Lepidolite Info 💎


Mineral Family: Mica
Structure: Lithium-aluminum potassium
Hardness: 3-4
Chakra: All Chakras
Zodiac: Libra :libra:, Pisces :pisces:
Element: Water, Storm
Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Color: Colorless, Grey, Purple, White, Pink

:purple_heart: Lepidolite is derived from the Greek word “Lepidos” for scale and “Lithios” for stone.

:purple_heart: In the Middle Ages, large sheets of lepidolite were split from their masses and used as coverings for large openings within buildings. This became known as one of the world’s first societal uses of a “window”.

:purple_heart: Lepidolite is the most highly abundant mineral that contains Lithium. Lithium is used in society in electric vehicles, batteries, and even modern medicine.

:purple_heart: This mineral has softening energies that can affect your emotional body and keep your mental state operating in a calm manner.

:purple_heart: Our entire chakra column becomes activated and aligned when holding or connecting with this stone

:purple_heart: Although this stone resonates with all of our chakras, it helps forge a special connection between the third eye, crown and heart chakra system. You may become more in touch with the emotions you feel within the dream realm.

:purple_heart: It’s suggested to place Lepidolite and/or Pink Opal in a newborns/child’s room. The calming energies have a special relationship with young souls and focus on love and nurturing.

:purple_heart: Lepidolite is one of the best stones for anxiety relief.

:purple_heart: Other Properties:purple_heart:
Calming and patience, dreams, love and relationships, balance, joy, opportunities, sleep, purification, relaxation, stress relief, higher self, gentle self-expression, anxiety relief, emotional understanding, lucid dreaming, peace of mind, nourishing and rejuvenation.

:purple_circle:Some info taken from Crystal Council :purple_circle:

Rough pieces of lepidolite

My tiny tower :tokyo_tower:

:purple_heart::heartbeat: Do you have any Lepidolite? What does it look like? :heartbeat::purple_heart:


Lepidolite has always had a way of pulling me towards it.


Oh it pulls me too!!! I had a piece the the big slab that you have but I did a gift swap with a classmate. I also gave her my big labradorite freeform.


I have a calling to Lepidolite. I have it raw, tumbled, slivers, worry stone… if I can find a good place to take a picture of it, I will post one! I actually put some in my pouch that I made up yesterday. A couple of sliver pieces went in there.


Nice!!! It’s a very beautiful stone to have. I feel it mostly with the heart chakra. Like my heart is open more even while talking about it. It’s amazing.