Offering edible foods to the Gods? How do you do it?

Talking about offering eatible things to goddess
How do one perform such
Like offering honey cake :thinking:


it’s place the food on an offering plate on your alter after a day or two checks to see if it’s dried out or rotten. Most times it will age much faster when the goddess or goods accept it. when using dried grains and such you want to replace it after one week. with fresh foods replace as soon as it rotten or start to wither


I was kinda of lost


Hi there Amara! I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to its own post. There are a lot of different beliefs out there about offering food items to deities. Sometimes the answer is going to depend on tradition. Sometimes it depends on culture. Then other times it will depend entirely on how someone was raised.

For example, in my practice, food is offered to the Gods and usually left on the altar for at least 24 hours. Once the food has had its time on the altar it is disposed of. In my practice, I don’t eat the offering because the Gods have already taken the essence of the food and it’s no use to me anymore. I know others who also give food offerings to the Gods and then eat the offering when it has had its time on the altar. This is for a variety of reasons, whether it be specific beliefs about offerings or just to cut down on food waste.


@MeganB I don’t mind one bit
Could u tell me and some of the foods u think is good for offering :hugs:


Greetings @amara,

You’ve got some great advice about offerings here! It really does depend a lot on the traditions of the witch as well as which deity they want to make an offering for. Different deities have different preferences- if you search for the diety on Spells8 or check out the Temple of the Goddess Course, individual deities have their own pages that list recommended offerings :bowl_with_spoon:

There’s also a great guide about Making Offerings at Home and this discussion about Help with Offerings that has lots of advice and suggestions :+1:

Wishing you all the best with your offerings, Amara- blessed be! :sparkles:


Is it advisable to eat the offering after although I know many witches have different beliefs but I have never tried it and I want to

I see witches that burn theirs


This is going to depend entirely on the deity and culture in question. Many deities have preferred offerings and there are some things that are generally thought to be accepted by most. As an example, I work with Brigid. In my experience, Brigid tends to appreciate milk, butter, and cream. She also prefers anything that I take the time to make myself such as cookies or other food items.

Some deities prefer a very specific type of food that connects with their lore and mythology. As another example, I believe it is common to offer Demeter some type of grain or wheat as that is something she is connected with.

I know there are even differing protocols (I’m not sure that’s the right word but it’s what’s coming to me right now) for Olympic deities and Chthonic deities → Olympic such as Zeus and Chthonic such as Hades.

However, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with water. It’s a good idea to research the deity in question if you’re unsure and want to give something other than water or something you made yourself. Bry gave you some great links for that!

Again, this depends entirely on tradition, deity, and culture. It’s going to come down to what you believe and what the deity in question prefers of you.


Thanks so much🤗
I am always taken back when it comes to offering foods to goddesses but in time to come i really want to work with Hecate, I can’t seem to stop reading about her💓


Honey, this is going to sound sappy, so I’m apologizing before hand.
This is my personal belief and I ask none to follow it.
I feel that Goddess would rather feed the hungry in her name. Donate food to the hungry and then wright a note and put it on your altar “Food for the Poor”.
But this is what I would do. You must follow your heart.
Blessed be
Jeez, someone should critique my posts. I can spell, it’s the computer that’s functionally illiterate. Wright, above should have been Write.


Is not sappy, this is the best offering way I have heard so far​:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


I love this idea @Garnet thanks so much for your wisdom! :heart: