Need some advice on Morrigan

This is not happening to me but my sister. My sister is a master in acupuncture and holistic medicine.

She messaged me this morning asking about who is the Morrigan because she was mentioned in a book my sister is reading and this morning Morrigan was in a TikTok video she was watching and she saw crowd in her dream last night(crows are the Morrigans messengers). So I sent her the lesson here on Spells8 about the Morrigan. So as we are talking she said (this is before she read the lesson) she has been hearing weird noises that come in 3 and 3 is represented with the Morrigan. Then when she finally read the lesson she said she got chills all over her body and asked me what did she need to do. I told her to do her research on Morrigan before she does anything else. Upon her research she figured out the Morrigan is big on showing up to people working with protection. I made her a protection jar a few weeks ago and just the other day she said the lid to her jar flew off and she couldn’t find it. She think the Morrigan was attracted to the protection jar and is now calling to her.
I’m here to ask if anyone has any advice for me to give her or if anyone has dealt with the same thing, I personally have no dealt with the Morrigan so I’m unsure how else to help her. I told her I’m still a Baby Witch learning and wasn’t sure about this one so I wanted to ask more experienced witches to try and help.
Thank you all !!


I don’t know too much about working with The Morrigan as she hasn’t made an appearance in my life or work, but I do have links I can share with you to share with your sister!

Here are some posts from the forum:

The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess :triquetra:

Has anyone else learned about the Morrigan?

A prayer or chant to Morrigan

Here are some blog posts and videos from trusted sources:

Is the Morrigan Calling You? What are the Signs? - YouTube

Exploring Celtic Mythology: The Morrigan - YouTube

The Morrigan | Shapeshifting Goddess of Fate, War & Death (Irish - Celtic Mythology with a Native!) - YouTube

How to Build a Relationship with The Morrigan? | Tuatha Dé Danann | Lora O'Brien, Irish Pagan School - YouTube

The Morrigan Resources Guide 2022 with Lora O'Brien of the Irish Pagan School - YouTube

The Morrigan - Sources in Irish Mythology - Lora O'Brien - Irish Pagan School - YouTube

How Do You Recognize Bad Irish Paganism or Celtic Pagan Sources? | The Irish Pagan School - YouTube (throwing this one in here because there’s a lot of really terrible information about Celtic paganism and deities online - it’s always good to know how to recognize bad information!)

Here are some books from trusted sources:

I know there are a few people here in the forum that work with or worship The Morrigan in one way or another, so hopefully they can chime in and share personal experiences and more information with you!


Thank you!!


Hi! I do work with the Morrigan :smiling_face:

Along with the Pagan Portals series by Morgan Daimler & the links provided by @MeganB, Stephanie Woodfield is a Priestess of the Morrigan & has a couple of books that are worth reading about her too…

Courtney Weber also has a book on the Morrigan with the Foreword by Lora O’Brien:

@SilverBear has a couple of great meditations for working with the Morrigan:

Another good meditation for the Morrigan is:

I work with her & have for almost 2 years. The number 3, crows/ravens :raven:, horses :racehorse:, serpents :snake:, dragons :dragon:, the New/Dark Moon :new_moon:, Samhain, Storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Water, Dragons Blood, Sword, the colors Black & Red (such as when lighting candles for Her) & any red juices or wine, red meat, apples or pomegranate, acorns, & those are just off the top of my head right now :laughing:

However, the link to The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess I wrote & the sources that I used & links within it also. :hugs: I’m still learning about Her & continue to look into her mythology & history as much as my time allows. I have an incense that I have made specifically for Her & since then my altar & items for Her have changed. Now I work with both Brigid & the Morrigan as my deities. No others have piqued my interest or I guess called to me in a way that I would start working with them.


Wow! Thank y’all so much I will definitely give her all these resources!


You’re welcome!

I’m glad I was able to provide some help!


@brandy20 i too work with The Morrigan like @Siofra_Strega She is a badass.


That is beautiful!


@brandy20 thank u. When she comes to me, she is as a warrior. I cant the other statues of her, there’s just something wrong with the face. She is fierce, protective,caring, loving, and kind, but she exudes respect.

Hekate on the other hand is a whole different story. She comes in and u acknowledge that she is the mother of us. Its just an overwhelming feeling.


I’ve so far have only been called to by Ares so far I’m just waiting to see if anyone else reaches out but im looking forward to Hecate she gives me chills everytime I read or think about her


I have 2 statue representations of the Morrigan :raven: 1 she is in armor with a sword & crow. 1 she is sitting with a Celtic symbol, black feather & I can’t see it to say what else. Then I have a picture representation of her in a silver frame with the tiniest black feather I have ever seen. I’ll have to post the pictures tomorrow.

I’m kind of bleh on the couch right now. It’s been a hectic day added to my hellacious week.

She has a crow feather by her statues, I made her an incense, a chonk of clear quartz, a piece of Jet, & a piece of Obsidian.

I use black & red candles with Her, Storm Water, acorns, an apple if I have one or red meat.

I also have Dragons Blood that I will add to the storm water sometimes. I have a black Obsidian bracelet that I will ask for her protection & anoint it with Her oil. Sometimes I wear the oil on my wrists & each side of my neck & anoint my candles with it.

I’m actually pretty sure she needs to talk to me about something. She’s been showing up around me for a couple of days. So tomorrow we are having a sit down of sorts.