Praying to the triple moon goddess

How does one pray to the triple moon goddess? I have accepted that I feel VERY drawn to her…

But I don’t know much about her. I’ve been reading but maybe someone here on the forum knows more about her?

Her history?
How to pray to her?
Is there a daily ritual or prayer you say to her…

Just needing to be pointed in the right direction.


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It’s funny, I can feel you’re really drawn to her, I’m really drawn to her too and the Moon in general! For me the connection isn’t that much in what I do or know but I feel it in my heart as deep love. I don’t generally pray to her, though I love the “Charge of the Goddess” prayer. Just reading it reaffirms my connection with her every time.

Just spending time looking at the Moon, and laying down on the floor (yoga mats are great) or ground in her loving embrace in the quiet of the night are my favorite ways to connect with her. :white_heart:


I have 2 triple goddesses but they aren’t triple moon goddesses. Their triplicities are as sisters or 3 aspects of the same name not maiden, mother, crone archetypes. They have more of an association with a sabbat or moon phase.

However, I did find this with the Goddess being the Triple Moon Goddess & the Horned God (they work with each other, yin, yang)

I would imagine that any workings with the moon & the Lady, Luna, Selene would be working with her or invoking the Triple Moon Goddess.

I haven’t worked with her much since the very beginning of my journey. I do have some pdf files I can upload if you are interested I can send them to you.


Yes absolutely!!! Thank you!


It depends on which deity you’re being drawn to I think. There are quite a few triple moon Goddesses simply because that’s a common thing throughout history. Luna, Selena, Diana, Artemis, Hecate, and more have been connected to the moon. Hecate is probably one of the most popular ones since she is the Goddess of Witches.

Here is a good place to get started researching. Find a Goddess you like and get sucked down the research rabbit hole! LOL! There is quite a bit about Hecate on-site if you use the search button up there.

I hope this helps you out!


It’s Hecate. I believe. I heard this song the other day “Hekate” they were just chanting it over and over again and i wanted to know what it meant. So i did some research and i found out the meaning and then i saw the word “Hecate” and i started reading about her and was sucked in like a whirlpool so i believe she is the one drawing and calling to me. But, i will read about the others as well. :slight_smile: Thank you!


You’re welcome! As I said, there’s quite a bit about Hecate on-site. And there are some really good books. I wish you luck with your research!


When in reference to her being a triple moon goddess…she wouldn’t considered a ancestor would she? Or just a God…


I don’t think Hecate would be anyone’s ancestor, no, but a powerful Goddess nonetheless.


I guess i worded that wrong, lol

She is someone you could place a picture of on your alter though…?


Okay, so I retract my last statement. Hekate is a popular goddess in the forum, there is a lot of information about working with her, her experiences. She is a Dark Goddess & from what I know she will also want you to work with your shadow side. However, search the forum for her & there is a lot of information topics.

However, it is my understanding that her triplicity isn’t the moon itself. It’s the Moon, Earth, & Otherworld. So that makes her a Triple Goddess. Brighid (Celtic) is a triple goddess because she is the goddess Smithcraft, Poetry, & Healing. I like to refer to her as my Light Goddess because my other deity is a Dark Goddess.

The Morrigan (Celtic) is a triple goddess in the sense that she can be singular or 3 there are 3 sisters, she’s also the goddess of the Otherworld, Magick, Cycle of life (life, rebirth, death). She is a Goddess of War but in modern terms you’re war, shadow work, using your strength, finding your strength, fighting for your power. She is a Dark Goddess as is Hekate.


Make sure to check the replies because there is a lot of information contained within the replies of posts too.
@anon87969570, @Rowan, @Moonshaow have all had interactions & experiences directly with Hekate.


I thought Hekate meant magick?

And that’s interesting! :thinking:

I knew she was playing in with the underworld. I remember reading that also she is sometimes represented by dogs. Which is “hellhounds” I believe it was that I read?

Let me ask you…do you know who the “Spiral goddess” is?


Hekate is the Goddess of Witches or Magick :thinking: The Morrigan is Magick though.


I understand what’s happened now!

When I was listening to that song, they chant that name OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Somewhere I read it meant “magick” or “magical power” I do KNOW I read that might have been a different spelling?

Anyway. The important part of this was I got tranced saying that name Hekate not knowing what it meant. But I felt an energy shift. I thought I was just singing a song I didn’t realize they were chanting the name of a goddess.

Is it… possible…that I…like…invited her by chanting her name over and over again?


Absolutely it is! She was answering you.



I just got a cold chill through my entire body. Wow! I did the ritual after that…the one to bless my amulet and I felt a energy trance then as well. I wonder if that was her… I have always felt a female presence around me but I was always unsure of what it was. So I just ignored it


Yep, many people do.


That’s where the confusion is coming in from I just read that it can be pronounced hecate OR Hekate.