Bit off more than I can chew

Happy New Year Spells8 family!

I did a 2021 year spread that was quite elaborate and I’m having a hard time processing all of the information!

The spread involves a total of 37 cards, 2 Tarot decks, and 2 Oracle. 12 cards w/ deck 1, 12 cards/ deck 2, I did that for representing the 12 months, the extra 12 are for highlighting anything specific(like if there were duplicate cards drawn). Then I had 2 cards per season. Winter since that’s what I’m in currently, and then the rest as following, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In the middle of this sort of oval, I had 3 Oracle cards to represent 2 questions and then an overall message of the year or guidance for the year. I then took 1 card from the other Oracle as my path and then another for my obstacle placed horizontally on top of it.

Whew!!! So as you can see it is very in depth. I was pulled so strongly to do this reading but I also feel that it was meant to be told to me, not for me to interpret. I don’t know if that makes sense, I guess I should have sourced out to some of the readers I follow in the business but like I said, I was feeling drawn to this spread, to pull these cards.

But, I do need some help :frowning:

If there is anyone interested in breaking it down with me, I don’t know how we would go about it but I’d be so appreciative and grateful for the help in deciphering my months ahead.

I know this year is going to be seeing a lot of us reaching new heights and finding the courage in the unknown. We all deserve these opportunities of growth and expanding our minds, the World deserves this. <3


Just some extra insight of the kinds of cards that showed up…

There were 10 Major Arcana
(Not in order they were drawn) The Magician, Lovers, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, Tower, The Sun, Judgement, and The World.

Six court cards
(Not in the order they were drawn) one Page, one Queen, two Knights, and two Kings.

Number of cards belonging to Elements:
Six Air
Four Fire
Six Water
Six Earth


Do you have a picture of the spread with the revealed cards? Also, do you have the oracle card meanings for the cards that were revealed?


Yes I do! I have about a handful that I took.


Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more! And I’m still learning to read cards for myself :joy: so I don’t want to discourage you with all my misconceptions lol but I know many here would be happy to help. Id personally love to see some pictures of the layout. I hope you get some answers. :sparkles::gem::sparkles:


This is how the spread looked when finished and then I will go backwards to show you the rest.



&&&&&&& Then I took a picture without the first cards on top…



That is an intense spread! Kudos to you for taking the time to do that, even if you haven’t quite interpreted it yet!


It sure is! I was a bit intimidated but I couldn’t deny that pull to the cards and the spread. I’m slowly but surely working my way through the months, lol, then I’ll do seasons and then, and then… hahaha. Thank you though! I hope someone out there would be interested in doing it for themselves :slight_smile:


These are really beautiful cards, Janelle! I love your spread!

The idea of combining two decks over one spread is very interesting. :wink: It really helps narrow down the meaning of each position.

Starting from Winter towards Spring (clockwise) I see a very romantic view, filled with optimism and possibilities (or at least the illusion of it). Interestingly, the Oracle cards look mostly positive but the Tarot deck seems to be showing an underlying theme of wishful thinking or deception.

Moving towards the summer, all I can see is a sacrificial scene: The hanged man, Judgement and The World. All moving towards the Five of Wands that crowns it with a chaotic scene of fighting.

I will leave it there and see if anyone else comes up with a reading for the rest!


That is one impressive spread, @janelle! :star_struck: I love the diagrams you shared too- it is one amazingly complex reading. I can confidently say I’ve never attempted a spread anywhere near this level of intensity- you’re amazing! :clap:

The idea of using multiple decks and types (tarot and oracle) as well as breaking it into parts of seasons is really interesting. Are you journalling your interpretations as you reveal them? I think it would be really neat to look back on later in the year! :open_book::sparkles:


I’m still learning to read my own & have never tried an oracle deck. So I won’t be much help here, but it looks gorgeous & kudos for taking the time to pull them & mix types & decks. I think Journaling your readings would be a great idea too.


I love this spread. I wish I understood it better but this is what I see.

The first set of tarot is the 12 months, right? I see the potential in the first part of the year. The hanged man is reversed and looking at the sun. With the 7 of wands upright, I still see potential for the second part of the year. Interestingly, you have 3 elemental cards at the beginning of the year and the last remaining elemental card at the end of the second part of the year so I see a balanced first half.

The reversed king of cups would be troublesome to me but he’s looking at a reversed 9 of swords. That said, the start of the fourth part is a reversed 4 of swords. I think some level of self-deception is possible. This is followed by the king of wands, who is looking at them. Whatever you are facing in the mental realm can be conquered by a pure passion - a decisive move forward. I am not bothered by the devil card in the slightest.

So what did you do to tick off the second set of tarot cards? :rofl:

I can’t make out the second card in each season. From what I can see, death is covering the devil. That’s why I am not worried about the devil. The lovers are basically confirming the first set of tarot. The five of wands is a moment of change, which we see in the first set of tarot. And Justice is covering the mixed swords and king of wands. I think this is confirmation your decisive move balances out any self-deception.

I don’t know what your 2 questions were but Tiger’s Eye and Diopside are protection and healing type stones. The guidance for the year appears to be to keep a clear mind as that will be the most challenging thing in your year.

Your path card is purifying strength? And it is with the protection and healing stones. The challenge card runs along with that theme of self-deception.

I don’t know if any of this helps, @janelle. I would say your year holds a lot of potential but you will be your own worst enemy no matter what challenges you face. (And that second deck either hates you or implies challenges.) You are also your own best defender and source of strength. You are your own best healer and when you put your heart into the matters at hand, you can balance the scales where the mind wants to be all over the place.


It looks intimidating but I bet it was fun interpretating the cards. Congrats for doing this spread!! :clap:and thanks for showing pictures bc I had a rough time imagining all that​:sweat_smile:


@Francisco @praecog29 I thank you both for your thoughts and insights into my 2021 spread! This year for me personally is going to be the :fire: that’s lit under me, forcing me to grow in ways I’ve always been afraid of but knew it was going to happen some time or another. It’s time for me to face the :musical_score: in more ways than one, that’s for sure. Mentally and emotionally speaking, I have never felt more equipped to handle the ups and downs like I am now. Sadly, I have lost my grounding :footprints: but that in itself has me feeling that it was never really there at all, alas it was an illusion I created. Why? I have no idea.
Funny you mention balancing the scales, as my soon to be hubby is a Libra and I so much admire him for his ability in that department. He’s the Air to my Fire.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse: :bride_with_veil:t4:I am getting married in 8 days/ 1-22-21 :rose: :clinking_glasses: :ring: :sagittarius: :heavy_plus_sign: :libra:!!!


Yes I am and it is taking me quite some time to get all my thoughts down. I’m sure by the end of this month, I’ll have logged the first half of the year down :rofl:. And thank you! This particular reading and spread are new to me.

@krissie117 Thank you! I’ve never been good an journaling but ever since I started using Tarot and Oracle, it’s become a decent habit for me.


Congrats on the wedding, @janelle! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Keep doing mindfulness meditation!

Last week I watched this show by Jerry Seinfeld (youtube clip) and at one point he says his “greatest regret was not knowing the important of morning meditation”. He specifically talks about TM (transcendental meditation) but you could do any other type.

If you have mala beads, a rosary or any kinds of beads, do this:

  1. Grab a bead, inhale deeply
  2. Grab the space between the beads, exhale completely
  3. Continue with next bead. 5 minutes with each hand.

Congratulations on your upcoming big day!! :ring: I love the mirrored date you picked!


Congrats, Janelle!!! :heart_eyes::confetti_ball: :two_hearts: That is so excited- blessings to you and your partner, and wishing you all the best on your happy day! :raised_hands:

Did you decide to do the handfasting ritual, or maybe something else? Can’t wait to hear about the ceremony- congrats again! :partying_face:


Congratulations @janelle! I hope you have many great experiences and memories made with you beau! I’m so happy for you! :heart: