Working with Lilith?

I’ve been receiving lots of signs recently from someone trying to reach me. I’ve been trying to figure out who it was and asked if they could give me more specific signs on who it is.

Fast forward a week and my social threads have been flooded with Lilith. TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Pinterest pins unrelated to what I was looking for. Not to mention physical signs: seeing more snakes than usual for our area, a screech owl deciding to make my pecan tree a home when I’ve never seen one in the 6 years I’ve lived here, recently being drawn to vampiric fiction and romance novels, and seeing the Hamsa :hamsa: everywhere.

Is there anyone here that works with Lilith? Or have any information/ resources to share?

UPDATE: I have found a few resources that I will link here. There are some additional references that I have titles/authors for but have not found a copy of the actual text yet.

  • The Alphabet of Ben Sira 78: Lilith: Hebrew text on the creation of Lilith, her refusal to submit to Adam, and how she became a “demon.”
  • Lilith’s Cave: Jewish Tales of the Supernatural (Internet Archives - requires registration but is free) by Howard Schwartz: A collection of Jewish mythology. Many reference to Lilith, including her connect with stillbirths and being the queen of Asmodeus (King of Demons). Can also be found for purchase on Amazon
  • Lilith: The First Eve (Internet Archives) by Siegmund Hurwitz: Discusses how Lilith has been perpetually demonized by a femmephobic, elitist, male dominated hierarchy. Can also be found for purchase on Amazon
  • The Dark Goddess: Dancing with the Shadow (Internet Archives): Discusses the various aspects of the Dark Goddess, including Lilith, Hecate, Kali, and others. Can also be found for purchase on Amazon
  • Lilith Magazine: Since 1976, this publication has been a voice for feminist change in and for the Jewish community. While not strictly about Lilith, their mission is the same as their namesake, to empower women/girls/trans/non-binary people of every background to enact changes in their own lives and community for the better.

Hi @Amaris_Bane!

I know that we have a section in the Goddess course on Lilith

& we have these topics that may have some other information on Her too within the replies.
My Lucifarian Wicca & Lilith Statue
Does anyone have any sort of experience with Lilith?

I haven’t personally worked with Lilith & what I do know comes from learning about Black Moon Lilith in astrology.


I don’t have any other sources to add that @Susurrus didn’t already link, so I’m just here to say that I hope you find some good information about her! :heart: If I remember correctly, she’s a deity that can be hard to find information for. I would potentially look at sources in Jewish mysticism because I believe that’s where she originated from but I could be totally wrong.


Ok, love me some weirdness like this! I haven’t really delved into deities a whole lot, but last weekend I was flooded with Lilith things too! I ordered myself a statue of Mary Magdalene that had the Visica Piscis on it and I went down a Visica Piscis rabbit whole and somehow ended up entangled with Lilith. I’ll have to pay a little more attention right now! I’m going to be following along to see what everyone knows!


So that’s why I’ve got the Vesica Piscis card from my new oracle deck I think 5 times in total now… :sweat_smile: :black_heart: I didn’t even know about that connection, I’m curious!

Spells8 has a beautiful information page of Lilith too, it’s fairly recent: Lilith: Symbols, Energy and Worship of the Dark Goddess – Spells8

I’ve been working with Lilith before, and… she kind of lives inside of me if that makes sense. I don’t really feel like I need to contact her, as she’s always with me, she enjoys and fuels my sensuality and hunger for deeper knowing, and we experience things together in this body. I have no idea how common that kind of an arrangement is with her, it just came intuitively. She loves everything to do with sex, snakes, blood, wine, seduction, forbidden things and going against the social norms. She has a flair for the dramatic, and feels right at home in the darkness. I love her dearly. :black_heart:


Even though I was going down a rabbit hole (totally the norm fo rme), I actually have no idea what the connection is and so now I’m going to have to go look it up again.

I also have no clue why I started on Mary Magdalene and ended up with Lilith. Might need to think on that too. So many connections.


I may have an idea there though it’s mostly vague memories of what I’ve come across on the social media and on my mailing lists… :sweat_smile:

So what I’ve heard is that the “Magdalene” part in the name Mary Magdalene came from her being a Magdalene priestess, part of an order that was involved with the divine feminine, and embracing the body and its senses, including sexuality in all its various forms. A lot of the same themes that Lilith also stands for.


Thank you everyone for your replies!

@Susurrus, I will go through those links you provided. And @MeganB, you are correct about the Jewish mythology. Most of what I’ve found so far is in that vein.

@AileyGrey and @CelestiaMoon, if I remember way back to my Sunday school days, in Luke 8 we learn this about Mary Magdalene:

1 After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him,

2 and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;

Considering Lilith is viewed as the mother of demons/vampires, I can see her being referred to as Lilith. As to the connection with Vesica Piscis, this is a common representation of the divine feminine. Lilith is all about claiming your own sexual power as a woman. How exactly your rabbit hole went, I’m not sure (I love a good journey down one myself) but I can see there definitely being connections between all three.

I’ll update my post with some resources that I have found this morning for anyone interested.


Yes, definitely this. You put in succinctly in one sentence what I was grasping for :black_heart:


When I did the Black Moon Lilith in Your Natal Chart - Weekly Witchy Challenge it went into that Lilith was actually the 1st woman in the Garden of Eden & not Eve. I know the sources on her a cited in that post about Her as far as history & such :hugs:


@Susurrus This is what started my rabbit hole search! I was like… that’s definitely not in the Bible, where did it come from? … then I went on into Jewish Mysticism and how “Lili” were one name given to demons and that morphed into Lilith. It’s all coming back. It was a helluva week and last weekend seems like ages and ages ago. I’m going to take some time today to write some of this down before I forget it again.

I recently decided that I was really going to reflect hard on how the Christian pantheon fits into my own practice. I’ve always loved Mary and Mary Magdalene (I also LOVE me some conspiracy theories related to her and they mystery and mysticism that follows).

Now I’m really excited to see how all of this connects together!

Here is the gorgeous statue that I ordered myself from a shop called Elemental Wisdom on Etsy. I don’t even know how I found it, but it took my breath away and I I decided I had to have it.


The etymology of her name is really interesting too, going all the way call to 4000 – 5000 BCE in Romania, “lilitu” being a word for the screech owl (Strix, striga, which goes through a similar route through Latin to Italian), associated with different kinds of blood sucking monsters (such as vampires), witches and well, women who just happened to be a little bit too loud, proud and independent. Another fun little rabbit hole to plunge into. Thank Goddess I never got into the conspiracy stuff. There’s a lot to be resentful for, but I’d rather leave that stuff in the past and focus on what I can do to bring more beauty into the present.


I remember when doing the astrology post being in a couple rabbit holes learning about Her & how far back there was history about Her.

I can’t recall off hand conspiracy theories or at least none that stick out, I like to read about them but kind of not focus too much on them… I do like to see how others would perceive stories & information to get there though :hugs:


Thank you very much for sharing these resources!
I ADORE Lilith.
However, whenever I read any documents about her, they are either blatantly false (ie one stated that the OT god banished Lilith from Eden, which is wrong) or demonize her as a punishment for expecting the equality that the creator intended.
The biggest issue is my understanding of reported events! Lol.
See, I understand current monotheism as a negative reaction to the heavily female-worshipping polytheism of the day. Jews were held as slaves during the Greek and Roman era. So, rebelling against female gods and removing El’s (The OT god) wife from the written record, for me, makes perfect sense. If I were traumatized for hundreds of years by people professing to be working under the hand of a particular god, I would never want to see that god again either!
The ill-treatment and servitude they attributed to female gods was, in fact, simply unenlightened behavior and nothing to do with male or female gods as modern crimes committed by religious zealots proves.
So, Lilith has always been a character I admire and wish to worship. But lumping her in with ‘lili’s’ is the exact same as saying all ‘Mary’s’ are the same person/character.
Again, thanks for sharing these resources!


You are most welcome! I still have a few on my list I’m trying to find and will add these as I get them.

Being a fan of Supernatural as well as vampiric movies/books, Lilith’s character has always peaked my interest. However, I never delivered into her mythology until recently when she’s started to show up everywhere. I already work with Hades and Hel so she fits right along side them.

And I couldn’t have said your description of monotheistic views better!


Have you read or heard the audiobook, “The Book of Nod”? It’s on YouTube. It’s a unique take on an old myth that falls, I believe, right up your alley.
Thank you again :two_hearts:


Oh! Yes @Amaris_Bane I remember the 1st you linked is where I found information of Her for the astrology post. I remember the story :star_struck: That was when I fell down my little rabbit hole about Her :rofl:


That’s a fascinating take that I haven’t considered! Thank you for that!


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