Hello from Wyoming!

Hello all. I am Crazy T from a small rural town in Wyoming. I am considered a baby witch but I was walking the path back in the late 80’s early 90’s when I met and married my husband who I thought at the time would not understand my craft. It feels so good to get back to my path. I feel I have never really left since I am a level 1 certified aromatherapist and herbalist. I am a solo practitioner with my oldest daughter learning the craft and my husband is now a self-initiated Druid. I found this website doing research and found a place to call home. I love the classes, the spells, and have learned so much that I thought I had forgotten. I do still have a problem with self care as I am also an empath and intuitive. But I am learning to make sure I have some time to ground and get my strength back. Since it is winter here, grounding outside is not an option :roll_eyes: at the moment. I find inspiration during meditation and have my own business. I do have personal friends in the craft that I visit with as often as I can. Not a day goes by that I am not doing something witchy as my daughter puts it. lol

Any suggestions for self care are welcomed! I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Best day ever!


Merry meet! Welcome to the forum! I’m Kasie, from a little town in West Virginia. I’m glad you like our Courses, @Francisco works hard on them.

There’s a Self-Love Appreciation Break meditation that may help you out. And there is a wonderful Group Ritual Tea going on tomorrow that always makes me feel better.

Hope this helps you out! I look forward to chatting with you!


Hiya @CrazyT! It’s wonderful to have you here! Welcome to the forum! It’s so great to hear that your family are all studying the Craft too!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Self- care is so difficult for me too so I’ve been making an extra effort to take time for myself lately. One of my favourite self-care things is taking ritual baths! A couple of my go-to’s at the moment are:

And if you search ‘bath’ on the website you’ll find tons more!
I also recently read a book called “Sacred Self-care” by Chloe Isidora which inspired a little candle ritual the other day. Anyway, enough of my rambling! It’s great to meet you and I look forward to hearing more from you soon! :heart:


Hey @CrazyT… I am in Akron OH. My daughter is in Jackson WY. I love visiting her. Sounds like you have had and interesting journey here. So glad you found your way to Spells8 !


Thanks for the suggestions. I will be trying them all. :grinning: I think I already have the Sacred Self Care book on my to read list. :slight_smile: So much to read and learn.


A very warm welcome to you, @CrazyT! :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the wonderful introduction- sending greetings from Poland! We are blessed to have you join us in the forums. It sounds like you have had a fascinating journey and have a wealth of knowledge! :books:

Others have shared some great recommendations for Self-Care. It’s something I try to focus on too- an important part of the craft! Sending you big hugs and love and light :sun_with_face:

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to talking with you more soon- blessed be! :sparkles:


Welcome @CrazyT! I like your name! It reminds me of tea!! :tea:

That’s so great that both you and your husband are in the Craft! Do you have any favorite blends/concoctions when you work with herbs and aromas?

Thanks for your introduction!! :sparkles:


Welcome! I’d suggest making moon water, taking a bath with some calming herbs and/or essential oils, and maybe a rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz deals with self love (unconditional love, any kind of love). Add the moon water to the bath. It’s optional but whatever you do, take time and enjoy it. :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:


MM and welcome! I am an oldie in Witchcraft and Wicca but new to this forum and site.


Hi and welcome @CrazyT.

I’ma baby witch (sound funny when i’m 42 but I love it ha ha)

Its lovely to meet you I am from the UK

I bought a book called The witches book of self care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, I have not read it yet but its on my list :grinning:


Hi zoe2, I am 52 and yeah being called a baby witch is funny :grinning:

I am going look for that book on Audible. I do a lot of listening to audiobooks while I am crafting (I have my own business). I have being reading/listening to Lisa Chamberlain. I got her free spell book and got a couple of free ebooks, found her on Audible and am listening to her Essential oil book which is mostly the history of using essential oils in spellwork. I am an aromatherapist so the history is fascinating but the rest is old news to me lol.


My nickname from my brother in law has been “T” since I met my husband lol. And some of my husband friends call me the Crazy redhead so I figured CrazyT (that’s part of my business name) fit.

I have a signature thieves blend that I sell out of regularly. I am just getting into meditation intention blends for focus in my own meditation and spellwork. I will be selling those on Etsy shortly, just finished a massive batch in preparation for a craft show that got canceled due to Covid 19 in our small town. Right now I am in the testing phase of a pain blend for myself due to having gamer’s thumb which is beyond painful. I work with all herbs since my youngest daughter is a culinary genius (and I think a kitchen witch).

Thanks for the warm welcome.


I’m Krissie from Cape Cod. I found my way back and I have a tough time with self care because I am also an empath and I find it is very hard for me not to feel others. Especially when it’s my children or someone close to me. I have worked on meditation and sometimes that works, but other times I use the water in the shower and stand under it just feeling the water wash over me. Now that I am talking about it, I think I am going to do that today. I have been very drained over the last week.

I came back to my path after not being able to do it when my life got busy and hectic. I found Spells 8 to be a great refresher course and helped me get back to it in my life. I try to do something each day, I do have a spell that I am working on and waiting for the right time to perform it. I think I am going to wait for the full moon.

If you have any questions or other concerns, feel free to ask away. Someone will happily have an answer. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly. You’ve found the right place for home.

Blessed Be.


I have a signature thieves blend that I sell out of regularly. I am just getting into meditation intention blends for focus in my own meditation and spellwork. I will be selling those on Etsy

OOOOooo that will be great @CrazyT . I just bought a diffuser and some Theif Essential oil. I’m am hoping it helps my Dad who has been coughing a lot lately… not his normal COPD stuff but a lot more phlegm. :frowning: He doesn’t do well in cold weather and even thought the house is HOT he is cold, and we had snow yesterday.