Magical essence as a part of you or as all of you?

I am reading a book called The Crooked Path.
It mentions finding my magical essence inside located basically in the solar plexus and to see it as a light. Do you all find your magical essence there? Do you look inside to find your magical essence or do you feel that it is all of you rather than a part of you?


I haven’t done much work with my Solar Plexus other than a full Chakra Cleanse each morning. Right now my focus is on my Root & Sacral Chakras (I work with my Earth Star too, but that one isn’t as commonly referred to by most people).

I feel it as energy moving through me though, it’s there like my intuition or empath abilities. I have had numerous blockages & things interfere with anything that has to do with my energy, chakras, magic… I have been basically working on building my practice back up rather than doing things on the fly or in a rush.

I would like some more information regarding this topic though, so I am going to keep tabs on it. If I find anything that may be useful, I will definitely add it to this thread.

I did find these by @christina4 that mention the Solar Plexus & limited information on it’s functions.

I made a solar plexus grid

Ancestral Healing With Crystals :gem:

Next week I will be adding a post to the Chakra Information post: Basics of the Solar Plexus


I feel it is more of a current running through me. It touches every cell in my body and isn’t in a single place. I am a biochemist by education and think of our magick and energy the same way as electricity. I think of our chakras as electrical switches - if they are closed (in balance) then the energy can move freely through them but if they are open (blocked or imbalanced) then the energy gets stuck and can’t move on. The symptoms we feel when one gets blocked is because the “circuit breaker” associated with that chakra trips. In electrical work this is to prevent damage by overload of current or sudden surge of energy. I think of it similarly - if a chakra is blocked, the energy piles up there causing an overload.

Our goal is to check these “switches and breakers” regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. If not, we need to repair them.


Without using chakras as a reference & just speaking on the “Magical Essence”, I still say it feels more like it is within all of me, not in a central location. It moves & I can feel it building, & when in the right frame of mind it just moves freely when I can focus on my intentions throughout… whatever it is that I am doing.

It’s a bit harder to explain where I am very empathic, so I see & feel things differently I think? :thinking:

Everyone has their own experience with what feelings or sensations or essences they feel. I work with 2 deities, but I know when they are trying to get my attention for something. Others don’t work with any or only one or more than 2… I will call upon a deity that is associated with the 2 that I am regularly with though, as they are all from the same pantheon. Deities have a way of letting you know they are around for you.

Again, I just know by the way I feel & what I see throughout my days that others may see as mundane, but for me, it’s something else entirely. It’s free flowing unless there is an interruption with another part of myself or my practice or whatever is going on in my life at the time. Then it’s like… I lose the connection until I have resolved whatever issue there is & stick to at least one mundane thing that is “magical” to me.

Similar to @Amaris_Bane, I’m not sure if she gets the same idea as I do where empathic gifts come into play because balancing those with protection & shielding as a part of our/my practice is a horse of a different color for some that aren’t empathic.

Have you explored the possibility of being an empath or intuitive in some way?


Thank you @Susurrus. That makes sense. The exercise talked about seeing the magic within and then growing it large to cast a spell then to withdraw it back to the little light inside. I didn’t like the idea of expanding it, releasing it and then retracting it. It makes more sense what you and @Amaris_Bane have said for the things l have learned and what I believe.
I’m trying to figure out why I am not connecting and feeling magic. There is definitely a block in me based on fear and approval-eg am I doing this right and am I inviting evil.
I don’t know how to find out if I am intuitive or an empath. Or at least I don’t know how to work with being one and what to do with it.
When I am back on wifi I am going to complete the courses on Spells 8 and I think I need to start a Book of Mirrors to help me along the way.
I have tried to cast a spell to help my son find his Go Pro- it is in a small area in the lake but we still can’t find it. It isn’t working -likely to either him or I blocking it by not being willing to wade into the weeds to put my hands in to try and find it more than I have :nauseated_face:

I am weird in that I think if I connect with a deity I will offend them somehow.

If you were to meditate to feel your magical flow, how would you start that visualization?


I’m reading a book right now that refers to your magical essence as your womb area. The author refers to the womb as an internal cauldron. I get it, but I feel like the essence is more everywhere too!


@Susurrus, your description of empathic gifts , which is amplified clairsentience, is fairly similar to mine, but I also have clairaudience so sometimes I’ll hear things that are “not there” along with the feelings. I hear it in my head just as if I was talking to myself in my head, however the voice is slightly different. I can’t really tell you how, I just know it is not my inner thoughts. And if I ignore these messages enough, the spirit/deity trying to get my attention will make my ears ring until I listen (ask me how many times I’ve had to learn this lesson).

This will most definitely block you! One of the first things I did and I encourage other “newbies” is to learn grounding and protection spells. These are vital. The key is you want to protect yourself from any intentional, or unintentional, negative energy directed towards you, whether it is from a negative spirit or a clumsy person that said something that inadvertently sent negative energy your way.

There are many ways you can do this and they vary based on what you are doing and what you need. As an empath, I practice veiling daily. The head is the center of the spiritual self and divine communication. Hair is the spiritual “nervous system” of the head and receives/gives energy all day, both positive and negative, which can be very draining. By veiling, or covering the hair, it is a way to calm or regulate this “nervous system” and how much energy it is exposed to. This is also why some cultures such as Native Americans don’t cut their hair. You can use anything as a veil - I usually use bandanas folded in half but have used scarves, have a few lace veils for more formal occasions, and a special black lace mantilla veil I wear during rituals. Each morning I cleanse them, shield them (using the spray below), and ask them to protect me as I tie it around my hair. At night, I take it off, shake it out three times away from my altar, cleanse it again, fold it neatly while thanking it for its protection and place it with it’s buddies in my veil basket.

@MeganB wrote a really good post about how to figure out if you are an empath: Are you an empath? ✨. She discusses common signs and how to shield and protect yourself. @SilverBear gave us this Empath Shielding Spray.

As for connecting with a deity, most of them thrive on attention (some more than others lol). The only time you will offend them is if you are disrespectful. If you approach them with dignity and respect, they will be fine. They understand we are human and will not get mad at us for being said humans. Communication is key. If a deity is pleased, they will tell you. If a deity is displeased, they will tell you so you can reflect on it and make amends. It is also vital to vet your deities to ensure they are not imposter spirits but I won’t get into those details here.

I will say there is a difference between worshipping a deity and working with one. Anyone can worship any deity, you don’t need their permission. You can set up an altar dedicated to them, leave them offerings, ask them for help, and say prayers to them. When you switch to working directly with a deity, you have to approach them and ask if they want to work with you. Some may say no, and it could be for a myriad of reasons. Also note that if you believe a deity is reaching out to you and you are either not ready or do not want to work with them, you can say no, just be respectful. Working with a deity is a lot of work. You not only have the worship part, but your relationship goes beyond that into a mentor/mentee state (or at least this is my experience). They will be there to push you into uncomfortable situations to make you grow (Hades loves his shadow work :sob: :sob: :sob:). There will be lots of research, learning new tools and skills, and sharpening your clairsenses. Sometimes as your relationship develops, you realize that you are not compatible with said deity. Again, perfectly ok and normal. Mutual communication is key in the relationship with deities. And you still shield and ward before making contact with your deity so you don’t bring in unwanted visitors.


Thank you! @Amaris_Bane @Susurrus @AileyGrey.
Great information. I will leave working with the deities for now and see how things unfold.

I think for now I will try to meditate and visualize my magic and see it more as a flow and part of my being rather than an internal cauldron and work on strengthening my protective shields.

I am likely an empath just given my experiences I just don’t know what to do with it. So, I will meditate and visualize as above, and reading and see what answers are provided and how I am guided. I think my biggest thing is discipline. Just do it and keep doing it.

Thank you all for your time and sharing and helping me on my journey.

Blessings to all of you :blush:


You are most welcome! And I agree that working with deities should come later in your practice. As for what to do with being an empath, well that’s really up to you. I think your plan is perfect. Meditation and self reflection can go a long way (I skip the visualization as I have aphantasia, or the inability to see images in my mind - it’s just a black hole in there).

Consistency is the key. It doesn’t have to be every day at first. Start with maybe 3 days a week of meditation, then slowly add days after a few weeks or months until you are doing it every day. It took me right at a full year to get up to an every day meditation practice. Some days it’s 5 minutes in silence before my coffee, others it’s 15 minutes with a guided meditation to help wind my mind down before bed. As you start practicing, you will find what works for you. Don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right (for example I usually meditate on shavasana rather then sitting up because it is more comfortable for me).

Most of all, have fun! Enjoy what you are learning and practicing. Be at peace knowing everyone walks their own path and there are different routes to get to the same endpoint.

Blessed be on your journey. We will always be here for you to ask any questions or share any experiences.


I can relate @Amaris_Bane, it wasnt until recently that I have realized some things that I can remember happening all my life are a part of my gifts & abilities. It took a lot untangling & working through some Complex PTSD with Complex Grief & actually working on them & facing things & making changes then energy was just moving more & not dwindling.

My intuition & such are so much more than I originally thought. Overwhelming at times though, I can say that & learning how to work with energy is just as exciting because its things I’ve always been able to do, just enhanced!

So I have trouble explaining things sometimes. Work in progress. Its an inner monologue thing & changing the words to positive tones not self sabotaging. Again hard to explain.

At any rate thank you for sharing your experience also. I don’t know the official names of the things, but I know what they are that I have, if that makes sense.


@Phoenix_Rose I think meditation is a great place to start! Good luck! Be kind and patient with yourself! Remember, it’s not a race and you have all the time you need! Blessings!


@Phoenix_Rose I started with guided meditations & now use the app Insight Timer for them. They have them for everything & for different amounts of time. Plus, they are free!


Absolutely, even if you aren’t sure or don’t know, but especially when you are questioning if you are doing it right.

I had to learn to meditate & focus on my breath before I did anything because I would get very scattered & feel rushed to do it & question… just about everything. I wouldn’t worry too much right now about intuition or empathic gifts until you can get through the guided meditations or practice some breathwork.

Take. Your. Time. There’s no rush for any of this, while some of our paths or beliefs may be similar, we all got here a different way. Start slow & don’t think you have to do, finish, start or any of that any faster than you are comfortable with… everyone is at a different place so there is no competition.


Thats an excellent book


I believe you are talking about Pranna. The ancient Hindu mystical energy that powers the drakina / serpent energy of the spine that travels the shakrah to unlock the godself. Or instantaneous Manifestations of reality re Magick. Drakina [ancient greek for both dragon and serpent] my way of saying it is as all cultures all pre Christian religions the same beliefs solar plexus stores Magick energy of the vital breath


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