Dragon's Blood Incense

Does anyone have a recipe for dragon’s blood incense? I of course can’t remember how to make it and I’m almost certain that I saw it here somewhere but I can’t find it.


Hello @Nixi!

Hmmm- there were definitely references to dragon’s blood ink in the last challenge- maybe that was what you were thinking of? If so, here is the info shared by @Garnet in her lovely entry:

As for incense, I’m not too sure myself- I imagine it would require either the original resin (called ‘Dragon’s Blood’) from the Socotra Dragon Tree or the substitute herbs (to protect the original tree, which is endangered). You could then follow general instructions on how to turn it into incense. If you have the raw resin or plant material, here are some instructions on how to make homemade incense:

Perhaps others will have a recipe for you too- good luck and blessed crafting, Nixi! :heart:


I think you might be right @TheTravelWitch_Bry with my ‘rewired’ brain anything if possible.
As I started looking around and thinking, I don’t think I was remembering seeing the recipe, I think I was remembering or at this point maybe making my own recipe. I do think I might have made it before and I’m 2 ingredients in so far. I know it uses Dragon’s Blood as a base as apposed to being an add in so it would have to be for a specific purpose so maybe the missing piece is an intent based ingredient


I have Dragons Blood incense sticks, resin, & essential oil… but i think to make the incense you’d need the leaves or bark from the tree itself or to use the resin.

Just my thoughts. I do make my own incense, but have only ever used the resin.


I really hope this is not referring to the highly toxic crystal? Containing either asbestos or mercury from the top of my head…


Heart of the Forum.
That’s an excellent question and I really don’t know.


I plan to use resin. I’m starting with a very small batch to save my husband’s sanity and to keep him from telling me that “The bank account is crying”
He’s being very supportive because I am going back to rebuilding myself as a person and taking a piece of myself back but he can only take so much


@CelestiaMoon @Garnet what I bought is Daemonorops draco


Yikes! I’m all for making substitutions to protect endangered plants, but it doesn’t make much sense if the substitution is toxic or dangerous in its own way :sweat_smile: . My guess is that there was some misunderstanding or miscommunication along the way (perhaps due to the tree name Dracaena cinnabari ?)

Luckily, it looks like there are some other potential substitutions that can be used in the name of preserving the dragon’s blood tree! :tree_of_life: :blush:

Here are a few other substitute suggestions for dragon’s blood resin that I came across:

Dragon’s blood resin is also a iffy incense to use, because it is often harvested in environmentally negative ways, and its habitat is shrinking. A substitute depends on what you’re using it for, but one suggestion is frankincense and red sandalwood - Lokisgift

From Pagan 101 Tumblr

DRAGONS BLOOD = Equal Parts of Red Sandalwood and Frankincense

From Dragonmarsh: Magickal Herb Substitution

As a fragrance substitute (which would be well-suited to incense making), the Spells8 Fragrance Substitutions Guide suggests the following:

Dragon’s Blood - balsam fir with cinnamon storax with citronella

From Spells8: Fragrance Substitutions Guide

Hopefully these suggestions might come in handy for anyone looking for dragon’s blood resin/incense substitutes! :raised_hands:

Blessed be :sparkles:


This was a new one for me, thank you for pointing it out and looking deeper into the issue! :heart: You’re as wise as you’re sweet Bry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is a real honor coming from you, Celestia! :heart: :hugs:

Goodness knows everyone is so kind and generous here in the coven- I’m always happy for a turn to share info and help someone connect with something they hadn’t seen/heard before! :blush:

Lots of love and blessed crafting! :sparkles::grinning:


Information I found about the resin that I bought. I haven’t fine any research on harvesting and such as I found it before the fall that has taken me out for a while


Interesting! Despite having lived in South Korea I really don’t much of anything about traditional Korean medicine. It did make me wonder how the resin is used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) though (which I have a little more familiarity with), and found an article here: Use of Xue Jie (dragon’s blood). It looks like dragon’s blood is used primarily for blood work in TCM as well :+1:

I suppose for anyone who wished to use a substitute for dragon’s blood in medicinal work, they’d have to pursue substitutions who share these same qualities.

It really makes me appreciate how one herb can have many possible substitutions, all depending on how it is being used! :grinning: :herb:


Interesting information @TheTravelWitch_Bry I did a little looking around on the link you posted and I know I tiny bit about TCM and already wondered if that would be more helpful for me than the handful of pills I take everyday with little result and now I’m sure of it. Unfortunately I don’t see that as an option
As far as the Daemonops draco, what I ordered arrived today and I have learned so much about it since I ordered it that using it for incense, when there are other substitutions for that purpose, almost seems wrong.
Interestingly, it has an amazing energy that I couldn’t begin to describe


I’m a big fan of alternative medicine and I definitely think it is something worth looking into more if you think it might be helpful in your healing journey, but for safety reasons, I would strongly urge anyone interested to consult a TCM specialist rather than trying to self-treat any conditions with TCM.

This is because TCM is almost never a one-ingredient cure, specialists often blend many many things together to make a medicine that is suitable for the holistic needs of the patient. When I saw a TCM doctor in Hong Kong I remember walking out of the clinic with a massive list of ingredients to bring to the apothecary! :scroll: :sweat_smile:

While learning about a plant and its benefits is a great practice (and can usually then be used freely as a non-consumable in magick!), if you hope to consume it in any way, it’s always a smart idea to check with any current doctors you work with along with herbal specialists.

Forgive me for rambling- this is an issue close to my heart and I just want to make sure everyone stays safe! Always lots of love for everyone here :heart::pray:

When you ordered it, you didn’t know about the substitutions or situation yet- so it was ordered with an honest heart. At this point, I think the best thing you can do is appreciate, enjoy, and respect it to the best of your ability :blush:

May it serve you well, Nixi- wishing you all the best! Blessed be :hugs::two_hearts: