Where in the World are Witches? 🗺 2021!

~ This thread is a continuation of Where in the World are Witches? 2020 ~

A very warm welcome to all witches! :heart:

Whether you are just starting out on your magickal journey or have been wearing the title of witch for numerous years- know that you are very welcome here in the Spells8 coven :hugs:

This is a chance to connect across borders and celebrate the wonderful diversity of our members- coming from all over the world! :world_map:

If you participated in last year’s poll, please join in again! Each year a new thread will appear, displaying the diversity of our current coven members :blush:

So, where in the world are witches?
Let’s get to know each other! :handshake:
(If you call multiple locations home, feel free to chose multiple places!)

I’m from…
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • The Middle East

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Note : Please know that there are no worries if you don’t want to share your location in the poll- you are still very welcome to comment and chat with others in the comments below.

We all bring our unique experiences into our practice, and we have so much to learn from each other!

Take some time to talk to someone who comes from a different place. You may find you have a lot in common, or perhaps you can learn some new methods and tricks to enhance your practice :sparkles:

North to South, East to West
When we come together,
We are blessed!

:heart: Love and Light :candle:


Sending greetings to all from Europe! :earth_africa: I’m originally from from New England in the USA, but I currently live in Poland :poland:

You may have guessed from my username, but I love adventures- I started studying abroad while in university and the travel bug never left! :laughing::airplane: Always happy to meet friendly folks and learn about different places around the globe- blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi all! I’m from Oak Hill, West Virginia. A small town in the southern part of the state. I’m a homebody so unlike @TheTravelWitch, I don’t go that far from my apartment. Looking forward to seeing where everyone is from!


I am from a small town in New York called Hyde Park. It’s nice and has historical places like the Vanderbilt mansion and the Roosevelt museum. There’s so much natural beauty here. That’s why I live here (it’s the people that drive me cookoo! :laughing:).


I’m from Cape Cod in MA, North America. It’s cold here right now but starting in May through September, it’s a pretty busy place. Even this year with the pandemic we had a lot of people that came here. There’s a lot of history here and one of the Air Force Bases and National Cemetery is located here. The beaches are gorgeous any time of year and I like to go to them when it’s stormy out to watch the power of the water and wind.


Hello to all the witches from everywhere. I live in the borrogh of Queens NY (Astoria). My neighborhood is very diversified, which I love. It’s also very, very, Greek influenced. The best part is you can grab a bite to eat from any culture and ethnicity you desire. I still love NY, even tho the pandemic has shutdown many of the things New Yorkers love to do.
( It will come back soon tho!) I don’t see myself living here for the rest of my life because it is a a very expensive city. However, it is my home for now and I do have a strong bond to it.
Blessed be.

Central Park, skating…:heart:



I am from the beautiful chain of Caribbean Islands. Where I am from is mostly sunny 85% of the times all year round. There are alot of beaches here, where I enjoy most being :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Its paradise here!!

Real happy to be apart of this group, I always had loved for the craft but never had the guidance, and teachings I needed. Happy to meet new friends from different locations and culture.

Be Blessed :dizzy:very-beautiful-beach

One of the 300+ beaches in the Caribbean (Antigua)


Thanks for that, Bri!! :pray: North and South America here!! :us: :link: :argentina:

I loved seeing the contrast between the photos shared by Dee and Nickieshia! This is one I took last year in Oregon! (there’s a wildlife safari place)


Merry Meet,
My fellow coven, I am from California in Sacramento! I love to go downtown to the k street mall and be at the River!

Blessed be :hugs:


The Holy City of Toledo here. Blessed Be!


Ohhh Central Park, @walter! :star_struck: Did you chance the ice and go for a skate? :ice_skate: Looks like fun!

Absolutely stunning beach, @NickWick- I want to jump through my computer screen and relax on the sand :beach_umbrella::laughing:

A wildlife safari sounds like a blast, @Francisco! It’s so pretty to see the nature and happy animals :national_park:

Such a beautiful picture, @Jeannie! It sounds like your home is a lovely place :blush:

Thanks to everyone for sharing- I love seeing everyone’s pieces of paradise :framed_picture::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So beautiful!! Nice green pastures.


Now this is splendid!! Gorgeous View!


@TheTravelWitch, I have not yet! But would love to go before winter is over!


I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll get a chance to enjoy the lovely park and go for a spin on the ice :ice_skate::grin:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch, yes definitely one spin for sure! Lol