Workings with The Tree of the Qlippoth

Hi all hope you’re having a pleasant weekend.

Hope it’s not too much to unload for my 1st topic besides my intro.

Years ago(aged 25, now 35) I initiated into the Sphiroth & the tree of life & raised my
kundolini all at once
and frankly it was a bad experience for me, i wasn’t ready
and it messed up my mental health.

But with time & effort I got stronger Slowly went off most of
the psych meds & started living a mostly normal life.

Now, I decided to turn to the other side: the dark 1. I’m not doing hexes on people or anything malicious. im just doing a lot of shadow work. I’ve grown as a person & a witch/magician/mage.

Was just wondering if anyone here works with the Qlippoth,
Dark Lords, Norse deities?

Im specifically interested in deep shadow, personal alchemy work.


Hello there again!

I understand the dark side by way of Shadow Work. I went on a Shadow Work excursion last year & well, a lot of things have been resolved & as a bonus… while I’m not off of all of them, I have one medication we are completely tapering me off of right now, & the others are at their lowest prescribing dose right now. Still working on some things, so I’m working on it. Made a lot of progress though! Lowest doses, I’ll take it for now… :smiling_face:

Through the Shadow Work leading me to actually work on some things that let’s face it, I had at some point decided we are going to pretend that never happened, I’m currently in the process of learning about the Chakras & Kundalini has come up. Actually, I think one of my current meditations uses the Breath of Fire :fire: & Long Deep Breathing from Kundalini… I could be wrong though… I may have it confused with another meditation series.

Norse Deities… I work with Celtic Paganism & the Celtic Pantheon mostly. I do know that we have practitioners that work with the Norse Deities. As I said in the previous post, as I come across some topics I will bump them or tag them for you to dive into. :two_hearts:


Welcome @john.knox,

No worries at all- it’s a great topic to post about, so thank you for sharing it! :pray:

While I don’t personally work with the Qlippoth, Dark Lords, or Norse pantheon in my practice, the coven here is a large one and I hope you’ll be able to connect with others who do specialize in those areas :sparkles:

Shadow Work, however, is something I am quite familiar with- it’s a rugged, brutal, ferocious part of magick that can knock you down pretty hard. But despite the challenges (or perhaps because of the challenges haha) it is a highly beneficial area of magick that can bring about immense positive changes in your life :dove:

A while back we had a weekly challenge focusing on the theme of Shadow Work. If you’re interested in hearing some experiences from others, you are welcome to check out the previous Shadow Work Challenge :black_heart: (scroll down to see entries in the comments). You could also check the Shadow Work Tag to view related forum posts.

As a bit of friendly advice, I recommend planning some time post Shadow Work to focus on Self-Care. I know Shadow Work can be pretty rough, so please take good care of yourself to handle any emotional shift or other turbulence when you finish your shadow session.

Wishing you all the best with it- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


@Susurrus My Parton is Thor. My Matron is Hekate, and she claimed me from The Morrigan if that helps u @john.knox Whilst im still new to regaining control and balance with my gifts after them being suppressed for so long due to religious upbringing. Im now finally finding myself. I have a strong affinity for herbs. Ive been severely burned by others “trying” to help me find myself. If that makes sense at all. Several here know my story.

Welcome to a strong family brother.


Happy to find someone also interested in the Norse pantheon.


Hi @BryWisteria can the shadow work challenge be revived in its original or modified form?

Can some other challenges/workings for interaction/ meeting & integrating our animalistic side be introduced to the forum/site?

I’m sure it will help a lot of people here.


@john.knox, it’s me again, whirlwind of a day yesterday, so sorry for the later-than-expected response.

@BryWisteria will be back in the forum on Monday, however every 10th week we have a “catch-up” challenge, where you can go into the challenge & then post your entry either on the thread for the Catch-Up or in its own thread linked back to the Catch-Up Challenge.

During the week of the catch-up challenge, you are allowed to do up to 2 challenge entries at a time, unless otherwise noted within the challenge. This week’s challenge will end on Tuesday morning at 7 AM & then challenge will close. Then later that morning you will see the Props & Presents post. There you will be tagged for participating (should you so choose) & receive a new badge that you can change on your profile. On Wednesday, a new challenge will open again until Tuesday AM at 7.

@Mistress_Of_Herbs & I have a similar background before we came back to the craft, she is really good with what she does :hugs:

Here are a few links that may have some helpful information for you:

Odin and Frigga incense

Experiences with the Norse Deities

:100: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Hundredth Challenge - this challenge is closed but it will show you the basic setup for a catch-up challenge. It also lists every challenge except for the last (3? or 4?). So you can see which challenges have already been done. Bry does like to keep ideas for challenges for the following weeks - so absolutely you can request a challenge subject. Many of our challenges were from the ideas of members of the forum.

If there is a specific aspect that you would like to incorporate as a current challenge, you could also do that too. This week is :sunglasses: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Casual Casting & it can be casting or doing workings using informal magic which can also include chaos magic… so the challenges are open to interpretation by the practitioner.

History of Runic Systems

History & Origins of Runes


*** :sparkles:I am going to 2nd this :star2:*** because when I finally actually, honestly, did Shadow Work… well, some things came up & life was happening & in the end, I enlisted the assistance of a licensed therapist & my psychiatrist. I have learned that self-love :heart:, care :hugs:, and awareness are needed absolutely for a little bit afterward, like a couple of days little bit not an hour or a half an hour :clock1: , journaling :pen: about any feelings & experiences over the next little bit through the new lens & adjusting to the information you have gained is a good idea too.

:face_in_clouds:I have found that Shadow Work is best done with baby steps because you have no idea what is going to trigger a free flow of “stuff”

  • Currently, I am to stay away from Shadow Work unless one of my mental health providers says otherwise… I was neck deep in Complex Mental Health stuff… so now baby steps :footprints:
  • Do what you feel is right for you

Awwwwwwwwww :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Good morning, life got away from me when my friend the “migraine” showed up for the afternoon… good times…

I spoke to my son, he has kind of taken a step back from really learning or practicing to get some things in order with himself. He said that he is currently learning & leaning toward Asatru (sp?). So he couldn’t give any other information.

This may interest you as far as learning more about the Qliphothic & how to work with it though.

I hope that you find the information to move forward in your practice!





Yes, please don’t forget self-care. Very important!

Raising your kundalini like that, take it with not too much guidance (meaning alone and not having someone more experienced to help guide), sorry you went through that, but you bounced back and mentioned better and stronger. A lot of ppl who have bad kundalini experiences tend to not return back to the practice/arts.

With regards to shadow work, or any type of works you want to pursue, it would be a good idea to get a guide: tarot, runes, pendulum, etc. It could be good help along your way.


I know the wonderful Siofra already covered this- yes! All previous challenges re-open every 10 weeks for the Catch-Up Challenge. You are welcome to participate officially at that time (and earn a shiny forum badge! :trophy:).

On the unofficial side of things, even though past challenges are not longer currently running, all challenge posts are left visible to everyone to use as they see fit- you are free to use the resources and shared experiences there at any time you feel drawn to it :grinning:

I’m not sure if it is what you mean, but from what you said I think immediately of Chaos Magick- in which case, yes, there have been several challenges, group rituals, and other content around this particularly lawless and freeing aspect of the Craft (and will likely be more in the future too). Here are a few you may find interesting:

Blessed be! :sparkles:

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