Crystal Spheres

How do you use a crystal sphere?

I have never been drawn to singular crystal spheres but I am getting one in an alter kit I ordered. I am trying to discover what I can use the sphere for.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


Hi @crystal5, I own a few spheres & aside from being just gorgeous… they can be used for Scrying

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I hope these are able to assist you!

I personally have never tried scrying anything, I do love spheres though… small & larger. I do have two that are glass. One is clear & one is made up of shattered glass. The others I have are small sphere of each color of Tiger’s Eye(Gold, Red, Blue) then medium Dalmation Jasper, Black Moonstone, an Agate Egg, & Shunghite spheres.

I have used the smaller ones in my pocket to kind of fidget with using my fingers.


I have a pretty selenite one and I used the forum’s crystal charging meditation to charge it for happiness. It makes me feel good just looking at it!


Depending on which crystal it is, it generates that energy in all directions.


I kept staring at my spheres & I was like, “I feel like the shpere sends energy all sround it. Literally. But, until I know for sure, I will leave that out.”

& there you are! Thank you @christina4 :revolving_hearts: I had just found it before I logged in today :laughing:


I’ve gathered spheres into my life for decades now and I’ve never tried to use them for anything more than comfort and physical contact. I know they have a lot more potential but my favorite thing is to find a sphere that just feels good in my hands. It’s amazing!


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