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Merry Meet!

I was recently at my favorite herbal cafe (more on that here!) and was delighted to find that they have a line of teas based on the Zodiac cycle :wheel_of_dharma: :tea:

In honor of fellow astrology-enthusiast @Cosmic_Curiosity and anyone else with an interest in tea blends and/or the Zodiac, I’ve found and gathered the ingredients for each Zodiac Tea Blend.

Feel free to take a peek at what Dary Natury (the herbal group) thinks your Zodiac sign tastes like needs most! :grinning:

NOTE: Dary Natury is a Polish herbal company that uses herbs in line with traditional Slavic herbal medicine. While I didn’t make these blends and can’t attest to why they chose the herbs they did for each sign, it may help to keep in mind that associated magickal meanings and uses of certain herbs can differ between herbal traditions

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Ingredients: dandelion flower, nettle leaf, juniper fruit, coriander fruit, St. John’s wort herb, mugwort herb, eyebright herb, roseroot rhizome, chokeberry fruit, wild strawberry fruit.

From Aries Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: verbena herb, mint leaf, thyme herb, marigold flower, yarrow herb, rosemary leaf, dogwood fruit.

From Taurus Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: traveler’s chicory herb, fennel fruit, rose hips, mallow herb, honeysuckle, lovage root, elderberry.

From Gemini Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: chamomile flower, linden flower, lemongrass herb, marshmallow leaf, verbena herb, blackthorn fruit, blackberry fruit.

From Cancer Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: St. John’s wort, hawthorn fruit, rose fruit, chamomile basket, burnet flower, dandelion flower, chicory herb, rosemary herb.

From Leo Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: lavender flower, linseed herb, chicory herb, knotweed herb, agrimony herb, verbena herb, St. John’s wort herb, rowan fruit, wild strawberry fruit.

From Virgo Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: plantain leaf, yarrow herb, heather flower, mallow leaf, horsetail herb, wild strawberry leaf, elderberry fruit, wild strawberry fruit.

From Libra Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: mugwort herb, nettle leaf, lemon verbena herb, thistle herb, raspberry leaf, dogwood fruit, rose fruit, lavender flower.

From Scorpio Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: couch grass rhizome, chokeberry fruit, hawthorn fruit, ginseng root, willow bark, horsetail herb.

From Sagittarius Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: pansy herb, plantain herb, buckwheat herb, knotweed herb, couch grass rhizome, rose fruit.

From Capricorn Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: lemon balm leaf, hyssop herb, thyme herb, lemon balm herb, sage leaf, hawthorn fruit, blackthorn fruit, nettle leaf.

From Aquarius Zodiac Tea


Ingredients: oregano herb, meadowsweet herb, willowherb herb, plantain leaf, dandelion root, wild strawberry leaf, dogwood fruit, elderberry fruit.

From Pisces Zodiac Tea

Would you drink the tea blend for your sign? Are there any herbs in your blend that you would change or substitute? :thinking:

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Blessed be!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dary Natury in any way. This post is simply to share some interesting tea blends with those who might enjoy them too!


My sun sign is Scorpio but, due to low blood pressure, stinging nettle isn’t something I’m able to take. I got the Capricorn blend in honor of my partner instead- but I still haven’t gotten around to making a cup! Let’s just say we bought quite a bit of tea during our trip in Warsaw and I am making my way through them slowly :sweat_smile: :coffee:


Hmm… :thinking: I can tell you right now that I’m not a fan of mugwort’s flavor lol but maybe when its combined with everything else, it would be better? One day I’ll have to try something like this! I also clicked the link and looked at the box - gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


These are so much fun! I’m a Leo and I’d like to taste that blend… I’m a little worried though because there are several herbs in that list that I do not enjoy (I’m looking at you St. John’s Wort and Rosemary!)… Ha! I wonder if the other ingredients blend it in well together? Still, a super fun read! Thanks for sharing Bry!


@BryWisteria thanknyou so much for this. Very interesting blend for Taurus. I am going to try and work out why these are linked to my sun sign. I am one of these people that “just needs to know” and likes to do a bit of digging to find the answer.
Thank you again for positing this
Blessed be


Mine kind of sounds like cough syrup. LOL! Not sure if I could have nettle leaf either, but I’d have a cup just to try.


Could be! Sometimes something that tastes icky on its own is delicious when paired with the right things. (TW for eating offal) I’ve always been grossed out by liver, but it’s a traditional dish here in Poland and super nutritious- I gave it another try the other day and found that, when paired with onions and prepared in a certain way, it actually tastes pretty good! :astonished:

I guess it’s all in the combination? Could be why making your own experimental tea blends is so challenging but also fun! :laughing: :tea: :sparkles:

St. John’s Wort is a tricky one- I see it so often in warnings and listed as a problematic herb that I try to avoid like I do stinging nettle. It definitely has it’s benefits, but there’s a lot to be cautious about too!

Rosemary is deeeeelicious in cooking (so good on a roast chicken! :yum:), but I’m with you when it comes to putting it in tea- not a fan either :sweat_smile: I’ve used it in sickness and cough blends before, but when you’re all stuffed up and can’t taste anything, the flavors of the herbs don’t matter much at all :joy:

I’m happy if you enjoyed seeing the blends, Ailey! :heart: :blush:

Awesome! :grinning: If I might offer one idea, you might look for Slavic herbalism meanings- sometimes herbal meanings are the same or similar to mainstream western herbalism, while other times they differ greatly.

This one website, Slavic Magic, for example, lists basil as an herb associated with death, and iris as tied to lightning and weddings (instead of basil being an herb of luck and abundance, and iris of rainbows and hope) :herb:

The downside is that it can be hard to find reliable resources (especially in English) because so much of Slavic paganism was wiped out by Christianity. Still, there are some resources out there for those with an interest!

Good luck with your research, Alan- wishing you all the best with it! :books: :blush:

Hahaha a very healthy tea, I suppose! :laughing:


Oooh, I’d love to try these :yum: :tea: And I’ve got a tagline for a fun challenge – “drink your way through your astrochart and find out what you taste like!” :laughing:


I did a bit of digging and tried to link the ingredients of the Taurus blend to the traits. I also made reference to links with Venus as this planet rules Taurus.


Verbena: can be used in a nerve tonic to ground you (Taurean trait). It can also be used in love spells. Taurus is ruled by Venus, bringer of love.It increases urination to remove toxins from.the body. Venus (ruler of Taurus) rules the kidneys and urinary system.

Mint: this can bring money and abundance as well as attract business customers, very important to the Tautean who places importance on the material world.

Thyme: link mint, thyme can also promote or bring forth amonetary fortune. Medically, thyme can be used to treat sore throats and respiratory issues. Taurus rules the throat. It can also be used in a skin beauty regime. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the bringer of beauty.

Marigold: bring loving energy and can promote money and and abundance, things that important to a Taurean. Also an excellent for the skin, which is important to the sign ruled by Venus. Can be used to treat earache too…Taurus rules the Ear nose and throat system.

Yarrow: This promotes love and beauty as well as promoting patience, a Taurean trait. It increases urination to remove toxins from.the body. Venus (ruler of Taurus) rules the kidneys and urinary system.

Rosemary: it is said in some retelling that Venus, ruler of Taurus, was cloaked in rosemary at the time of her birth. It is often used in weddings as part of the nuptial ritual as a link to the goddess to promote love. Rosemary actually means “sea dew” as a link to the birth of Venus/Aphrodite from the foam of the sea.

Dogwood: promotes stability, a true Taurean trait. It is also said to make wishes of abundance come true.

It was interesting to try and make connections. These are purely my interpretations. They may be well off the mark!

Blessed be



That sounds like a blast! :laughing: A whole heck of a lot of tea for sure haha- I love it :tea: :heart:

It makes me think… perhaps it’d be more manageable to narrow down on just one or two ingredients per sign (instead of a blend of 5+ different herbs- mixing signs might taste like drinking to drink the whole forest lol). That way you could make your very own tea blend- maybe a personal blend of your sun, moon, and rising signs! :star_struck: :tea:

Oh my goodness this is such an exciting idea (Celestia, you inspirer, you! :joy: :heart:), I’m going to try it now (using just the first listed ingredient for each of the Zodiac blends above)

For a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, and Gemini rising, my personal Zodiac tea blend would be: mugwort, verbena, and traveler’s chicory. I’d try it! :joy::tea:

This is some very thorough research, Alan- it’s really neat to see, thank you for sharing it! :grinning:

From what you’ve found and in your interpretations, I can see how each herb in the blend would link into Taurus energy and/or traits. I bet whoever designed the blend had the same or similar thoughts in mine! :herb: :taurus: :sparkles:


We tried the Capricorn blend yesterday! :capricorn: :tea:

I (Scorpio pretending to be Capricorn) thought it was quite good. My partner (the actual Capricorn) wasn’t a fan, so go figure :joy:

We didn’t steep it very long as, although none of the herbs raised a red flag for either of us health-wise, I’m always cautious about trying new herbs (never know how they will make you feel, better safe than sorry!)

As for the taste, the best I can relate it to is chamomile-ish with a hint of fruit (the rose, I’m guessing). It’s grounded and earthy, but not in a bad way. All in all, not something I’d mind adding to my tea schedule now and then! :tea:


Awww, I’m happy to inspire :smiling_face: :heart:
I’d love to hear how it turns out if you end up experimenting~ :hugs: :revolving_hearts:


Leo Blend- Ingredients: St. John’s wort, hawthorn fruit, rose fruit, chamomile basket, burnet flower, dandelion flower, chicory herb, rosemary herb.

I would try this cautiously- im leery of St Johns Wart, mostly. And i have had dandelions be both tasty and sort of bitter in teas, though it may depend on what they are paired with?
Chicory supposedly makes you :poop:
Im not sure that I have ever had Hawthorn or burnet either…
But I do love Rose, Chamomile and Rosemary!

Im currently addicted to a tea called Triple Goddess from Earthbound Metaphysical in North Syracuse NY. They have a huge selection of hand mixed loose teas, and this one is an herbal-berry tea, and then I toss in a lemon slice for zest.


@BryWisteria TY for the post as I am going to have to try the Taurean blend - Alan did a wonderful job of lining up the herbs with alchemy and history of the plants under Venus. My Other Half is a Scorpio, and there’s no way he’d drink this tea…:thinking:. Maybe :woman_shrugging:. Am I the only one that Looooves the taste of mugwort :flushed::woman_shrugging:


As of right now, I currently have exactly zero of the three ingredients (mugwort, verbena, and chicory) :joy: But if I ever get my hands on them and bring the blend to reality, I’ll definitely share about it! :heart::blush:

Thanks again for the inspiration :hugs:

You’re very wise to be cautious with St. John’s Wort- it’s an herb with many benefits, but also many potential side effects, and not recommended for certain people (such as those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, with severe depression, taking certain prescription medicines, etc).

I’ve found the taste of dandelion can depend on which part of the plant is being used (flower, leaf, root), when it was harvested (smaller, younger plants earlier in spring tend to be less bitter than older, tougher plants harvested later on) and also whether it is simply dried or roasted. Roasted dandelion root is one of my favorites, but it’s a coffee substitute for a reason! If left to steep for too long it can indeed become overpoweringly bitter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :coffee:

It sounds like you’ve found a favorite! :heart: Out of curiosity, may I ask what herbs/plants/berries they use in the blend? :herb: :blush: :tea:

It’s my pleasure, Lisa- and a big thank you again to Alan for the amazing deep dive of the meaning of the ingredients for the Taurus tea! :clap: :heart:

If you give it a try, I hope you enjoy it- happy tea time! :tea:

I really enjoy mugwort baths, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of the flavor in drinks! :laughing: Maybe it’s something that someone can adapt to over time- it certainly has some nice benefits, especially magickal ones! :herb: :sparkles:


Hi everyone!

So many herbs to be so careful with! My patients so often come in taking herbal supplements and dont realize the intercations with their meds, other herbs, etc.

I looked on the website, and they used to list their ingredients, they do not any more. I know it has dried wild blueberries in it, but i will have to ask for the ingredients next time i go!!


Herbs can have many wonderful benefits, but they are often more potent than someone might think, especially if they are new to taking herbs and herbal supplements! It’s important to have someone to confide in and talk with about potential unwanted effects or complications- your patients are lucky to have you, Rebecca! :blush: :green_heart:

Is the company based in the US? If so, I was under the impression that they were required to list the ingredients by federal regulations (to help those with allergies or deitary restrictions stay safe)… maybe they don’t have to when selling online? :thinking:

You are very kind to offer, but no need to go on a quest- if you happen to see the list somewhere during your shopping, feel free to forward it along, but I wouldn’t want to trouble you to go out of your way! :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hmmm… I don’t care for the taste of the Mugwort & also wouldn’t be able to have the Nettle… I bet I can find some good substitutions though! :revolving_hearts: I’ll have to see what I can come up with for this one! :blush:


Oh! :star_struck: I would love to hear what you decide to do if and when you put a blend together- good luck! :tea: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m going to look through what I have & maybe try one for tomorrow’s Group Ritual :blush: I’ll let you know what I use when I make it up & how it tastes! :yum: