Magick Gardens Two

Welcome to Magick Gardens 2

Magick Gardens 2, Canva
Poem by @iambecky

How does your garden grow? With Magick of Course!

I love working in my garden, it’s my Happy Place! Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it heals my soul. Sometimes I just need to pull weeds, it’s calming. I really enjoyed seeing pictures and reading about everyone’s gardens in Magick Gardens One! I invite you to continue sharing your pictures and stories here in this new space.

I have sunflowers coming up, but not yet blooming, which will come later in June. But for now, here is a picture from a few summers ago. I really love these colorful sunflowers, but they don’t come up by themselves.

Flowers bloom when they are happy, and :sunflower: sunflowers always make me smile.

I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures and reading about everyone’s gardens in Magick Gardens One! I invite you to continue sharing your pictures and stories here in this new space.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always

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Stunning flower. I’m going to share a picture of my Yukka. He’s a rescue. My in-laws forgot about him and he was left outside all winter :frowning:. When I took him in, he was small, yellow and dry. I’ve put him in all the rooms, but he likes the hall. Now he’s sprouted a friend and I’ll repot soon and make more. He doesn’t like it outside. It’s true ,

Thankyou for these posts. Blessings :sparkling_heart:


I love your plant! I think it kind of important to grow :slight_smile: so maybe I should say they grow when they are happy! I think he’s much happier with you! Did you give him a name?


No, I didn’t. Now I gotta think of one. :thinking:. I’m going to ponder on that one. :hugs::sparkling_heart:


This will be a journey that I will happily share with the group! This year I finally got a raised garden built

and moved it to the backyard

then attached landscaping cloth to the bottom

and bought the dirt

and filled the garden

for the seedlings I raised this winter

Yesterday was the day to plant!

I have nettles, mugwort, holy basil, chicory, rosemary, oregano, rampion, valerian, wormwood, chamomile, feverfew, tomatoes, marigolds, marshmallow, catnip and borage.

Thankfully the weather is cooler than normal for this time of year and there’s rain in the forecast the next couple of days!


What a project and you have the best herbs :herb: it looks great @Artemisia you did a hell of a job. :grin::cherry_blossom:


:rofl: He seems so nice and happy too! I can tell he’s loved as well, so let us know when you pick a name! :hugs: :potted_plant:

You are so handy with those tools :blush: You did a great job, and it looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! I’m looking forward to watching it grow and blossom! :green_heart:


Hooray for Magick Gardens 2! :potted_plant: :bouquet: :revolving_hearts:

I’ll kick off my garden post here with something amazing that I get yesterday – a Dwarf Cavendish Banana plant! Don’t mind the picture – I took it when it was dark last night and I haven’t taken another picture yet. (Don’t mind the carpet cleaner either…we’re potty training puppies :rofl:)

But I learned something amazing about banana plants yesterday that just blew my mind :exploding_head: a banana plant isn’t considered a fruit tree!

The banana plant is a gigantic herb that springs from an underground stem, or rhizome, to form a false trunk 3–6 metres (10–20 feet) high.


Yup, you read that right – the banana tree is actually an herb and the banana itself is actually a berry!

So, yes I learned something new but also this makes me extremely happy because the HOA says we can’t have fruit trees…:rofl: and well, the banana tree isn’t a fruit tree!


That’s crazy @MeganB
I always thought a Banana Tree grew bananas! :thinking:

Hmmm… no fruit trees! :hushed: That’s strange.

Hugs :hugs: :banana: :green_heart:


Right?! I was very confused, but also it’s a good thing because then I can get around my HOA rules because it’s technically not a fruit tree :rofl:


Yay for Magick Gardens! Last night I fell asleep in my magick garden. Hubby had to come out there and wake me up. Lol! I finally figured out how to get in my hanging chair and it’s like floating on a cloud.



I love your Magick Garden @Ostara I have a few chairs in my yard, but nowhere to fall asleep… :thinking: I’m adding it to my wish list! :spiral_notepad: Yesterday my neighbor wanted to show me what she’s done in her yard, and when we walked around to the backyard, her husband was sleeping in a lounge chair! :sleeping:


Thank you Marsha! That’s funny about your neighbors husband.

Pretty soon it’s going to be too hot in Texas to sleep outside, so I’m enjoying it while I can.


Hip hip hooray for Magick Gardens Two! :partying_face: :heart:

I really enjoyed the first part and am so excited for this continuation- I’m already loving everyone’s beautiful garden and flowers pics! :heart_eyes:

I visited the Botanic Gardens of Warsaw University yesterday- maybe it’s cheating a little bit (I wish it was my own garden haha!) but I hope it’s okay if I share a few flower pics with you all! :bouquet: :blush:

(And a few feathered friends too! :swan: :peacock: )

:sun: :bouquet: :blush:


WOW! Everything is beautiful Bry! It literally gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics.


The botanical gardens has always been a special place surrounded by beauty and magick. :cherry_blossom::sparkles::sparkling_heart: great pictures @BryWisteria


I have recently started an outdoor flower garden but haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. Still a work in progress. I have kept orchids for many years and here are a few pictures I’ve taken of some in my collection.


Your orchids are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


After two days of cooler weather and light rain, my plants are perking back up. Plus the SO made me some plant markers!