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Hey everybody hope your all having an A+ day. I was wondering if anybody has heard of any paranormal stories like possessions etc… that sound like they could be legit and the events can be fact check verified. Carpe Diem friends


I witnessed this kind of possession phenomenon live on 3 persons. I also worked with Spirits to channel; not possession, them in me. So have my own personal experience, specially with the spirits I could see and interact when a kido.
Have to add of my aunt’s hunted house she had when she was alive.


Greetings @Spaderz!

That’s a really interesting topic! Sorry- I can’t say I’ve had personal encounters with possession. I also don’t do much work with ghosts (as in people who have passed away) outside of a seasonal ancestor altar or small memorial offerings.

However, there have been some paranormal topics shared in the forum before! Here are a few that might be of interest to you:

It gets a bit trickier if you’re looking into spirits (not just ghosts but other presences too) and higher powers. I personally don’t label it as such, but depending on the person, some might even consider deity work to fall under the “paranormal/supernatural” category too.

I’m sure others will have some interesting stories and resources for you to consider as well! Good luck in your search- I hope you can find what you are looking for :blush::sparkles:

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Hmm. The fact-checking by a third party has been done, in cases, such as a medium stating this and such happened here around this time, and then it later was found to be true, or someone confirmed the historical facts. I have a girlfriend who is a medium and connects with the departed. she has done highly accurate readings for my family about people she does not know and was able to identify how they died, names of pets, etc.

Researchers at UVA have fact-checked children’s recounts of past lives and have found them to be historically accurate.

I think there are a couple of kinds of possessions? there is the involuntary kind that involve exorcisms of evil spirits, e.g. , Exorcist kind of stuff. Scary stuff. I find it hard to believe that any entity could take over another against their will unless that person was particularly vulnerable by reason of youth, illness, mental state, etc. But what do I know? even hypnotists can’t make you do something against your nature, I’ve heard. Oth, people under hypnosis do some very strange things. Are these people “possessed?” Faking? who can say?

And there is a kind that i believe is sought – maybe an extension of what some call channeling spirits – and that is more voluntary in practices such as vou dou and in other practices with which I’m only a little familiar. Those are more like religious practices that are culturally specific.

I read recently where there is a kind of possession that takes place with charismatic individuals and crowds who lose themselves in the experience. So, like you go to a concert and everyone in the crowd is in the moment and entranced by the singer. I think that’s an interesting concept but probably not what you mean. I wish I could remember now where I read that. But when you think about it – it’s all energy, right?

There is much out there that has rational explanations and some that doesn’t but I think you can still sleep with your lights off and be okay :slight_smile:

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