What does this mean?

Hello Sisters and Brothers. I have a question I need a-little help with. When I got up this morning I looked outside from my living room window and under our big pine tree there was a brown and white Rabbit that was dead. Now I looked up what that means and it said: your opportunity is long gone.

What do they mean by this. I didn’t realize there was a opportunity waiting for me. I haven’t seen any signs except for seeing the rabbit. Nor have I dreamt about any opportunities.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Bleeding Be.

Linda :heart:


Warm greetings @Linda1166,

That is a very somber view to start your day with- I’m sorry you experienced that. Rest in peace little rabbit :pray:

I study symbolism primarily for Tasseography/Tea Leaf Readings and I can attest that it is true what they say: you can read symbols and interpret meaning from anything. But this is a door left very wide open- it leads us to the question: how do we know what symbols are meaningful to us?

Symbols have various levels of meanings:

  1. On the reading level, we find their traditional interpretation (what you would find in a book of correspondence or reference site) and your personal interpretation (how your unique intuition deciphers the symbol)

  2. Then, once we have the meaning of the symbol in general, it is up to the reader to make the meaning relevant: aka how does this symbol relate to me, the person I am reading for, the spellwork cast, or another situation?

Reading symbols from spellwork remains, tarot cards, tea leaves, etc is usually straightforward and clear (or, as clear as reading symbols can be haha!)- an intention was set, direction was given, and now we are reading the results. But when it comes to things randomly encountered during the day, it can be a lot harder to interpret.

To interpret what you saw, you would need to find the purpose of the rabbit being there:

  • Is a rabbit a personal symbol or spiritual guide of yours (or someone close to you)?
  • Are the colors brown and white significant to you at all?
  • Did you ask a deity, higher power, etc for a sign?
  • Were you actively searching for a sign of successful/failed spellwork?

Again, just my personal opinion- but if the Universe or a deity sent that rabbit as a sign to you, I believe you would immediately feel that it was meaningful to you and would likely know right away what it was pointing to.

The fact that you are having a hard time finding what this rabbit could possibly relate to leads me to believe that it may just be a piece of nature- there may not be a deeper meaning there that you need to be aware of.

TLDR We can read symbolism everywhere around us, but that doesn’t always mean that what we see has magickal significance. Sometimes something simply just is. When in doubt, trust that intuition! :mage:

I hope that helped a bit, Linda, and I’m sorry again that you had a tough start to your day!

Wishing you all the best- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Do you have predators in your area? Fox, coyotes, fisher cats, outdoor cats, stray dogs… it could just be something got it but then wasn’t able to finish it or just left it because it was finished. I have found my share of rabbits, mice, voles, moles, I know we have rats but they are mostly a street over because of chicken coops.

If you can’t think of a meaningful resonating reason, it could just be nature at work.


Thank you for your response no I didn’t ask for a sign I don’t even know what my spirit animal is yet I’m still reading on other stuff but it was just really weird I looked out the window and there’s this dead rabbit and I’m going OK we do have deer we do have skunks that come through here and sometimes other critters but we’re more in the city not on the edges of the town where you would see a lot of that so I’m going to go with the assumption this is the guy was just passing by .


Do you know how the rabbit died? Predators are larger than prey. Did you see signs of other activity around?


Do you live alone? Is it possible that the sign could have been meant for someone else? I agree with Bryanna - not every rabbit death is a sign, but even if it is a sign, it might be that you happened to see a sign that was intended for someone else.


Got up this morning and the Rabbit was gone. From looking at it yesterday you could see fur chunks that were pulled out. Thank you again my sisters & Brothers Blessed be :heart::heart:


You’re very welcome, @Linda1166- I’m happy if I could help! :blush: Many blessings back to you! :heart:


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