I wonder sometimes if it’s past life trauma or something. Who knows? Thanks for the encouragement though!


I love writing in my journal to get things out & manageable. Great work! I’m proud of you for doing it. I love taking a shower with intent. It’s very refreshing. I’m happy that you did some work & got through it @TheTravelWitch


Oh My Goddess’ where to begin ‘ there is always so much to say about Shadow Work; every one has a different way of dealing or processing their own emotions. & Sometimes it all gets so overwhelming that you run to your Altar and just start sobbing. You then feel the presence of Nature Nurturing you through it. But if you ever get stuck or so low that u don’t know what or where to turn , these are my favorite quotes and or passages that have become special to me.



Y’all I’m pretty sure She’s trying to tell me Something’ :cupid::cupid:


Thank you for sharing @steph! Those are great passages/quotes. I hope you have a great day & you will be stronger on the other side. :heart: Have a great day! :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Thanks for sharing! how do you like working with the dark moon :crescent_moon:? I like working Hecate especially for shadow work and at the crossroads! It’s is embarking discovery of shadow self and She will definitely give it power during your spell work. I think making anointing oil for Hecate is helpful to bless it with her prayers too! I bet you will be closer than ever! That is a big sacrifice and I like useing blood myself! I hope you dig deep into the subconscious mind for your mental health and healing!
Blessed be


I haven’t really done much work with the Dark Moon, and I’m still super new to the Craft in general :sweat_smile:But what I’ve been doing so far is sort of meditating on the fact that during the dark moon, the energies of the moon are at a point where they’re ripe with possibility and opportunity, so I use those energies of opportunities to channel into myself as a way of recognizing that I have lots of opportunities for growth – if that makes sense at all? o.O It makes sense in my head, I promise :sweat_smile:haha

I hope your week’s off to a great start! Blessed be :sparkles:


I know for sure that I always have to work-with and watch my emotions during The Dark Moon. I mean for the longest time I didn’t know why I needed a good cry when I couldn’t see the moon ‘ like it almost hurt to not see her for days at a time. I felt crazy sometimes ‘ seriously, but the past 3 years I’ve learned so much about myself and love learning more everyday Esbat ! Especially when you put Astrology in the mix too!
Much Love To You Guys :cupid:


I was thinking I’d write something serious about the dark moon and its energy, but I felt like writing a short story instead… :grin:

The Moon was out for the night, having gradually decreased over the past week to a very thin crescent, and finally into deep nothingness. This was the short, liminal moment between two worlds where everything was possible. A witch was up late in her home, deep in thought.

It didn’t look like much outside, but the inner world of the witch was alight. In the comfort of her safe place, she was waiting for a very special guest. There was a loud, almost rude knock on the door.

“Come in, the tea is almost ready!” called the witch.

The guest was slightly taken aback, not expecting such a reaction. After a moment, the guest opened the door with a loud bang, and didn’t bother to wipe their muddy feet. That didn’t seem to bother the witch the slightest.

“Come now dear, take a seat. You’re welcome here.”

The strange guest seemed a little calmer, if still tentative. They had not expected this kind of a reception. In fact they hadn’t expected any kind of reception, other than a few whacks from the besom and a word not fit for print. They sat and stared the witch over the steaming hot cup of tea, almost like expecting something.

“You want to be sure that it’s not poisoned, don’t you. You poor dear. It’s only reasonable, given the way how I’ve treated you.”

She had a sip out of both of the teacups, and after a moment the guest allowed themself a mouthful too. They had established trust. It was like the guest even had a hint of a smile on their face, if it could be called that.

“You know”, said the witch, “you’re kind of cute for a demon.”


I really appreciate your thoughts on self pity! It’s a hard place to be but at least you are intelligent enough to recognize when you feel it creeping inn!


For this challenge I had planned on scrying with my black mirror, but that didn’t happen. I tried motivating myself to do it over the weekend but with the holiday, I didn’t have alone time to really do it. This challenge is much needed, I feel like I need to delve into some shadow work, but Im kind of responding like a cat to water with it…which is probably all the more reason to do it, right?
I chose, for my challenge entry, to just sit with myself and a candle. While doing this, I downloaded the free workbook that @katnabis had shared (thanks again by the way) and read through that and did exercise one.
Everyone’s entries are great and I commend you all for sharing your struggles and your acceptance, opening up to others is hard especially in such dark areas of our lives. I think, for me at least growing up being conditioned to hide any and all imperfections from society and even other family members is a stigma that is hard to overcome. It took me 20 + years to open up to myself about the trauma I was subjected to as a child and then in my teen/ early adult years, and then a few more to confide and share with others. Now I am more open to share my past, if I think it can offer help to anyone else, even if to show they’re not alone.
I plan on working through this workbook, I’d like to be vigilant with it, but I also know not to shove it onto myself, more like a gentle nudge.
Here is some feel good music… :smiley:


Thank you @Christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I guess the only way to know if it’s a past influence would be to dig in and find out, @Amethyst! :grin: May give the Mirror Spell for Past Lives a try? Or you could also find past life insight by looking into your North Lunar Node (astrology) :star2:. If you give it a try, good luck!

Thanks so much @Siofra! :heart:

You summed up Shadow Work really well @steph- it can definitely be a trying experience for even the strongest of folks. Thanks for sharing those resources- the Tarot Shadow Work book looks like a great place for Shadow Work guidance! :open_book: :black_heart:

Well done, @Jeannie1! May Hecate continue to watch over and guide your experiences with Shadow Work :blush:

That was a beautiful story, @CelestiaMoon! :heart_eyes: It reads like a fairytale with a fun twist at the end- I was smiling as I read it :open_book: :two_hearts: A lovely tale with a shadowy theme! Great job!

I agree, @Rowan- sometimes we shy away from the things we need most! You are very strong for overcoming your apprehension and jumping into your Shadow Work. I hope it helped you to continue to open up and get the most out of your workbook! Beautifully done, and thanks for the music :headphones: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Shadow Work is a tough aspect of magick- congrats to everyone who delved deep this week to face their fears and find peace within! :relieved: :black_heart:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :new_moon_with_face: :black_heart: :sparkles:


That is beautiful I just want to shine too cause my grandmother’s name was Luz and my brother too, they both wanted me to shine! That was perfect :ok_hand:

For today’s challenge, I did a journal prompt from

I know it’s not Yule but I still worked on my shadow work! So I just did a meditation on shadow work I just search shadow work meditations and poof a whole lot of support. I am feeling like I can push through my shadow work using the book A year and a day Wicca! I see a mask I put it on and it tells me I need to be positive and be a light. Let the light in harness the light.
My facemask name is Scarface the mask helps me to mask my imperfections how the mask has power is by writing in my journal learning my correspondences and doing my shadow work on my hurts, patterns, and hardships. To help, I am going to invest in some new books on anxiety, anger, and shadow work some of you recommended. So I did the journal entry but felt the need to burn the negative trays in the flames cause I’d like to get rid of them.

Thank you for this challenge this week! I loved all of your input!
Know I can allow the light to come in! It’s just good to get rid of the negative!
Blessed be!
Thank you!


All of us were kind of teary last week, was it the moon or PMS (Sorry boys)?


This is my journal (purchased on amazon) and these are some of the prompts inside the journal and here’s one of my own


I’m glad you found the worksheet I shared helpful! I too still need to work my way through the rest of it as well. For me, it was both avoiding making the time to work through it as well as slowing down to take my time when I did find the time to work on a prompt.

Thank you for the music share! I played it first thing this morning and it set the perfect mood for my day!




Thank you! This was a difficult (but necessary) challenge for me to complete.


I think I’ll wait until you do a past life challenge to do that. LOL!