Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

As promised, here’s my Full Moon Ritual:


  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean sacred space
  • Write forgiveness list
  • Write release list
  • Prepare clean white clothes
  • Prepare Moon Bath mix
  • Palo Santo each room in the house

Similar to the New Moon Ritual, I start with cleaning and spend some time writing decorating my lists. :blue_heart: I prepare my Moon Bath Mix for later, by steeping some Lemons and dried rosemary for around 30 mins, once cooled I add a cup of milk and a few drops each of Lavender, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Sandlewood and Frankincense and leave for later. I walk around each room of the house with my Palo Santo and cleanse them all.

Part 1: Ritual Bath

The first part of my Ritual starts with a bath; I add in my bath mix (after straining!)- the Lemons :lemon: are energising, which I find much needed as I’m usually feeling quite tierd out by Full Moon, rosemary is purifying and the milk is nourishing. I add in whatever other oils I think will complement the mix depending on the type of Full Moon or how I am feeling at the time.

I light 3 white tea lights- the colour white symbolising purity. I like using tea lights for New and Full Moon Rituals as they are circular and that is the shape I visually associate with these phases.:new_moon::full_moon: I light 3 of them because 3 is such a powerful number. It represents communication, creativity, luck and abundance. It is linked to the planet Jupiter (knowledge, abundance, wisdom, ambition) and also represents the mind-body-soul triads, as well as the birth-life-death cycle.

Whilst relaxing I drink a herbal tea and listen to uplifting music :notes: Personally, for Full Moon I like to drink Jasmine tea. Jasmine can be used as a relaxant, sedative and aphrodisiac. Drinking jasmine tea is good for the teeth, hair and skin and can boost the immune system. It calms the nerves and soothe the spirit and reduce stress- a perfecf tea to drink before a Ritual. :coffee:

Part 2: Cleansing!!

After my Ritual Bath, feeling relaxed and content, I carry my candles over to my sacred space to begin the next step of my Ritual.

Sitting comfortably by my sacred space, I light my Palo Santo and allow the smoke to drift over each of my crystals, :gem: my tarot decks, my rings, amulets- anything I wish to cleanse really!- while saying “I cleanse you of all negativity” and visualising a pure bright protective light surrounding the items.

Next, I open my forgiveness list and read it out loud (my forgiveness list is a list of people who have hurt me in the past, or if there isn’t anyone to forgive currently, I give thanks that the mother has protected me against harm). I then burn my list and say “Mother, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience and every negative memory. I forgive myself my past mistakes and hope you aid me in not making them again in the future. With your blessing, I am cleansed of all negative and toxic thoughts and protected from those who would do me harm”. :yellow_heart:

Next, I open my release list and read it out loud (my release list is a list of any bad habits or negative traits I wish to rid myself of). I then burn my list and say, “Mother, with your blessing I am cleansed of these toxic traits. Thank you for guiding me to a healthier life.” :purple_heart:

I Meditate for 10 minutes, envisioning in my minds eye all the negativities drifting away from my aura like smoke, with every piece that leaves me, my aura shines brighter and feels lighter. :star:

I allow the candles to burn to the end and place my crystals and tarot deck by my window so they may bath under the Full Moon overnight next to my bowl of moon water ready to charge, as I do so I say “Mother, please fill my tools with your truest intention”.

I draw the Ritual to a close by saying “I bring love and healing to all my thoughts and beliefs, I send love to myself and everyone I know. Under this Full Moon I am healed and whole, so it be and so it is.” :yin_yang:

I chuck away the spent candles and scatter the ashes of my lists out the window.

Weather dependant, I like to sit in the garden and bath in the Full Moon whilst consultanting the tarot for guidance. If its raining, I stay in my sacred space next to my open window.

And that’s my 2nd main Lunar Ritual. Peace to all. :dove:


Thank you for sharing :blush:

I especially love the idea of having a forgiveness and a release list, and reading it out loud during the ritual.


Very Very Nice ritual. So refreshing, calming and peaceful. thank you for sharing!


@christine4 it is a really cathartic thing to do :relieved: I feel so much lighter afterwards.

I read this quote once, it was something like “The more anger you hold in your heart, the less room there is for love” and its so true!


You are so welcome :grin:

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Loved it! 10/10 for self care!

Thanks for the detailed description and the affirmations, they will be put to good use on this Full Moon! :full_moon:



Will the Full Buck/Thunder Moon this weekend :full_moon_with_face: , I think this is a great time to bring back this beautiful and peaceful ritual! Thank you so much for sharing, @Abs53! :heart::bathtub:


Thank you for sharing! I’m hoping when the time comes I can do something like this too.

Blessed Be!