Charging Amulet

I would like to consecrate and charge an Amethyst Amulet for my daughter. Can I get some tips on the best way to help family members in my practice? I would love to give her this gift and for it to be charged for her. Blessings in advance!


Hi Jojo :heart:

I think charging amulets is a great way to help your family with your craft! Charging jewelry is also extremely simple to do. :blush:

A simple process could look something like this…

  • cleanse all the jewelry

  • charge the jewelry with your intention during a spell – usually includes ingredients such as candles, incense, and herbs

  • gift the jewelry to your family member

Easy as that!

We have a few topics here on the forum that involve charging jewelry, plus an article on the website that can help :+1:


Thank you so much for your response. I have studied the lessons. It feels like they guide you to charging it for the self. What can I do to help me concentrate my intention towards the Amulet being for my daughter?


Wherever it says to focus on the intention, that’s where you’re going to focus on the person the amulet is for. You can also incorporate a taglock of your daughter – something that ties the spell directly to her. This is going to be something like a picture, her name and date of birth, or even a piece of her hair.

For example, with the chant listed under the Enchanting Jewelry article, you could change it to this:

Day and night,
safe and sound.
[Your daughter’s name] is protected
by Divine Light.


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