Which Deity suits you best?

Hi all!
An eclectic, green, hedge here. I’ve been on the search of a diety, or anything along those lines that speaks to me. I’m a very big nature person and feel the safest and most relaxed when I’m outside in nature (woods or fields preferably). I’ve always had two names in my head…Freya and Frig. Is anyone familiar if any of these ladies is more into nature? Do you know any others that are? How about you? Who is your diety and how did you find her/him?
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Hey there Eliza!

I’m not too familiar with the Norse deities but I do have some resources for you! I’ll drop those links here real quick.

Sacred Texts - Norse

Norse Mythology - Dan McCoy

There are many deities outside the Norse pantheon that are related to nature in some way. It just depends on where you’re looking. For example, in the Greek pantheon, Gaia is the Earth Mother and Demeter is a Goddess of the Harvest.

As for myself, I worship the Irish Goddess Brigid :blush:


Greetings @eliza!

Congrats to you on your search to connect with a deity! My best advice for you is to not feel like you need to rush- there are so many deities out there and you will eventually find the perfect deity (or deities!) for you :blush:

Megan gave some wonderful resources about Norse deities, and while I’m also not an expert on Norse deities, I know that @phoenix_dawn has worked with Freya before. From what Phoenix shared, it looks like Freyja/Freya and Frigg may be the same deity or have some relation between them. You can see her post here:

So I found my deity (Freya and Frigg)

There’s also a guide to Freyja on Spells8. In case you haven’t already come across it, I’ll add a link here for you:

Freyja: Norse Goddess

For me personally, I don’t worship one deity above the others. I’ve spent time with the Horned God before and have done some research on the Triple Goddess. I’ve also learned about the lovely Artemis/Diana who is a Goddess of the Wilderness.

Lately, I’ve been delving more into spirits of nature- not deities, per say, but rather spirits within and around everything. Megan wrote a great post about this (Animism: Do Our Tools Have Spirits?) if you are interested! :national_park:

Finding your deity is a process and it’s just the first step in building your bond! For more tips, I recommend the Finding Your Patron Deity Video on Spells8.

You are on an exciting journey, Eliza- I’m wishing you all the best on your quest to find your deity! Good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


In my experience freyja is more of a Goddess of love, war (as in she has guided me during a time a time when i was determined to my fight for my failing marriage) and is more sexual in nature (i suggest looking into sex magic when working with her specifically) frigg is a little more on the tame side whereas she is a goddess of domestic arts (sewing, cooking, etc), marriage/love, and i tend to think of her like the empress tarot card as she is very nirturing and motherly ( think fertility spells etc) as of yet they are the only 2 i have worked with in the norse pantheon and i havent really seen too much where they are connected to nature. However, deities in my experience, have a tendency to connect somehow when you need their guidance in some area (i shared my experience in the link that @TheTravelWitch_Bry shared with you) but theyre there to guide you so you may need their help with something you are unaware of yet.
As for trying to connect yourself ive also used the prayers and devotionals listed on the spells8 website to gain guidance and assitance with Apollo and Aphrodite. And had surprisingly good results


@eliza Have you ever worked with Gaia? I am Scottish heritage and have a strong pull to the Celtic diety however I am Nature to the core. Working with Gaia is something I really enjoy and feel connected with more than ancestral roots. Walk right outside and put your hands on your mother, that means something special to me.


Now that is some big wisdom, and it hit me like someone tapping on the shoulder!


I do not work with the Norse Pantheon, which is who Freya/Frigg is & I’m not really sure about associations for her except that she is associated with a few trees: pine, oak, oak ash & these herbs :herb: cowslip, heartsease, rosemary, ragwort. Please note that these are their relationships based on the Elder Futhark Runes. I did find this to maybe help get you started on your relationship with her, I would also suggest the Pagan Portals books on her.

I myself follow a more Celtic Path but make use of various forms of divination for guidance. I wound up having a balance of light & dark (kind of) with my deities. I honor Brighid & the Morrigan.

Right now the Morrigan has taken a step forward to help me with where I am in my life right now, so I am making sure to honor her on a more regular basis. I love meditations & just learning about her. I have a crow charm to wear on my protection bracelet & a bookmark made with her influence. Then my altar has offerings including a statue of her next to Brighid.

Both Goddesses are from the ancient Tuatha De Danaan tribe. There is a connection suggested as a direct relation to each other such as a mother-daughter. It’s which 1 is which that is the debate. I came across that & haven’t looked much into it as o yet but it’s an interesting theory considering what they represent. They would be opposites & the same in different respects of each other.

My Goddesses made their presence known in some way repeatedly & then more in your face until I started to look into whichever 1 it happened to be at the time. First was Brighid. The synchronicities were unmistakable by the time I started to look into her because of a post that I saw on Spells8 & in the forum. I would love to have a more formal statue or a picture 1 day, I day it will come to me.

The Morrigan was more abrupt. She wasn’t going to let me have the chance to realize that it wasn’t her calling me. She made sure that she got my attention. I have enjoyed every minute of it & the research & stories & perspectives. I can be engrossed sometimes. She just recently came back around so I am going through something big & transformative. Complete with some of the hardest days of my life. So I have made an appointment with a medical professional. But the Morrigan is letting me know she is there every step of the way.

Associations Source

Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting . Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.


Merry meet.

Many years ago when I felt my first calling, Artemis reached out to me. I won’t bore you with the details except to say I thought my then wife and I had reached an understanding about my choices and spiritual path and was supportive during my education and research phase. She suddenly changed her mind right before my self dedication ritual… Things went south from there.

Artemis didn’t respond favorably on my 2nd attempt years later. Instead the Queen of witches herself, my Lady, Hecate, gave her blessing. Cernunos followed and so I have a rather odd pairing of deities.

My dad is Greek, so Hekate made sense. The horned God, Lord Cernunos was a surprise though.

Long story short again, dreams were how I was approached. A prophetic one that came true was the proof they gave me that things were real and not just crazy dreams.

I re-purchased my books and re-learned from scratch. The books by Cunningham, Buckland, and Ravenwolf are my teachers/authors of choice. I have most of their works. Spells8 is my latest source and resource.

Sorry I’m a bit of an introvert. I have to keep things short.


Merry Meet @Franklin, it’s quite alright to keep it short but I’m happy you were able to find your connections to deities from differing areas. I have been drawn to the Celtic path & pantheon & in a family history respect, it makes sense as most of my DNA goes back to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the British Isles, England, Italy, & Greece.

I found through similar connections with what seems to be the balance I need to learn in my life with Brighid being the “light” & the Morrigan being “the dark”. They come at times when I need them most. When it’s time rest, heal, take care of my family & home & remember my home is when Brighid calls to be the strongest. When I need strength to move on through challenges & help & guidance along the way, the Morrigan makes herself known.


Hi, Eliza! While I don’t worship one particular deity, I have a deep connection to Aine. I started meditating about 25 years ago and about 6-9 months into my practice I would often hear a word that sounded like “Awn-ya.” I didn’t know what it meant, but it brought me this feeling of incredible peace and serenity. It was years later that I saw a post about Aine. The author didn’t include the pronunciation so I mistakenly pronounced it like “Ane” - rhymes with cane. But when I saw the picture and read the post, I had the same feeling of peace and serenity that I did when I heard what sounded like awn-ya in my meditations. My point is, (yes, I have a point! :joy: ) She came to me! I believe deities make their presence known to you when your energy (or the energy you’re striving to achieve) matches their strength and gifts. While Aine is a love goddess and the goddess of summer, among other things, it’s the feeling of connection that spoke to me above all else. From your post, I get the feeling that Freya has been calling to you because you either have or need the frequency and gifts that she emits. :heart: :sparkles:


Hello Eliza,

It took a while for a deity to “come to me”. I have also been very close with the earth and outside world, so Gaia just came to me naturally. As I have delved more in my practice, Brigid has really made4 her presence known to me. As Goddess of hearth and home and the conflict that is currently in mine, I find her guidance helpful. As well as knowing she is watching over my children, the most important aspect of my life. As an example my youngest has been sick for 4 days now, and I have asked Brigid to help her illness move swiftly and in flight of harm to no other, and her symptoms are not as bad as they could be. I attribute this to Brigid’s protection of my 2 year old.

I have a special altar just for her, as she like her own space. Gaia as well. When I get a spare moment I will add some pictures.


Hi! No I never have. I’m of polish, slavic history and am being pulled to explore my ancestral dieties. I have found it difficult. But the one thing that connects the slavic beliefs is that we did work with and worship nature. I’ve always been a woodsy person and have always had an understanding with nature.


That’s beautiful. Thank you for your advice.


Yes! Diana was actually worshipped by the slavic people, who I’m a descendent of. Thank you! I totally forgot about her!


You are all so amazing. Thank you for all of the advice. It’s very difficult deciding on one diety :joy:


You don’t have to decide on one if you don’t want to. I work with Danu and Hekate, which is kind of weird, I know. My relationship with each is personal so I am going to be brief here. I wasn’t looking towards either of them, but during (separate) deep meditations felt called by them. The part that really tripped me out is writing about the experiences, then trying to learn about them and seeing my experience written out on the internet as an example of them.

As @phoenix_dawn said, they tend to connect when you need their guidance. To carry that a step further, that connection is also a recognition of your potential to further their work. John Beckett, in The Path to Paganism, references the “gimme goddess” culture that has developed, as if deities are some neopagan Santa Claus to give you things with nothing expected in return (p. 160, 164). Neither are they here to punish or reward your moral transgressions. The first is a child’s view and the second a carryover from Christian Fundamentalism (Beckett, p18). Ideally, we hope to find a deity with whom we can develop a more reciprocal relationship.

Enough. Lecture over.


You’re very welcome, @eliza- I’m happy if I could help! :blush:

And yes, just like what Ron said, don’t feel like you need to pick only one deity if multiple are calling to you. While some may choose to worship one single god or goddess, there are many who worship multiple deities- it is quite normal! :grinning: :+1:

Good luck and blessed be, Eliza! :sparkles:


I do not work with the Norse pantheon but I wanted to give a little background on how my deities chose me as I did not chose them.

I am Irish and Scottish by decent so when I decided I wanted to connect with a god or goddess, I started researching the Celtic pantheon. After several failed attempts to connect with some of them, I decided to meditate and let whoever was trying to reach me come to me (I could feel that someone was there). Boy was I surprised when it was Hades and Aphrodite that came to me in my mediations and dreams. Then Apollo showed up when I was getting burnt out at work. Not long after that Selene joined in and has since declared herself my patron. This past fall, Persephone reached out as well. So now I have five that I work with. Each has a different area of my life that they help me with and each has their own demands as to how I honor them (from offerings to acts of service).

As others have said, do not rush into it. Take your time and know that if a deity reaches out and you do not want to work with them or are not ready, you can tell them no. You can also ask for a deity’s assistance without having a working relationship. For example, I will call on Zeus and the Anemoi (collective gods of the winds) to keep us safe during bad storms/ hurricanes but I do not work with either. I simply will ask them to keep us safe and provide an offering on my altar to them in return.

Also know that they may leave when their time of guidance is over. This may hurt if they have helped you work through a very difficult patch but know that they would not leave you if they thought you couldn’t do it.